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April 20, 2016
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Article1This Week's Webinar Cancelled, Check Out Resources on AEBG and Join Us Next Week
This week's webinar is cancelled because Neil Kelly and Carmen Martinez-Calderon from the AEBG Office will be presenting this Friday, April 22nd at the CCAE 2016 State Conference.  If you or someone from your consortium plan to attend the conference, be sure to check out their session. The following is a description of their presentation:

AEBG Panel Discussion - AEBG Office
AEBG is on a roll - preliminary schedules have been posted ($500M), 16-17 planning documents and templates have been released, hearings are done, and the data & accountability question is almost behind us. So what's next with the Adult Education Block Grant? Why is student data reporting so critical? How are we evaluating program service levels against regional need? As we get ready for Year 2, what's on the horizon for Year 3 and beyond? Come listen to Carmen and Neil from the AEBG Office to get you caught up on this amazing effort!
Session 2: Friday, 11:15 am-12:15 pm, Room: Bayside
at 11:15am-12:15pm in the Bayside Room.

Just a reminder that there is a robust and growing list of resources available on aebg.cccco.edu including FAQs, archived webinars, and guidance that can answer your questions.  

The next webinar will be on Friday, April 29 at 12 p.m.-1 p.m. 
Article1AEBG 2016-17 Allocation Intent to Award Letter
A letter was sent today to the regional consortia primary contacts, fiscal contacts, and certifying officers regarding the intent to award the AB104 AEBG Regional Consortia Allocations for 2016-17.  Please be sure your regional leadership team and fiscal contacts receive this letter.

Article1 Reminder: CFAD Due May 2, 2016
Reminder:  The Consortium Fiscal Administration Declaration (CFAD) is Due by May 2nd 2016.  The CFAD Reporting Template enumerates and describes required elements for the CFAD. It is intended to support Consortia coordinate and plan their responses in advance of the reporting window.

Article1 The State Prepares to Release Data and Accountability Funding
The State is starting the paperwork to release $25M in data and accountability funding based on the AB104 legislation.  Funding will be released sometime next month to designated fiscal agents and/or direct funded members.  This funding can be used to help consortia with student data reporting, performance outcomes, helping close the data gaps, integrating members and partners into a regional system, and developing common assessment, intake, referrals, and case management.  More information and detailed requirements will be released later.  Webinars are being scheduled on this data and accountability effort along with the release by the end of this month of the instructions for student data reporting due in August.

Article1Updated FAQs
New FAQs have been posted to aebg.cccco.edu.  The FAQs will be updated with questions submitted during the weekly webinar and posted by the Wednesday following the webinar.  New FAQs will be indicated in red and dated. Be sure to check out the FAQs section weekly for updated information. 

Article1CLASP AEBG Implementation Survey
The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) is doing an AEBG Implementation Study. The purpose of the study, which will include consortia and state level partners, is to get a clearer sense of the system change impacts resulting from this effort to redesign adult education in California.  Next week, this survey will go out to the 640+ people on the AEBG contact list and should take 10-15 minutes to complete.  Your contribution will help bring practitioners' views into the mix. Please contact Judy with any questions or concern: jmortrude@clasp.org. 

2016-17 Draft Annual Plan Template and Guidance
The 2016-17 Draft Annual Plan Template and Guidance have been posted.  These are drafts of the documents that will be used to describe to the state legislators and agencies the progress each Consortium made in Year 1 of the block grant towards achieving their AEBG Three-Year Plan. The format also provides a platform for updating activities and goals for Year 2. The Year 2 Plan Template was created with the following in mind:
  • As much as possible, the Plan format should provide content clarity between Year 1 proposals and progress and Year 2 updates, while limiting the amount of reiterative writing needed from consortia submitters. In order to provide consistency, the structure is largely the same. Some information is auto filled (and locked) to facilitate reflection, updates and planning.
  • It is understood that Year 1 was short. The timing of this Year 2 Plan is intended to begin aligning AEBG with the Program year for most educational programs, and with WIOA and other major Adult Education and CTE efforts. The sections in this Plan encourage reflection on what has be achieved to date, what the successes and challenges have been, and what implications those have for moving forward.
  • Data will not be available on Year 1 enrollment and student achievements until after the end of the program year (June 30, 2016). Setting enrollment and performance targets for Year 2 will occur after year-end data is available - in August 2016. In this Annual Plan, we are looking to learn from the consortia about the trends they are seeing to date for achieving the goals of the AEBG. This review can help both the state and the consortia plan more effectively for Year 2. An overview of the progress made to date by the state on the AEBG Data Tracking System is provided in Section 4.
Consortia Job Announcements
If your region would like to have a job posting included in our newsletter, please send the information to aebg@cccco.edu.

Coastal North County Adult Education Consortium Adult Education Block Grant Supervisor 
CLICK HERE for information on the CNCAEC Grant Supervisor position.  To apply CLICK HERE.  Please contact Shawna Sourivanh (ssourivanh@miracosta.edu ) with questions.
Practices with Promise Spotlight
Monterey Peninsula ESL Medical Assistant Preparation Course
The Monterey Peninsula Adult Education Consortium includes Carmel Unified School District, Monterey Peninsula Community College District, Montery Peninsula Unified School District, Pacific Grove Unified School District.

Many of our ESL students in our region are interested in bettering their careers in order to find more opportunities or to pursue opportunities that will provide them advancement in the future. We have many ESL students who have background in the Health Care Industry in their home countries, but they face language barriers when applying to work here in the United States. Many of our students also have fear about going from the Adult School to the Community College.

Our Consortium put together a contextualized ESL course to help students prepare with some of the terminology that they will encounter when going into the Medical Assistant Certification courses. Our course is designed to not only give our students the language skills to succeed in the program at Monterey Peninsula College, but it is designed to help our students gain the confidence needed to get into the door at the community college. This course will also help students understand what their doctors will talk with them about their health and their family's health.

Practices with Promise

Article1New AEBG Adult Education Consortium Map
Check out the new AEBG Adult Education Consortium Map! This new, interactive tool allows you to easily find consortium details about your region and those around you.  

Please take a few moments to review the information for your region included in the consortium details and if you see errors, scroll down to the bottom of your region's details page and find the red exclamation point icon.  Click on "Tell Us" and complete the web form to let us know of any changes that need to be made.  

Article8Have Questions or Comments? Send them to AEBG@cccco.edu
Have questions or comments regarding AEBG? Please help us help you by sending any questions or comments to aebg@cccco.edu rather than directly to Neil Kelly or Carmen Martinez-Calderon.  Sending them to the AEBG inbox helps us get back to you more quickly and efficiently!

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