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November 30, 2016
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Next Webinar December 2: New Requirements for Submission of Quarterly and Annual Performance Report 
Join us for the next webinar on Friday, December 2 at 12:00PM. The AEBG Office will review the new requirements for the submission of the Quarterly and Annual Performance reports.  The webinar will be recorded and posted to the AEBG Webinar Series page. Visit that page or see below for directions on connecting to the webinar.
How to Connect to the Webinars: 
  • Dial your telephone conference line: (888) 886-3951
  • Cell phone users dial: 913-312-3202
  • Enter your passcode: 819898
  • Go to www.cccconfer.org
  • Click the Meetings tab at the top of the screen or the Join a Class or Meeting Button at the bottom of the screen
  • Locate your meeting and click Connect
  • Fill out the form using passcode 819898 and click Connect
As always, past webinars can be accessed via the AEBG Webinar Series page.  Click on "Listen to Recording" to access the webinar. You will be connected to the CCCConfer webpage where you will have to enter your name and email address and click "connect" to listen to and view the archive webinar.  

If you are having trouble connecting, or have in the past, please contact CCCConfer Client Services so that they can provide assistance. You can contact them by phone at 1-760-744-1150 ext. 1537 or 1554, or by email at  clientservices@cccconfer.org.

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Take the 2016 AEBG Communications Survey
The AEBG Office wants your feedback on our eNewsletters, website, and webinars.  Please take a few moments to complete this 12 question survey.  Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help the AEBG Office tailor its communications to better meet your needs. 

Article4New Submission Requirements for Quarterly and Annual AEBG Performance Reports
The AEBG Office has issued a letter detailing requirements for Quarterly and Annual AEBG Performance Reports.  This letter includes details and required actions relating to:
  • Management Information System Requirements;
  • Alignment of AEBG Measures; and
  • AEBG Performance Data and Accountability Funding
Consortia receiving AEBG funding from the CDE and the CCCCO for the 2016-17 program year must have a performance data collection system (MIS/Student Information Management System) by December 30, 2016 that can report all data into the CASAS TOPSPro® Enterprise system.  Consortia must track only students funded by AEBG for instructions and services. Consortia must use the National Reporting System (NRS) approved instruments for measureable skill gains in AEBG funded instruction (12 hours or more) in ABE, ASE & ESL.*

*NOTE: Any non-WIOA members would have to purchase TOPSPro® Enterprise in order to report their AEBG student data.  See AEBG student data collection page for link to CASAS pricing list (see link below).  WIOA members already have TOPSPro and would not need to purchase it again. More info on the 12/2 webinar.

CLICK HERE or see the link below for the AEBG Office letter which details required actions. This letter was sent out to regional consortia primary contacts last week. CLICK HERE to connect to the Student Data Collection page for more important information and links.

The AEBG Technical Assistance webinar on Friday, December 2 at 12:00PM will cover this topic. CLICK HERE to find details about how to connect to the webinar. 

Article4National Skills Coalition State Workforce Education Alignment Program Update
The State Workforce and Education Alignment Project (SWEAP), an initiative of the National Skills Coalition, is demonstrating how state policy leaders can use system-wide information about workforce education and training programs to better align programs with each other and with employers' skill needs. The goal is to create better cross-program information that allows state policy leaders to see how these programs can work together in their state, and how individuals can advance through these programs over time in the pursuit of post-secondary credentials and higher-paying employment.

SWEAP is assisting California, Mississippi, Ohio, and Rhode Island develop three types of data tools: dashboards, pathway evaluators, and supply and demand reports. Dashboardsuse a small number of common metrics to report education and employment outcomes across workforce development programs. Pathway evaluators show how people use a range of education and training programs to earn credentials and move into jobs. Supply and demand reports display how the supply of newly credentialed workers compares to the number of workers that employers need.

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