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"Why Are So Many Mormons Getting Boob Jobs?"

A recent article on Mormons and boob jobs is circulating the news waves and getting a lot of attention. According to a study release by RealSelf, residents of Utah have the highest number of web searches for breast augmentation procedures, beating out more obvious locations like California and Florida. The article on also points out the prominence in billboards promoting cosmetic surgery along I-15 or the so-called "Mormon corridor" in Utah, named for its path through some of the most populated Mormon areas. Billboards advertising plastic surgery are "everywhere," according to residents.


"At least half of the billboards have to do with teeth whitening, Lasik surgery, cellulite reduction or any sort of plastic surgery," says one Utah resident. "It's pretty crazy. People comment on it all the time."





Dr. Thompson's Response....




After reading a recent article regarding plastic surgery in Utah, I thought I'd share a couple of thoughts.   Although this article focuses primarily on breast augmentation (and I am a facial plastic surgeon), the implication is clear that cosmetic surgery and procedures are somewhat of an obsession with residents of this state, and seemed to be painted in a negative light to some extent.  Furthermore, the article asserts that this apparent trend is driven primarily by Mormon patients seeking plastic surgery.  After practicing as a cosmetic facial plastic surgeon in Utah for nearly 10 years, I would seriously question the assertion that the prevalence of these procedures is driven by any specific religious group.  Furthermore, I'm not sure that motivation for such procedures is driven by external pressure or a desire for perfection.  In any case, the causes, prevalence, distribution, and motivations behind cosmetic procedures in Utah could be debated and explored much further.  To me, the more interesting question is:  What is it that motivates people to seek out cosmetic treatments and procedures?   






Plastic Surgery, Yes or No?




Did they or didn't they? We're talking plastic surgery, of course. Fox News ran an article this month on with a number of celebrities questioning whether or not they've undergone plastic surgery based on their before and after photos. We've added them here for you to be the judge! What do you think?




"He wanted me to feel the best me that I could. You will not get pushy from Dr. Thompson, it's not in his personality."


Patient Ambassador Reagan Leadbetter
Patient Ambassador Reagan Leadbetter

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Considering Facelift Surgery?





Dr. Thompson sees a considerable amount of patients regarding facial rejuvenation of the lower face area and the amount of facelift surgeries he performs each year is far above the national average. When patients visit him for their intial consultation, they often report deep frustration in the looseness of their jowls, lower face and neck. Aging is inevitable, and overtime the jawline softens into the jowls, the folds around the mouth deepen, and the neck loosens and begins to sag.


Heredity, personal habits, the pull of gravity, and sun exposure contribute to the aging of the face. Unfortunately, effects of these catalysts set in far before the inside feelings and symptoms of aging occur, which is why patients often report a deep desire to just look as young as they feel inside. Diet, exercise and healthy living keep us feeling good but it often requires surgery to restore outside features to reflect how one feels on the inside.





Facelift Before & After Photos from Thompson Facial Plastics
Facelift Before & After Photos from Thompson Facial Plastics

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What is Microtia?

 I'm excited to report on another successful mission trip to Ecuador.  Since my first mission a decade ago, my passion for the work that we do in South America has slowly and steadily developed.  The founders of the mission, Drs. Vito Quatela, Mack Cheney, Tessa Hadlock, and Paul Sabini have pushed us to new heights with our reconstructive efforts.  This is no small feat given the complexity of this particular work.
Microtia is simply the congenital absence of a normal ear.  The ear can be nearly completely missing or in milder cases, significantly deformed.  This condition occurs in both males and females and can affect either or both ears.  Both environmental and genetic factors are thought to be involved, but no single cause of the condition has been discovered.  Inner ear hearing mechanisms are often intact, resulting in limited hearing with the assistance of a special hearing aid.  In addition to the difficulty of diminished hearing, growing up without one or both ears can be quite challenging socially.  As we're all aware, children are curious and often don't hesitate to point out physical differences of those around them.  
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