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December 17, 2015


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No webinar this week. Next one is 1/8/16
As we take a two-week break from webinars, please send us requests for webinars in the new year via the aebg@ccco.edu email inbox.

Release of Approval Letters for AEBG Consortia
The State has released a formal notification stating that all submitted AEBG documentation has been received and reviewed, and that consortia/members must begin moving forward to implement their plans and templates. The State reserves the right to make any changes as needed on the documents submitted by consortia. If you did not receive such a letter, please contact the AEBG office at aebg@cccco.edu

AEBG Reporting
for Expenditures and Student Progress
AEBG Online System

*AEBG (AB104) Grant Budgets will not be accepted after next week.

Starting this month all AEBG consortia will begin using an on-line system to track & report AEBG expenditures and progress. This is the same system we used under the AB86 planning grant. 

Please note: This is just at the consortium level tracking consortium funding. You will be able to enter your AEBG consortium budget by object of expenditures and update your district profile for the primary contact and certifying official. Recorded webinars are posted to provide directions. (See webinars recorded on 12/4 and 12/11 in our archives.)

All budgets must be entered by mid-December. The first AEBG expenditure and progress report will be due in January 2016 for the period covering July 1, 2015, to December 31, 2016. Some grant numbers, 15-328-XX, have changed from the prior AB86 grant, so select the correct grant from the drop-down menu.

If your consortium has changed fiscal agents or opted out of having a fiscal agent, please note that your grant name in the system has changed. 

The User's Guide is posted on the AEBG website under For AEBG Grantees. It is the last item posted under the Reporting Toolkit.

Where's my funding???
Almost 95% of the $500M AEBG Program funding has been processed via CDE or via the Chancellor's Office. If for some reason, your fiscal agent or district office is not aware of when they will receive their AEBG consortia apportionment funding, please contact our AEBG Office at aebg@cccco.edu.  

AEBG Student Tracking Process
In January, the AEBG Office will provide instructions and tables for Mid-Year Student enrollment and performance outcomes reporting. Webinars and guidance will be posted on the AEBG website.

Closing Out AB86 Grant Funds
*AB86 Budget Changes/Revisions are due by Friday, December 18, 2015.

Please note: with the addition of the AB104 grant, the expenditure and progress tracking system had to update its name to AB104. The system wouldn't allow the AB86 and the AB104 at the same time as they are both attached to the same adult education program (this will change when we get a new adult education-only financial system). Your grant numbers 13-328-XX for AB86 have not changed.  You just might see the AB104 header instead of the AB86 header. Please don't be alarmed.

The AB86 Planning Grant activities must end by 12/31/15. Please plan to spend down all planning grant funds by the end of the year. All budget changes to Q7 must be submitted into the online expenditure system by December 18, 2015. A final report will be due in January 2016 with the close out report due by February 12, 2016. The 10% withholding will be released based on the following steps: 
  • Step 1: Submit any budget changes to Q7 by Friday, December 18, 2015. The system will not accept any late budget changes. 
  • Step 2: Consortia will complete Q7 report (January) and submit for approval by January 31, 2016 (if not sooner).
  • Step 3: Once approved by the AEBG Office, consortia will complete their Final Report (in the online system) by February 12, 2016, and submit one or several Practices with Promise via the AEBG website (learn more in story below). Note: if you already have a Practice with Promise on the website you may submit more, but you are only required to have one.
  • Step 4:  AEBG Office will verify that Q7 report (January) has been approved, that the Final Report has been approved, and Practices with Promise have been submitted & posted.
  • Step 5: Once verified, the AEBG Office will release the remaining 10% of the grant.  
Practices with Promise: An Overview for Those Who Have Yet to Submit
The AEBG Practices with Promise site is a tool that allows regional consortia to share promising practices in adult education that are currently in use and proven to work across the state. These practices include current initiatives, pilot programs, or strategies employed in your region for any or all of the program areas as well as practices that have helped your planning process be a success.
We want to hear your stories and we want you to share your promising practices with your colleagues in adult education. Visit AEBGpracticeswithpromise.com to submit your story today!

Practices with Promise