May 2016 
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Attend the WASTECONŽ Networking Event in Indy and ride on the track!
Ride in a pace car at the 
Indianapolis Motor Speedway!
Register for WASTECONŽ today!
Eco Partners is a proud sponsor of this conference for solid waste professionals in Indianapolis this August!

Does the month of May have you thinking about the Indianapolis 500 and the need for speed? The month of August should, too! This year's WASTECONŽ Wednesday Night Networking Event on August 24 will be at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pagoda and you can take a ride around the track if you attend!

WASTECONŽ will be held August 22-25 in Indianapolis. Early bird registration is open thru Monday, June 13 at 11:59 p.m. (EDT).

Wondering why you should "race" to registerWASTECONŽ is the premier solid waste, industry-focused conference that brings you the latest news, education, advancements, and products to help achieve success. Tools you could use!

Wondering why you should come to Indianapolis? In addition to the Wednesday Night Networking event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indy is extremely walkable and drivable, offers restaurants, museums and parks within the downtown mile-square, and has Circle Center Mall for a quick shopping break.

Wondering why you should be a part of SWANA? The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) is an organization of professionals committed to advancing solid waste management through shared emphasis on education, advocacy and research.

Eco Partners is proud to be a sponsor for this year's WASTECONŽ in our home state. Here's the link to register.

Hope you'll join us in August!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners

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