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November 5, 2015


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This Week's Webinar Topic: AEBG Updates
This week's webinar on Friday, November 6, will review what's next for Adult Education Block Grant now that the AEBG deliverables that were due on Monday, November 2, 2015, have been turned in.

The webinar will answer questions concerning AEBG implementation. It will also preview what to expect from the upcoming Reader's Conference.

The webinar is from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM and it will be recorded and posted to aebg.cccco.edu Please visit us at aebg.cccco.edu or see below for directions on how to connect to the webinar.  

How to Connect:
  • Dial your telephone conference line: (888) 886-3951
  • Cell phone users dial: 913-312-3202
  • Enter your NEW passcode: 314393
  • Go to http://www.cccconfer.org/index3.aspx
  • Click the Participant Log In button under the Meet and Confer logo
  • Locate your meeting and click Go
  • Fill out the form and click Connect
Performance Measures Questions and Guidance
Many questions have been raised through the AEBG Inbox and Technical Assistance Webinars regarding more clarity on how we are tracking students and developing targets. As you know, this is Year 1 of the grant's implementation phase of our 3-year Adult Education Block Grant Planning effort.  

We are combining two systems, bringing on board many non-WIOA districts/schools, and tracking students in program areas that have not been tracked for years. Please bear with us, work with us, and let's together continue to develop the know-how & tools that will allow us to move forward. 

Although we won't be providing too much clarity on this year's data collection and outcomes other than what is in the templates & guidance, we will be walking you through the data submission process. Look for more information by the beginning of the year on this topic to help us through the mid-year reporting period of student enrollment and outcomes.

With that said, we appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into the plans, templates, forms, and workbooks that arrived over the weekend and on Monday. We are all in this together!
AEBG Deliverables Past Due 
Consortia were required to turn in the AEBG deliverables by Monday, November 2, 2015. These deliverables allow consortia to fulfill the requirements for reporting and funding set forth in AB 104. If you did not meet the deadline, please turn in these deliverables as soon as possible. 

Due November 2, 2015
  • Governance Template
  • Amended Three-Year Consortia Plan Template
  • Annual Plan Template, including workbooks for Section 3 and 5 (Member Allocations Form) and for Section 6 (Performance Measures)
  • Appropriation Agreement, including Contact Page
These templates can be found in the Reporting Toolkit on the For AEBG Grantees section of the AEBG website. Completed templates should be emailed to the AEBG Office at aebg@cccco.edu.

Please follow these guidelines when completing and sending the required documents.
  • Submit each completed template in a single document in PDF format.
  • Submit the workbooks for Sections 3 and 5 (Member Allocation Form) and for Section 6 (Performance Measures) in separate Excel files. 
  • Follow this format for file-naming conventions when you save your file to send back: Grant Number Consortium Name Date Name of Report (EX: 15-328-000 AE Consortium 10.31.15 Governance Template)
  • Use the above file name above in the subject of your email. 
  • If the file is less than seven (7) megabytes, email the completed template to the AEBG Office at aebg@cccco.edu.
  • If the file is greater than seven (7) megabytes, upload it to a Dropbox or Google Drive account and email the link to the AEBG Office at aebg@cccco.edu

New Communication Toolkit Available
 A new Communication Toolkit is available on the AEBG website. This toolkit provides download links for the AEBG logo and Power Point templates. Consortia may use these logos and templates in creating materials relating to the Adult Education Block Grant.

Two high-resolution versions  of the logo are provided for use with light and dark backgrounds. Each version is available in both EPS and PNG formats. The Power Point templates are provided in both POTX and PPTX versions.

Share Your Practices with Promise: A Strong Partnership Between a Community College & Adult School
The AEBG Practices with Promise site is a tool developed to share promising practices in adult education across the State. This tool allows regional consortia to share promising practices currently in use that have been proven to work. These practices include current initiatives, pilot programs, or strategies employed in your region for any or all of the program areas as well as practices that have helped your planning process be a success.
Adult school students often don't see themselves as college students. Their experiences don't match what they think college students are. To meet these challenges, College of Marin staff provided outreach activties to students at Tam Adult School. Read how students at Tam Adult School are successfully transitioning through college placement tests, applications and enrollment by clicking the link below. 

We want to hear your stories and we want you to share your promising practices with your colleagues in adult education. Visit AEBGpracticeswithpromise.com to submit your story today!

Practices with Promise