October 2016  
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Do old, decaying things make you squeamish, especially at this "hallowed" time of year? Nothing to feel creepy about! Turns out, we humans and our deceased predecessors have been dealing with decay and waste since the dawn of civilization.

Classical archeologist, Kevin Dicus, has studied how the Romans' disposed of waste in Pompeii and believes they were intentional about handling it. His research suggests that humans have been presented with the same waste challenges and found many of the same solutions. Read about his findings in Ancient Garbage below and in more detail on our website.

Just like our ancestors, we find ourselves reusing and recycling to conserve energy and resources. Eco Partners can help your community members begin to ask themselves, "What would ancient people do?" the next time they have a used pop can or newspaper in hand. The answer isn't creepy: recycling and reuse are a natural part of civilization. Give us a call. We would love to talk with you about waste and decay!

Now, let's all go act like the ancients!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
Nothing Creepy About Ancient Garbage
Photo courtesy of Kevin Dicus.
Since the appearance of civilizations, there has been garbage. For archeologists, trash is an important way to analyze a society's life and structure. How trash was disposed and why it was placed in certain areas by its generators reveals interesting patterns.

One classical archeologist, Kevin Dicus, has studied Pompeii's waste disposal intensely and believes the ancient Roman city was purposeful about where it put trash and even put trash to good use. Kevin Dicus' studies show that most of Pompeii's trash was taken beyond the city limits. When engineers needed to level the ground back inside the walls or fill in wells and basements, they brought trash back inside to do the job. They were "reusing" their waste!

Ancient Romans are far from the first people to think about reuse. In 2013, archeologists in Tel Aviv...read the full article.

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