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August 18, 2016
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Next Webinar September 9th
Due to the new school year start up activities, the AEBG Office will not be hosting weekly webinars until after Labor Day.  The next webinar will be held on Friday, September 9th at 12:00PM.  

As a reminder, please consult the AEBG webinar for resources including process guidance, FAQs, webinar recordings, and webinar chat Q & A's which may be able to answer many of your questions.  A note on the August 10th and 12th webinar recording:  The webinar recordings for 8/10 and 8/12 are combined. To access the 8/12 webinar, click on the 8/10 webinar link and advance to the 48:01:23 time mark.

Upcoming Deliverables: 2016-2017 Annual Plans Due August 22
A reminder that the AEBG Office issued an extension for the 2016-2017 annual plans. They are NOW due in the AEBG Web Portal on August 22. We will accept early annual plan submissions too!

Article12016-17 Annual Plan Template and Guidance
If you have questions regarding the Annual Plan, please review the Webinar Chat Q & A, review the webinar from Wednesday, July 6, for an overview of how to submit the annual plans using the portal  or review the webinar from Friday, July 15 or Friday, August 12th for Q&As on the annual plan (CLICK HERE to access archived webinars). A note on the August 12th webinar recording:  The webinar recordings for 8/10 and 8/12 are combined. To access the 8/12 webinar, click on the 8/10 webinar link and advance to the 48:01:23 time mark.

If your questions are not answered with any of these resources, please contact the AEBG Office at aebg@cccco.edu.

A note on the Annual Plan Tables: 

Some regions have asked if these tables require auditable expenses.  They do not. For the tables in Section 3, the best estimate is required, not actual expenses.  Consortia are only asked to report actual expenses in the online system Expense & Progress report for Consortium reporting by object code - which is auditable.  

Reports of Expenditures by Program Area and Objective should include indirect/administration fees charged and/or anticipated. In general, Member agencies whose districts have elected to levy indirect fees against AEBG allocations should spread these costs proportionally across Program Areas and Objectives, as appropriate. Consortium administration costs (subject to the 5% cap) may be reflected in a number of different ways. It is the responsibility of each Consortium to ensure the numbers submitted are an accurate and equitable reflection of the costs to administer AEBG programs and services for both Members and the Consortium as a whole. 

For more answers to frequently asked questions related to the Annual Plan, see the Webinar Chat Q & A section titled Annual Planning (CLICK HERE). 

Article8CTE Tools Available on Website
The August 5th webinar reviewed CTE tools that may be useful to regional consortia (CLICK HERE for archived recording).  Those tools have been posted to the AEBG webiste in the Other Resources section title "Workforce Resources" and are linked to below.

Article8Have Questions or Comments?

Send them to AEBG@cccco.edu
Have questions or comments regarding AEBG? Please help us help you by sending any questions or comments to aebg@cccco.edu rather than directly to Neil Kelly or Carmen Martinez-Calderon. Sending them to the AEBG inbox helps us get back to you more quickly and efficiently!

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