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February 1, 2017
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Article4Upcoming Deliverables and Reminders
Upcoming deliverables and reminders for AEBG Consortia are as follows:
  • Data and Accountability Budget and Work Plan due February 20. (CLICK HERE for More Information) Approved plans will be posted to the AEBG Consortia Directory soon. 
  • Release of AEBG 2017/18 Preliminary Allocations by February 28. CFADS will open as soon as we post the 2017/18 allocations.
  • A reminder that regional consortia should spend down their 2015-16 funding as it expires on 12/31/17.
Article4No Webinar This Week
There is no AEBG webinar this week.  Stay tuned for the next webinar.  If you have missed webinars in the past, this is a good time to review archived webinars.  You can visit the AEBG Webinar page to access the recording.  

Article4Register for the AEBG Regional Trainings
The AEBG regional training series will be rolling out with the first training scheduled for Feb. 8 in Visalia. The next one will be in Santa Ana on February 22.  The AEBG regional training series will cover student data collection requirements for AEBG-funded students. The morning session will cover policy guidance and the afternoon will cover the technical submission of the data.

For more information about regional training, check out the recorded Jan. 20 webinar  (CLICK HERE for the archived webinar recording)

Below is the schedule of regional training sessions as well as a link to register for the session nearest you. 

  • Visalia on February 8
  • Santa Ana on February 22
  •  San Jose on March 1
  • San Bernardino on March 7
  • Los Angeles on March 8
  • Ukiah on March 14
  • Shasta on March 15
  • Sacramento on March 16
  • Vista/San Diego on April 17
  • Santa Maria on April 19
  • Mt. Diablo  on April 25
  • Huntington Beach on May 19

Article4Student Data Collection Information
The AEBG Office has issued a letter (see below) detailing requirements for Quarterly and Annual AEBG Performance Reports. 

An updated version of the Q & A chat will be posted Feb 2 with additional information.
AEBG Office Letter on New Requirements
CLICK HERE or see the link below for the AEBG Office letter which details required actions. This letter was sent out to regional consortia primary contacts last week. CLICK HERE to connect to the Student Data Collection page for more important information and links.

CASAS TOPSPro Information
A reminder to contact CASAS to install TOPSPro Enterprise and begin reporting on those AEBG funded students. CLICK HERE for TOPSPro information and pricing. 

Article4CLASP Career Pathways Tool Webinar
The career pathways landscape in California is blooming with opportunity to grow reach and impact. How can state and local leaders think about their work in a career pathway frame? How does AEBG fit into the picture?
A new tool helps practitioners, policymakers, and funders strengthen existing activity, start new partnerships, and join resources to scale and sustain these career pathway systems. 
This webinar will provide an overview of CLASP's newly released California Career Pathways tool CACareerPathways.CLASP.org and ask for your feedback on content and applications. 

Article7Have Questions or Comments?

Send them to AEBG@cccco.edu.
Have questions or comments regarding AEBG? Please help us help you by sending any questions or comments to aebg@cccco.edu. Sending them to the AEBG inbox helps us get back to you more quickly and efficiently!

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