March 2016
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Ever feel like there is so much to do, you are losing your marbles? There is a positive way to lose your marbles: giving them away in gratitude to someone who is doing something good for the planet. Check out the Blue Marble Project below. What a great way to celebrate Earth Day next month!

Speaking of next month, I am excited to attend the Road to Zero Waste Conference at SWANApalooza, April 4-7, in Charleston, SC. Then it's off to the SWANA Western Regional Symposium, April 11-14, in San Luis Obispo, CA. I'll be taking the "Charleston County Commercial Food Waste Walking Tour" in South Carolina and visiting the Cold Canyon Landfill in California.

At Western Regional, our client, Scott Carroll, General Manager of the Costa Mesa Sanitary District, and Michael Silva will be presenting "How Costa Mesa Sanitary District Is Using Waste Conversion Technology to Move Organics out of the Landfill to Achieve 75% Diversion of Residential Waste Stream." Look for me at this presentation or on the tours above. I hope we can connect if you are attending one of these conferences.
Whether you are promoting the Blue Marble Project, or sharing the ways your community is reducing its waste, we can help you get the word out. If you want to know more, please call or email me.

Now, let's go pass out some marbles!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
Lose Your Marbles!
Share Random Acts of Blue Gratitude
Photo credit: Heather Wahl | iStock | Thinkstock
Losing your marbles is a good thing when you are playing the Blue Marble Game! Sponsored by the Blue Marbles Project, both the game and project were introduced by marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. Dr. Nichols is not only working to protect our waters, but also to reward people who care for the Earth with Random Acts of Gratitude. 

"Each blue marble tells us that everything we do on this planet matters," says Dr. Nichols on the Blue Marbles Project facebook page

To play the game, you "catch" someone doing something great for the Earth and then give them a little blue marble (a representation of what the Earth looks like from one million miles away) as a "thank you." For example, you might catch someone recycling, picking up litter, composting, or bringing reusable bags to the store. Then share your blue marble story with the world however you like.

To find more information about the project and Dr. Nichols' work, visit his website                

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