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July 20, 2016
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Webinar This Week: FAQs on Student Data Reporting
This week's webinar on Friday, July 2nd will answer FAQs on student data tables. If your region has questions please submit them by noon tomorrow (Thursday, July 21st) to have them answered during the webinar.  Note, there will not be a webinar today, July 13th which was a possibility discussed during last week's webinar.

The webinar this Friday, July 22nd will be at 12:00PM. The webinar will be recorded and posted to the AEBG Webinar Series page. Visit that page or see below for directions on connecting to the webinar.
  • Dial your telephone conference line: (888) 886-3951
  • Cell phone users dial: 913-312-3202
  • Enter your passcode: 314393
  • Go to www.cccconfer.org
  • Click the Meetings tab at the top of the screen or the Join a Class or Meeting Button at the bottom of the screen
  • Locate your meeting and click Connect
  • Fill out the form using passcode 314393 and click Connect
Please note that some participants have been having trouble connecting to CCCConfer webinars possibly due to a system upgrade to Windows 10. If you are having trouble connecting, or have in the past, please contact CCCConfer Client Services so that they can provide assistance. You can contact them by phone at 1-760-744-1150 ext. 1537 or 1554, or by email at clientservices@cccconfer.org.

Upcoming Deliverables: Period 2 Expenses & Progress Report Due July 31
Just a reminder that 2015-16 Period 2 report on expenditures and progress is due July 31st.  The report can be submitted online anytime between July 1, 2016 and July 31, 2016.  
Article12016-17 Annual Plan Template and Guidance, Portal Now Accessable
A reminder that 2016-17 Annual Plans are due on August 15th.  Review the webinar from Wednesday, July 6th for an overview of how to submit the annual plans using the portal  and review the webinar from Friday, July 15th for Q&As on the annual plan. (CLICK HERE to access archived webinars)

A note on the Annual Plan Tables: 

Some regions have asked if these tables require auditable expenses.  They do not. For the tables in Section 3, the best estimate is required, not actual expenses.  Consortia are only asked to report actual expenses in the online system Expense & Progress report for consortium reporting by object code - which is auditable.  

Reports of Expenditures by Program Area and Objective should include indirect/administration fees charged and/or anticipated. In general, Member agencies whose districts have elected to levy indirect fees against AEBG allocations should spread these costs proportionally across Program Areas and Objectives, as appropriate. Consortium administration costs (subject to the 5% cap) may be reflected in a number of different ways. It is the responsibility of each Consortium to ensure the numbers submitted are an accurate and equitable reflection of the costs to administer AEBG programs and services for both Members and the Consortium as a whole. 

For more answers to frequently asked questions related to the Annual Plan, see the FAQ section titled Annual Planning (CLICK HERE). 

Article1Student Data Collection Guidance Released
See the link below to review the instructions for the 15-16 AEBG Student Data Collection.  Tables have been released and are available on the AEBG Web Portal. The student data will be entered via the AEBG Portal by August 1, 2016. Review the webinar from Wednesday, July 6th for an overview of how to submit the Student Data Tables and the webinar from Friday, July 15th for Q&As regarding student data submission (CLICK HERE to access archived webinar).

A note on student data: There will be no consortium rolling up of the student data.  The member will submit the sheets/tables to the consortium lead who will upload them to the AEBG portal. The consortium lead will not roll all member sheets up for a consortium level report. Instead, they will leave the sheets in the portal as submitted by each individual member.  The AEBG Office will do the aggregating and summarizing.


Article1FAQs Section Now Called Webinar Chat Q&A
The questions formerly posted to the FAQs section on the AEBG website, are now in the Webinar Chat Q &A section. These are a collection of questions and answers from the weekly technical assistance webinars.  The webinar chat Q & As will be updated regularly with questions submitted during the weekly webinars. The Q & As are organized by date posted. Sections with new Q & As will be indicated in red font. Be sure to check out this section weekly for updated information. An updated FAQ section is currently under construction.

Article1New Report Released: Benchmarking AEBG Governance Structures
A new report was released called Benchmarking AEBG Governance Structures.  In the report, Hanover Research benchmarks and examines structure, organization and components of AEBG consortia in California.  The report synthesizes trends among consortia and identifies key aspects of consortia development and offerings.  

Article8Have Questions or Comments? Send them to AEBG@cccco.edu
Have questions or comments regarding AEBG? Please help us help you by sending any questions or comments to aebg@cccco.edu rather than directly to Neil Kelly or Carmen Martinez-Calderon.  Sending them to the AEBG inbox helps us get back to you more quickly and efficiently!

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