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March 2015
As a recycling professional, you know that communication is key to successful recycling programs. But sometimes even the best efforts can lead to confusion, especially when it comes to plastics. Fortunately, the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council convened a broad group of stakeholders to develop common terms for use in consumer education. Learn more below in "Plastic Madness Put to Rest."

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Plastic Madness Put to Rest:
Better communication...better recycling!
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It's not news that consumers are often confused by plastic recycling codes and symbols. It's also not news that this confusion limits plastics recycling. Now there's an app for that!

Last fall, a broad group of plastics recycling stakeholders released "Plastics Recycling Terms and Tools: Better Communication...Better Recycling," a standard glossary for recycling coordinators to use when educating consumers about plastics recycling. The goal is to increase the quantity and quality of plastics recycled through better communication. The Terms and Tools are sponsored by the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council.

"Public opinion surveys and everyday experience demonstrate that many people are confused about which plastics are accepted for recycling in their community," said Patty Moore, president and CEO of Moore Recycling which oversees the program. "The new plastics recycling terms...get everyone speaking the same language so we can collect more of the plastics that reclaimers need."

An online app helps community recycling educators match the plastics they collect with common terms. A corresponding gallery of images and an option to create a free flyer are part of the app. 

The program's goals are to boost diversion rates of clean material, increase the types and amounts of plastics recycled, decrease contamination, and help meet growing demand for recycled plastics.

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