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Non-Surgical Facelift on Utah's Younger You with Troy Thompson
Non-Surgical Facelift on Utah's Younger You with Troy Thompson
Here what Nicea DeGering has to say about her experience with Dr. Thompson and see her results! 

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 A recent article in Allure magazine addresses an issue I believe many of us have been concerned and curious about. You likely have the friend, or a friend of the friend that looks fabulously younger and refreshed after one or two trips to the plastic surgeons office. But then after that, certain features continue getting larger and more filled every time you see her until, not-so-suddenly, she looks completely plastic.


In "Overdone", the author starts out by saying "More women are asking their doctors for so much cosmetic filler that they end up looking unnatural - even unhuman. What are they thinking, and what do they see in the mirror?" And why are plastic surgeons allowing this? Allure goes behind the scenes with doctors and patients to find out why so many are going so far.


And even though you may have the friend that looks this way, you likely haven't said anything. And no one has likely said anything to her, especially strangers, with the good sense not to tell someone to their face what they honestly think about their appearance.  Joan Kron tells the story of a 36-year-old nurse in New York City and a stranger on the subway who did just that. After this stranger had been making many derogatory remarks, she'd had enough and said something. "I stood up and told the woman she was being offensive and when I did that, she got in my face calling me a plastic-surgery b@%$# with a plastic-surgery face!". 










To many, especially women, "people watching" is somewhat of a sport and can be incredibly entertaining. Strangers are analyzed on wardrobe choices, hairstyles, makeup, shoes, accessories, and general looks. To a certain degree, we can't help it....we're human. But I do believe we take it too far, acting as though we're all experts in all things fashion, style, and beauty. It's no wonder then, that when we see or hear someone has had plastic surgery done, we jump all over them.


It is somewhat of a contradiction as most of us do something to improve our appearance and look younger through methods such as clever makeup tricks, night creams and serums, face masks and superfoods. So why is it when someone decides to use Botox do we tend to judge? Is it because we possibly can't afford it and are envious? Or maybe the competitive side of us comes out and we feel in a way that plastic surgery is "cheating"?




Have You Tried Artefill?


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(Press Release) Dr. Scott Thompson's large patient base reports natural results with facial plastic surgery procedures and appreciation for his honesty when it comes to how much to inject.


Dr. Thompson takes a conservative approach with Botox and dermal fillers in facial plastic surgery and cautions patients on the overuse of volumizing dermal fillers that leads to unnatural results. We see it in Hollywood, reality tv, and now more commonly in our own social circles. A recent article in Allure magazine titled, "Overdone", discusses this increasingly common concern in the aesthetic community with more women asking their doctors for so much cosmetic filler that they end up looking unnatural and in some cases, unhuman. The article goes on to explore what these women see in the mirror and why plastic surgeons are allowing this.




Dr. Scott Thompson, a leading facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah, combines fat grafting with facelift surgery for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.


The innovative use of fat grafting during facelift surgery provides complete facial rejuvenation that can't be accomplished with lifting alone. With the natural aging process, the skin loses laxity and volume decreases throughout the face.  Traditional facelift surgery addresses sagging and wrinkles by lifting facial skin but doesn't address the volume loss that often gives patients a sunken or gaunt appearance.  By injecting the patient's own fat, volume in the mid-face is restored and lines and wrinkles throughout the face are filled for a much more youthful, natural looking appearance.




Learn more about Fat Grafting HERE.



How Long Is The Recovery From A Facelift? 

How Long Is The Recovery From A Facelift?



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We are excited to announce a revolutionary skincare line to our practice that will not only transform your skin, but help you save on Botox, Latisse, Juvederm and more!


Everything You Need To Know About Browlifts

 As the aging process advances, the brow starts to sag into an almost flat or horizontal position. This can sometimes inhibit facial expressions. The sagging of the brow can be fixed through a brow lift and thousands undergo this procedure every year. Brow lifts tighten the muscles and lift the skin on the forehead. This results in the brow being lifted close to its original and natural position, all while reducing the lines and creases on the forehead. Here are some facts to know about brow lifts.

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