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GATRA launches trip planner
MBTA introduces new ADA paratransit eligibility process
Accessible vans come to Cape Cod
Community transportation champion retires
New travel instruction resources
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We are delighted to release this third issue of the MassMobility newsletter. MassMobility contains news of interest to anyone who is interested in community transportation, human service transportation coordination, or mobility management in Massachusetts. Whether you are a transportation provider, human service agency, or state or local official, we hope you will find this newsletter helpful.


This newsletter is compiled by the Human Service Transportation (HST) Office of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS), as part of our federally funded two-year grant to develop a Mobility Management Information Network across Massachusetts.


Happy holidays from all of us at MassMobility. We hope you enjoy the rest of 2012, and best wishes for 2013! 

GATRA launches trip planner for fixed route and demand-response services

Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) has launched Ride Match, an online regional directory of transportation options for seniors, people with disabilities, or anyone needing to travel in Southeastern Massachusetts and beyond. This tool can help you, your family members, or your consumers plan trips. Enter your town of origin and your destination, and the database will give you contact information for public, private, and non-profit transportation services that meet your needs. Riders can also specify day and time of travel and accommodations required if they choose. Comprehensive information is available for the GATRA service area and nearby towns, with some information available across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Transportation providers whose services are not already in the database can request to be included.

MBTA introduces new ADA paratransit eligibility process

Starting December 10, individuals who apply for or recertify for THE RIDE will participate in a new in-person assessment process at the MBTA's THE RIDE Eligibility Center (TREC), located at 500 Rutherford Ave, 3rd floor, Charlestown. Assessments will be managed and administered by Innovative Paradigms, a California-based company.


The assessment process is not a medical determination of whether or not a rider has a disability. Disability alone does not determine ADA eligibility. Instead, the decision is based on a customer's ability to use the MBTA's general public transportation. 


To begin your application or recertification, call the TREC at 617-337-2727 to set up an appointment. You will not have to submit a paper application in advance. You may bring information provided by a healthcare provider if you wish, but this is optional. THE RIDE will provide free transportation to your appointment for yourself and one person, or free parking is available onsite if you get a ride from friends or family. The process will start with a 30-minute interview with a staff Mobility Coordinator, after which some applicants will be asked to participate in a functional assessment to test key skills such as walking, balance, and locating bus stops. The entire assessment may take up to 90 minutes. Applicants will be able to explain their circumstances in detail to the Mobility Coordinator, and family, friends, or caregivers can participate in the interview. Mobility Coordinators will also reach out to healthcare personnel to verify disabilities that cannot be tested in a functional assessment, such as visual impairment or psychiatric disabilities. Based on the results, you may be found eligible, temporarily eligible, conditionally eligible, or not eligible for THE RIDE. If you disagree with the results of your assessment, you have a right to appeal.


To learn more, you can find additional information on THE RIDE's webpage, or you can contact the TREC at 617-337-2727.

Accessible vans come to Cape Cod

Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) has partnered with human service transportation provider Access Express on a new initiative to bring accessible vans to Cape Cod. With New Freedom funding, CCRTA and Access Express launched Cape Cod Accessible Transportation on November 1. Cape Cod Accessible Transportation makes seven accessible minivans available daily from 5 AM to 2 AM. People with disabilities, seniors, veterans and anyone in need of assistance who live in or visit Cape Cod are eligible for this specialized service, and rates are comparable to taxi fares. Service is door-to-door, and vans are wheelchair-accessible. "We were hearing from our riders that taxis on the Cape could not accommodate wheelchairs, so we are pleased to provide Cape Cod Accessible Transportation to help our residents and visitors move about the Cape more easily," says Tom Cahir, Administrator of CCRTA. To make a reservation or to get more information, please call (508) 746-5715.

Community transportation champion retires  

We would like to send a huge thank you to Joanne Champa for 30 years of service to our communities through her work at MassDOT. As Manager of Mobility Assistance Programs, Joanne has worked tirelessly to increase community transportation and improve community mobility around Massachusetts. We will all miss her greatly! Please join us in wishing her the best as she leaves MassDOT into what is sure to be an active retirement. We know she has already lined up plans to volunteer at a homeless shelter and take classes in gerontology.

New travel instruction resources

Travel instructors, program leaders, and organizations hoping to start a travel instruction program are invited to join the Massachusetts Travel Instruction Network. The network has launched an email mailing list that members can use to share resources and best practices and brainstorm solutions to common challenges. Starting in 2013, the network also plans to host in-person meetings and/or conference calls. 


You can join the Massachusetts travel instruction email mailing list by visiting its webpage or by sending an email. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We also recently launched a webpage on travel instruction in Massachusetts.

Upcoming webinars on transportation for people with disabilities

Easter Seals Project ACTION is offering a webinar on Transportation and Self-Advocacy Education to Support Transition for Students with Disabilities to Post-School Settings on December 12 and a webinar on Accessible Taxis on December 19. Click on the links to learn more and find out how to register in advance.

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Upcoming events and funding opportunities

HST has launched a calendar of mobility management events and funding opportunities for Massachusetts.

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