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Dr. Thompson has been asked to return for Season 2 of The Younger You with Troy Thompson as the facial plastic surgery specialist on the program. His topics will include Facelift Surgery, MACS Facelift (Mini Facelift) Surgery, Cancer Recontruction, Dermal Fillers & Botox.

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Facelift After Weightloss

     It is not uncommon to experience loose skin following dramatic weight loss. This patient of Dr. Thompson's was already concerned about her neck area and only felt worse after working hard and losing a lot of weight. She decided to get a facelift after weight loss by Dr. Thompson at Utah Facial Plastics. Dr. Thompson lifted and tightened the skin and underlying muscle (SMAS layer) to restore her jawline, neck and lower face. Plastic surgery changed her life and she couldn't be happier. She sent her facelift before and after pictures to Dr. Thompson with this sweet testimonial below:
     "Dr Thompson, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me feel better about myself. I have had loose skin and a thicker neck for so long and was so self conscious about it. After losing some weight I thought it would help. I only felt worse about it. Even the day after surgery when the bandages came off and I saw a picture, I just cried. I was so happy. I hadn't had a jaw and cheekbones for years. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for making me feel so comfortable about doing the surgery and being there to help me through it. You are a very caring Dr. and an awesome surgeon. Thank you......"

How Long Does A Facelift Last?

     Many patients want to know exactly how long does a facelift last? It's an important question to ask and comes with somewhat of a lengthy answer.


     A facelift can take 10-15 years off of a person's appearance and feels like a fresh start in many ways. Once surgery has been performed and the SMAS layer, deep muscle, has been lifted and properly secured, it's not necessarily going to drop back down on any certain day or number of years later. The aging process does continue after facelift surgery no matter what is done. This process is determined by many factors, including ones genetics, hormones, activity level, nutrition, skincare regimens, stress levels, etc. Those deep tissues will become weaker overtime and results are not completely permanent.


That being said, with a facelift or MACS facelift performed by Dr. Thompson, the improvement does last forever even though the aging process still continues. So years after a facelift, it may not look exactly the same is it did 2 months after surgery but you'll much better than you would had you not undergone facelift surgery. 





6 Surprising Facts About Facelifts


     We are often bombarded with advertisements for facelifts in a cream, serum, or quick hour on your lunch break. Have you ever wondered what actually works? Have you had a promising facelift procedure that didn't actually produce the results you were hoping for? With the high rate of facelift surgeries Dr. Thompson performs, we've seen and heard it all and have some helpful information on what to expect with a great facelift in Utah.


     FACELIFT FACT #1: Despite the name, a facelift doesn't actual lift and tighten the entire face. A surgical facelift treats the lower face by lifting the jowls and loose neck skin. Depending on the patients needs and concerns, other procedures may be done at the same time to address the upper part of the face, such as a browlift or eyelid lift. Dr. Thompson's faceliftin Utah is different than a traditional facelift in that it does address the midface as well, providing more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Get A Natural Looking Facelift in Utah

     Patients often tell us following facelift or MACS facelift surgery that others continue to tell them how great and refreshed they look but don't know exactly why. They may ask if the patient has changed their hair, lost weight, or went on a long vacation. Those kind of compliments are the perfect sign of a great facelift. When a facelift looks tight or pulled, it's obvious to others that may start comparing you to certain celebrities with the same "overdone" result. As a facial plastic surgery who performs many facelift surgeries on a regular basis, Dr. Scott Thompson has helped hundreds of patients get a natural looking facelift in Utah.


     Dr. Thompson trained with top facial plastic surgeons in the country and completed a fellowship under the previous president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Vito Quatela. With his extensive training and 10 + years of experience performing facelift surgeries, patients can expect youthful, natural-looking results and exceptional care. 


Dr. Thompson's facelift technique differs from a typical facelift technique in that it is more comprehensive and lifts and tightens the mid-face, which is not addressed with a typical facelift.  He typically incorporates the use of a patients own fat to restore lost volume in the face as well. Together, patients experience a longer lasting, more natural result.



ABC4Utah "Made 4 Utah" Special 

Utah's Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Helps Families in Need of Ear Surgery for Congenital Deformities
Utah's Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Helps Families in Need of Ear Surgery for Congenital Deformities

     You may know Dr. Scott K. Thompson for his surgical work across the valley. He has been specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery for over ten years. But in addition to the work inside his Utahoffices, he travels the world helping those in need.

     "There are a lot of children and adults down in Central and South America that are born with congenital deformities. And particularly the thing that we work on in our group are people who are born without any ears," Dr. Thompson said.



3 Procedures To Never Get Done At A Medical Spa!
Dr. Oz Show Reviews 9/26/2014: Dangers of Medi-Spa Cosmetic Procedures
Dr. Oz Show Reviews 9/26/2014: Dangers of Medi-Spa Cosmetic Procedures

This is such an important topic as consumers are often unaware of the dangers and determine where to go based on price alone. This can often end up costing you more money in the long run so you will want to listen up.

     Women appreciate the convenience, lower cost, and discounts, but they don't realize that there is a real lack of regulation with these types of facilities. This has resulted in severe injuries and even death in some states. 

     Dr. Oz brought plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, from E!'s new reality show, "Botched", to discuss this problem.

     Dr. Nassif reports seeing an average of 5-10 patients every month who come to him to repair botched procedures done at a medical spa. The three procedures both doctors strongly recommended not getting at a medical spa areBotoxfillers, and laser treatments.





Where To Go For the Best Botox Treatments



     There are certainly risks involved with Botox and dermal fillers but the risk is minimal when properly injected. The success of fillers and Botox is highly technique-sensitive and dependent on the skill of the injector. It's important to choose a skilled injector who thoroughly understands facial anatomy and aesthetic proportion as well as one who performs a high volume of dermal filler and Botox injections.

     Unfortunately, injectables are not highly regulated and many untrained doctors and non physicians can easily take a weekend course prior to offering injectable treatments, typically at a lower or discounted rate. The majority of complications come from an inexperienced injector. In such cases, the injectable used gets a bad reputation when the problem actually lies with the injector and not the product.




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