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Injectables on The Younger You with Troy Thompson
Injectables on The Younger You with Troy Thompson

 Non-invasive techniques are continually growing in popularity with the increase in new technology and products. A Liquid Facelift refers typically a combination of non-surgical injectables and/or laser procedures that together provide a patient with overall facial rejuvenation.  

Learn all about the latest injectables on the market and how one quick appointment can turn back time and prevent further signs of aging in Dr. Thompson's latest episode on The Younger You with Troy Thompson. This episode features one male and one female patient who receive a Liquid Facelift from Dr. Thompson.

Also featured is one patients experience with a non-surgical rhinoplasty from Dr. Thompson. See how the procedure is performed and view the results.

Learn more about Dr. Thompson's Liquid Facelift procedure HERE or CONTACT US for more information.

Restylane Silk

3 Options For Neck Rejuvenation


Loose neck skin is one of the most common concerns people come to discuss with Dr. Thompson. Neck rejuvenation also provides one of the most dramatic results when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The presence of loose neck skin, banding and fat accumulation can make a person look much older and/or heavier than they actually are which is why restoring the neck and jawline has such a great impact on ones overall appearance.


Three top procedures for neck rejuvenation include Botox, chin and neck (submental) liposuction, and facelift surgery.





 It's a good question, right? And one many have pondered on. Which is why Huffington Post featured a great article answering this very question by plastic surgeon, Dr. Mathew Plant.


The word Plastic in greek is plastikos, which is greek for "to mould". It makes sense as plastic surgery involves manipulating and repositiong tissue to suit a specific purpose. This surgical speciality requires a minimum 5 year residency after completing medical school. For facial plastic surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, as well as facial plastic surgery is the main focus for at least 4 years of a 5 year residency. A facial plastic surgeon typically complete a fellowship in facial plastic surgery for at least 1 year following residency.


The first descriptions of plastic surgery date back to the 6th century in the area that is now known as India. Many of the procedures used in plastic surgery today were known as shushruta samhita. One example of shushruta samhita is a forehead flap, which Dr. Thompson performs often today. This procedure involves taking skin from the forehead and rotating it down to the nose to reconstruct areas such as the nostril. This procedure was performed often in the 6th century as well as many people had their noses cut off as punishment for various crimes. Today, Dr. Thompson performs forehead flaps following the removal of skin cancer or trauma.




Celebrity Winter Skin Secrets Revealed...

The celebrities were glowing on the red carpet last night and not just from the shimmery gowns and beautiful makeup. It was clear that the A-listers have been taking great care of their skin, despite the dry winter climate many are in at this time of year. New Beauty reveals the celebrity winter skin secrets that are surprisingly easy and not overly expensive. The key is consistency when it comes to great skin.


We tend to try to overcompensate for the dry climate by loading on an extra layer of moisturizer. Not everyone needs extra moisturizer in the winter and extra layers can cause your skin to breakout. Take a closer look at your skin each morning to determine what it needs as everyday will not be the same.


When the heat is on inside because of the cold air outside, the skin becomes depleted of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling tight and dry. Instead of overcompensating with extra moisturizer, exfoliate the dead skin that has built up on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating with a Clarisonic brush 2-3 times a week is ideal.



Moisturizers are great but sometimes just aren't enough. Using a serum underneath a great moisturizer helps better hydrate the skin because the damp skin allows for the moisture to absorb more effectively.




Is Laser Hair Removal Right For You? 


By Syd

Master Aesthetician


I was recently talking to a friend and she said she was going to make an appointment to get waxed. I said, "Why would you want to go through that process? Growing out your hair, the pain, ingrown hairs, and all to have it back in just a few weeks?"


I told her she needs to start doing laser hair removal! Although there is a slight amount of pain involved it is nothing compared to waxing. You actually shave before your appointment versus growing out the hair. Depending on the area being treated, you will come in every 4-8 weeks for treatments and can have anywhere from 6-12 treatments for permanent removal. 


The money and years spent on waxing will somehow accumulate or even be more expensive than doing laser treatments. I have treated almost every place on my body and have had great results! Some areas still need more treatments, but even the reduction in those areas has been worth it to me. I highly recommend it and with summer coming up, it is a great time to start.






Bellafill, Botox & Liquid Facelifts on Good Things Utah
Bellafill, Botox & Liquid Facelifts on Good Things Utah


Staff Skincare Favorites




SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex


"It has an illuminating effect when you apply is on. It also blends further so you don't have to use as much product. Best under eye cream I've tried!"


Lana ~ Our Amazing Receptionist




Plastic Surgery - Is It Time To Shut Up About It?

Women - and men - have recently been geting a lot of attention for plastic surgery and it's often negative. From celebrity plastic surgery rumors that spread like wild fire to religious statements made recently by the Vatican comparing plastic surgery to a "burqa made of flesh".


This has all come despite the fact that plastic surgery is continually becoming more common due to the increase in less invasive procedures, lower cost, and high success rate among credible physicians. Recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show an increase in cosmetic procedures over recent years with a reported 15.6 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in 2014.

As Grace Gold states in "We Need To Shut Up About Plastic Surgery", the inferred narrative for women is clear: If you elect to have a cosmetic procedure, you're repressed and imprisoned or are making the wrong choice by falling prey to the superficial. Is this not an example of shaming women for making what should be a personal choice?  

As we see with patients in our office and reports from many around the country, the reasons women - and an increasing number of men - choose to undergo plastic surgery varies greatly as each brings individual experiences to the table. But the underlying desire most patients seem to have is simply wanting to look as youthful as they feel and the inside and restore facial features to a previous state. Most men and women seek facial plastic surgery following remarks from others who tell them they look angry or tired when they feel perfectly fine. Often times, insecurities can keep people from experiencing life to it's true potential. Would we think those that choose plastic surgery based on these concerns are in anyway "fake" or lack authenticity as plastic surgery patients are often judged?  READ MORE




Top 10 Botox Myths Set Straight is a great resource for information on the latest advancements in facial plastic surgery and beauty products in general. They recently tackled the top 10 botox myths in their 2015 Winter/Spring edition that addresses many of the questions Dr. Thompson is often asked regarding Botox treatments.


1) Botox can be used anywhere on the face.

While it is true there are injectables for just about every line and wrinkle on the face, Botox is not always the answer.

Botox is FDA approved to treat crow's feet and the lines between the eyebrows. Those two areas are certainly the most common areas addressed with Botox but Dr. Thompson, as well as many other doctors, also use it in the forehead, to lift the brows, for neck bands, and sometimes only a few units above the lip.


2) Botox works immediately.

Unfortunately, no. Because Botox acts on the nerves that control muscle movement, it can take anywhere from three to seven days to kick in. Most patients start seeing results between 2-4 days and notice full effect around 1 - 2 weeks.  READ MORE



 Skincare In Your 40's

NewBeauty magazine shares another great article on skincare, this one especially if you want to know about skincare in your 40's. At this point in in life, early physical effects of aging often begin to show with changes in the tone and texture of the skin. These changes are often the result of years of sun exposure that decreases collagen and elastin in the skin.

Dull Skin: In your 40's, skin cells don't shed as quickly as they did in previous years. The result is more dead skin that sits on the surface of the skin leaving it dry and dull. This requires regular exfoliation which can be done with the use of a good product containing glycolic acid, such as SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Defense. A Fractional CO2 Laser performed by Dr. Thompson can stimulate and restore the skin's healthy glow. Not only does it nicely smooth the skin but also helps with fine lines and large pores. READ MORE

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