We hope you're all soaking up each day of summer as school starts again and summer barbecues come to a head. It's a sad to say good-bye to summer but also great to get back into healthy routines, catch up on life, and hopefully take some time for yourself! 

We've got what you need with great specials, procedures, and skincare products to keep you looking and feeling your best!


"As anyone who has researched facelift techniques is aware, there is constant discussion and debate regarding various types of facelifts and neck lifts, possible results, and recovery time. Sometimes it almost seems like a new "revolutionary" facelift technique is developed every week. Proponents of certain techniques go to great lengths to explain why their technique, results, recovery time, and longevity are better than others.


Despite the apparent complexity and differences between various techniques (Mini lift, MACS lift, Swift Lift, Lifestyle Lift, full face lift, etc), the discussion can be distilled down to a couple of very simple statements. First, any facelift technique MUST address the muscle/SMAS layer to achieve acceptable results. Whether the SMAS is cut and removed, sutured together or extensively undermined, great results are achievable with a well performed and correctly chosen surgery. My preferred "mini" facelift technique, the MACS lift has been developed and refined over several decades and is performed not just by me and a few other surgeons, but by hundreds of skilled and competent plastic surgeons. This means that the MACS lift is accepted and endorsed by a huge body of plastic surgeons as an effective and safe procedure. The result of this collective experience is that the MACS lift has been modified and improved as necessary and has proven itself as a reliable, consistent procedure with long-lasting results. READ MORE

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It's a busy time here at Thompson Facial Plastics as many patients look to repair the damage their skin may have taken from excess sun exposure of the summer. 


Many patients ask about Dermapen vs CO2 laser treatments and wonder which to choose. It's best to come in for a free consultation to see what all of your options are and get recommendations based on your specific needs and goals but we will highlight some information on each treatment here to help you make an informed decision, with the help of your professional of choice, when the time comes.


Both treatments are ground breaking and work by resurfacing facial skin. There are differences in how the treatments are performed, how they work, the number of treatments typically needed and length of recovery time.




What We Can Learn For The E Channel's "Botched"

The E Channel's new reality tv show, "Botched", features the most difficult cases of plastic surgery gone wrong with patients needing help from top plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. The two doctors, who have a combined 40 years of plastic surgery experience, talk about how they thought they had seen it all until they started filming this show. You'll see why on the show with patients suffering from collapsed noses, uniboobs, and other disfigurements. The E Channel definitely follows these patients from start to finish while keep things exciting, crazy, and completely entertaining.

After viewing a few episodes, there are some key lessons to be learned to increase your chances of getting a positive result with plastic surgery.


1) This should be obvious but don't perform your own plastic surgery. And don't have your friend, mom, or spouse do it either! The continued amount of cases reported daily are shocking and often come with deadly outcomes. Fillers can be purchased off the black market and one patient on the program found the low price enticing enough to purchase some fillers. After receiving a "botched" eyelid procedure, she injected her own fillers and describes her results below.



Mini Facelift (MACS lift) Episode on The Younger You in Utah
Mini Facelift (MACS lift) Episode on The Younger You 
 If you missed our recent Younger You episode, you'll definitely want to watch it here. Dr. Thompson's MACS-lift is incredibly popular and we get many questions daily about technique, recovery, and results. 

Get your questions answered in this episode with Troy Thompson where we feature one of our fabulous patients and take you through her journey with MACS-lift surgery.

You can learn more about Dr. Thompson's technique and see before and after photos on our MACSlift page.




Fall is the perfect time to begin a new skincare regimen. We are so excited to now offer SkinMedica at Thompson Facial Plastics and are LOVING the results we're seeing on patients and ourselves with the new products! 


Combine products from each letter category and we PROMISE you'll be AMAZED with your results. 


G - Growth Factors:

SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum is the best thing you can do for your skin. Read more about what our Master Esthetician, Jill, has to say about it HERE.

R - Retinol:

If you aren't already on a retinol, get with the program! It's an essential piece to any skincare regimen.

A - Antioxidant:

Dr. Thompson recommends every patient use a good antioxidant serum each morning with research to back it up.

S - Specialty Products:

Do you have pigmentation or acne you'd like to tackle? We've got you covered here.

S - Sun Protection:

Dr. Thompson sees the effects of sun damage often as a reconstruction surgeon. A good SPF sunscreen with zinc & titanium oxide is essential to prevent premature aging and the risks of skin cancer.


Come see Jill for a skin analysis to see what products are best for you. Hurry soon and get DOUBLE Brilliant Distinctions Points for every purchase until the end of August!


Can Exercising Actually Reverse Aging?


 We know exercise is good in many ways but can exercise reverse aging? The answer to this question is yes, as determined by a 2014 study done by the researchers at McMaster University in Ontario. Study results showed that exercise does not only keep skin younger, but may also reverse skin aging for many people. And the good news is that the benefit applies even to people who take up exercise later in life.


Earlier studies at McMaster examined the effect of exercise on mice by splitting them into two groups and giving one group access to exercise wheels. The mice that didn't exercise quickly became weak, bald and ill while the mice that exercised enjoyed healthy brains, hearts, muscles and even reproductive organs. They also noticed a difference in their fur, which was longer for the active mice and didn't even go gray as it did for the non-active group. READ MORE


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How To Look And Feel Younger Without Going Under The Knife by Syd, Master Esthetician

As we age, we are often finding ourselves looking for the fountain of youth. Although there is no "magic" pill out there, we have many options to slow down aging and even take off 10-15 years. I don't think anyone actually wants to go under the knife, but lets face it- sometimes that is the only option depending on the results you need and want. As I have seen Dr. Thompson consulting with patients, he gives them his best and honest opinion for optimal results. As a patient you also have to have realistic expectations and understand what each procedure or treatment will accomplish. There are various options to help reverse and maintain aging and a combination of them will really help you look and feel younger without going under the knife.

Top 5 Under Eye Wrinkle Treatments

There are a number of causes for under eye wrinkles unfortunately, and understanding them can help you determine the best under eye wrinkle treatments for you.

Aging is the first and most common cause of eye wrinkles. As we age, we lose elastin and collagen in the skin, making it thin and lax. Smoking is another big cause of under eye wrinkles since smoking generates free radicals in the body that reduce amounts of elastin and collagen as well. Furthermore, when you smoke, you likely squint, which will add to the problem.



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