February 2016
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As your community looks ahead to warmer weather and time spent outdoors at ball fields, city parks, fairs, and festivals, make plans now to help your residents ROGO. (Recycle on the go!)

Keep America Beautiful has developed a 12-page guide to public space recycling. Check below for highlights from the guide and pictures of public bins taken by our Trash Talk! travelers, Dean and Karen Smith. For how to motivate folks to use public bins, read, "Going Public," a comprehensive article by Resource Recycling magazine.

One key to encouraging any recycling behavior is education. We can help you spread the word about how to ROGO in your community. If you want to know more, please call or email me.

Let's all ROGO!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
ROGO: Recycling on the Go! 
Public Space Recycling Reinforces a Good Habit
Photo provided by Dean Smith.
Our Trash Talk! travelers, Dean and Karen Smith, always ROGO, even on vacation. They recently traveled to Australia and New Zealand and snapped these pictures of public recycling bins for us. 

To help your public recycling efforts, here are Keep America Beautiful's 10 tips for successful public space recycling programs:

    1. Recycling must be simple and convenient.

    2. Know your waste stream.

    3. Place recycling bins beside trash cans.

    4. Use restrictive lids.

    5. Use clear, simple labels and signage.

    6. Choose the right bin.

    7. Be consistent.

    8. Keep bins clean and well-maintained.

    9. Educational outreach includes a communication plan.

  10. Be prepared and ready to improve.  
Dean found bins for multiple materials.
Karen with neat and tidy public bins..
Photos courtesy of Dean Smith.

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