May 2013
National Women's Health Week

National Women's Health Week (May 12-18, 2013) is coordinated by the U.S. DHHS Office on Women's Health and serves to promote women's health and raise awareness about the many facets of this important topic.  Also, did you know May 13 is  
National Women's Checkup Day?  Read all about how National Women's Health week is celebrated here!

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Keep Showing Your Love!


The CDC's Show Your Love campaign runs through May!  Please check their website and help spread the word.

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ACA Enrollment Challenges 


This new video from the Alliance for Health Reform features Sister Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association of the United States addressing the challenges of quickly enrolling millions of Americans for health insurance this fall. Open season begins October 1 of this year, yet she says that up to 85% of those who will be newly eligible for Medicaid or for subsidies to buy private insurance in state-based exchanges don't know it.

May is all about Moms!

This month we will be celebrating and remembering all the mothers in our lives.  This is a chance to appreciate all the women who have loved, cared for, and mentored us, and to think about how we can best care for ourselves as current or future mothers and aunts, sisters, grandmothers, godmothers, and friends!  Our featured pilot project, Healthy Start New Orleans, is working with an interdisciplinary team to improve reproductive, preconception, and interconception health using a life course approach.  We have lots of great stories this month - read on for more information and an opportunity to get involved with an exciting upcoming Every Woman SE project.

You are more beautiful than you think.  


Dove's marketing team has created a fascinating new viral ad on how we perceive ourselves versus how others see us.  Even though it is an advertisement, we think the video is thought-provoking, touching, and well worth a watch! 
Dove Real Beauty Sketches
Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Every Woman Southeast Health Survey: Partners Wanted!


The Every Woman Southeast Coalition is launching a survey in May in honor of women's health month to learn more about barriers that women face in accessing health care services, the services and screenings that could benefit women in our region, and how we can reach women with information about the Affordable Care Act and key preventive health services. We are looking for partners who might be interested in helping us connect with women over the age of 18 to complete the survey. The survey is short, anonymous, electronic and will only take about 10 minutes to complete. If you can help please email or call 919-843-7865 and ask to speak with Sarah.

Pilot Project Spotlight: Healthy Start New Orleans  


Healthy Start New Orleans is working with an interdisciplinary team of health, education, and social service entities and community leaders and stakeholders to improve women and men's reproductive health and capacity to plan childbearing and improve preconception and interconception health using a life course approach.  The project is conducting a 12-month media campaign entitled "Healthy Living" on WVUE-Fox 8 Bounce TV - a national network designed to serve the African American community.  The campaign is focused on reproductive health and reproductive life planning as a vital component of women and men's health.    

     The project is also working with Healthy Start case managers, Birthing Project USA volunteer SisterFriends, and the New Orleans Fatherhood Consortium partner agencies, providing training in reproductive health and reproductive life planning using experts and evidence-based curriculum and materials.  The project also seeks to link women who gave birth to a preterm and/or low birth weight infant in the past 9 months to Healthy Start New Orleans and/or the Birthing Project U.S.A in New Orleans in order to help them establish a reproductive life plan, become Medicaid eligible, access a primary care medical home and/or family planning clinic, and to refer the fathers of the newborns and partners of the women to the Healthy Start Fatherhood Initiative and partner agencies of the New Orleans Fatherhood Consortium for reproductive health education, health services, employment, housing, family support, and legal advice.

For more information about this project, please visit the program's website (pictured below).   

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Leadership blog 


This month we're featuring interviews with Kim Williams, Director for Healthy Start New Orleans, and Joan Wightkin, Interpregnancy Care coordinator in the Birth Outcomes Initiative, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.  Read their interviews here.

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Preeclampsia Awareness


Sybil  Back in January, preeclampsia figured prominently in the plot of everyone's favorite British TV show, Downton Abbey.  While the depiction was not perfectly accurate, it did highlight the importance of taking women seriously when they report health concerns in late pregnancy, and educating women, their families, and providers about the warning signs of preeclampsia. This response from the Preeclampsia Foundation discusses the episode and these issues in depth.

     May is Preeclampsia Awareness month, and we want to continue raising awareness about hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, which effect up to 300,000 women in the US every year.  The Preeclampsia Foundation is a comprehensive source of information and resources for consumers and providers.  A new toolkit on preeclampsia for health care providers will be coming out in May, and we recommend their statement, The Heart of a Woman: Preeclampsia Identifies Woman at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease.    



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