In this Gonser Gerber Electronic Bulletin, we explore the importance of  Donor Engagement in our work as Advancement Leaders. 

At Gonser Gerber, we build innovative, individually-crafted relationships with our clients so that their unique aspirations and goals are met.
Gonser Gerber Bulletin on Advancement
October 2015
Understanding or Emphasizing:  Best Approaches to Donor Engagement

Tom Gonser, one of the founders of Gonser Gerber, stated over 60 years ago, 

"Fundraising is not about asking for money, it is about educating the prospective donor." 

While this is a quote our firm still finds to be true, the notion of "educating the prospective donor," has, in many instances, been misunderstood. For too many, "educating the donor" has come to be defined as a one-sided conversation in which the advancement officer is undeterred in making her pitch for support.  She has the well-crafted case for support memorized, or ready to present in a spiffy color-coordinated folder, or quickly accessible electronically via her tablet.  She has practiced pro-actively answering the questions of what the request is for, how the program or initiative in question works, and why the prospect should care.  She is fully-prepared with most every conceivable answer and is ready to teach the prospect.  
But, think back to your most engaging and meaningful educational experiences. (read more)

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