AEBG Technical Assistance Webinar: Cancelled for November 13 and November 27
This week's Technical Assistance Webinar on Friday, November 13, has been cancelled. The webinar scheduled for Friday, November 27 (the day after Thanksgiving), has also been cancelled.

The AEBG Office is working to develop a webinar on fiscal issues that will be scheduled soon.

If you have individual questions about the AEBG consortia plans and templates, please contact the AEBG Office directly at

AEBG 2015 Reader's Conference December 1 and 2

The AEBG Office is reviewing the hundreds of documents that have been submitted by consortia to fulfill the requirements set forth in AB104 to prepare for the upcoming Reader's Conference on December 1-2, 2015. At the Reader's Conference, consortia leaders will review the submitted plans. Each consortia is required to send at least one representative to the Reader's Conference.