Temperatures are dropping and the leaves are starting to bring forth beautiful autumn colors reminding us of how lucky we our to live in such a beautiful state. But it's still hard to say good-bye to summer.

With summer coming to a close, you may be left with physical signs of sunny days and hours at the pool. If you are noticing an increase in facial pigmentation or sun spots, fall is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your skin just to get ready for the holidays. It's crazy to realize they are right around the corner! 

The schedule gets especially busy around this time of the year so it's important to call ahead for an appointment.


Are your ears a little too prominent? Is there a solution to this problem other than hiding your ears with your hair? Dr. Scott Thompson and Troy sat down Thursday to talk about options for people who are not happy with their ears.


Troy: Tell everyone what we're talking about tonight.

Dr. Thompson: Tonight we're talking about an operation called Otoplasty. Oto means ear and this procedure is for kids and adults who have ears that are a little too prominent.


Troy: Why do we decide to go down the road of doing this type of surgery on a young kid.


Dr. Thompson: Well, this is driven usually by the patient and when a child comes in and says I'm getting teased about my ears, I'm bothered by my ears, that's when we like to act.


Troy: And what are some of the things you look at when talking about this type of surgery with the mother and the child?


Dr. Thompson: I kind of look at the interaction between the parent and child to make sure it's not something be pushed by the parents. Of course the parents have to be supportive but with any surgery you are going under yourself, you want it to be your idea and something you're on board with.




Get A Natural Looking Facelift In Utah

Patients often tell us following facelift or MACS facelift surgery that others continue to tell them how great and refreshed they look but don't know exactly why. They may ask if the patient has changed their hair, lost weight, or went on a long vacation. Those kind of compliments are the perfect sign of a great facelift. When a facelift looks tight or pulled, it's obvious to others that may start comparing you to certain celebrities with the same "overdone" result. As a facial plastic surgery who performs many facelift surgeries on a regular basis, Dr. Scott Thompson has helped hundreds of patients get a natural looking facelift in Utah.


Dr. Thompson trained with top facial plastic surgeons in the country and completed a fellowship under the previous president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Vito Quatela. With his extensive training and 10 + years of experience performing facelift surgeries, patients can expect youthful, natural-looking results and exceptional care. Dr. Thompson's facelift technique differs from a typical facelift technique in that it is more comprehensive and lifts and tightens the mid-face, which is not addressed with a typical facelift.  He typically incorporates the use of a patients own fat to restore lost volume in the face as well. Together, patients experience a longer lasting, more natural result.




The AWARD-Winning Mineral Makeup Line GloMinerals is Now Available!!

How do you choose your makeup?

With so many lines available how does one choose which makeup they are going to use? As an esthetician, I like to try new things and do my research on products I am going to use. Not only am I looking for flawless coverage, I also want something that is going to be good to my skin. The last thing I need is more blemishes, clogged pores, lines, etc. I like to favor a mineral makeup. Mineral makeup does not penetrate or clog the skin. For example, Talc is the number one ingredient in traditional makeup. Talc is a filler/bulking agent. It clogs pores and suffocates the skin which can lead to acne, exacerbate rosacea and lead to other undesirable skin conditions. The number one complaint with using a mineral makeup is that it can look heavy. This is because people apply it the same way they apply traditional product that includes talc. Less is more with mineral makeup.


I am currently using Glominerals. Glo is skin care with color! We decided to carry this line because of the added benefits to their products and also for our patients to use after treatments and surgeries.  They have an amazing camouflage makeup kit that we are starting to include in our facelift packages to cover bruises during the recovery process.






ABC4Utah will be featuring Dr. Thompson's medical mission work in South America on tonight's 6 pm news.

Learn more about how he provides free medical care to children and adolescents suffering from major congenital deformities giving them hope for a better life.

These children have been deprived of a healthy and joyful life due to their congenital deformity and lack of medical care. Were it not for the gift of surgery, these children would be rejected by their peers, community, and sometimes even their own families. The surgery not only enables one to have an enhancement in their appearance and function, but they are now afforded opportunities they would not have otherwise, such as assimilation into a family, a chance for a better education, and hope for a new life.


Treatment For Aging Hands - The Radiesse "Hand-Lift"



Yes, you heard that right...we're talking about "Hand Lifts", otherwise known has hand rejuvenation or hand enhancement. It only makes sense as hands are one of the first places where the telltale signs of aging become apparent. Even if you've taken steps to keep your face and neck skin looking young and healthy, sun-damaged, wrinkled hands can still give your age away in an instant.


As we age, our hands lose firmness and volume and begin to look bony and fragile. The skin thins overtime giving the hands more of a crepey skin texture that likely has flecks of brown spots from years of sun exposure.


While there are many hand creams out there claiming to provide instant hand rejuvenation, it will likely take more that just a lotion to get the results you are looking for. It is possible to treat aging hands, often in one or two trips to the office, but may require a combination of treatments for full hand enhancement.








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16 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Facelift

We've compiled some direct advice found on from people all over the country that have had facelift surgery and offer some great extra advice!


"If you need an electrician, don't hire a plumber. I found a facial plastic surgeon. He is a specialist, and only works on the face." By Brown55

 "Fancy addresses are just geography and have nothing to do with the results you get. Also, you are paying for those high rents. Go to the best surgeon, not the best address." By yogajan


How Does A Non-Surgical Facelift Work?

To be clear, a non-surgical facelift does not replace a surgical facelift and certainly does not provide the same results. But for the right patient, major facial rejuvenation can be achieved in one quick visit with little no downtime. That is the beauty of non-surgical injectables and procedures and why they have become increasingly popular over the years.


non-surgical facelift has also been termed a Liquid Facelift or Lunch Time Facelift. Many facilities around the world have trademarked other names to describe non-surgical facial rejuvenation and are mainly used for marketing purposes.




Plastic Surgery Confession: I Hide Botox Injections From My Husband


ABCNews recently ran this segment on Good Morning America featuring women who keep their botox injectionsfrom their husbands and have done so for a considerable amount of time.


I found this segment so interesting and somewhat funny because we have a great deal of patients that do the same. So what's the problem with these husbands and why are they so against their wives getting botox if it makes them happy?


Morgen Schick, beauty and image consultant, says the only thing worse than aging is actually looking like you care about your aging. Many of the husbands felt the same way, according to their wives, and would tell them they were beautiful without it.



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