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September 2014

As fall begins, our busy summer conference season is winding down. We enjoyed the opportunities to meet new people, put faces to names, and reconnect while attending conferences in California, Indiana, and Texas this summer.


We have one more conference to go back here in our home state. Please look for us in the exhibit hall if you will be in Bloomington, IN for the Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts' 2014 Annual Conference, October 1-2.


And be sure to check out one educator's list of the Top 10 Benefits of Environmental Education

highlighted below. We would love to help you get all the benefits environmental education can bring to your community.


To learn more about Eco Partners, visit us online for details on our community, student, and online environmental communication products and how we can help meet your education needs.

Keep recycling,

Elizabeth Roe
President, Eco Partners 

Top 10 Benefits of Environmental Education
Credit: lculig | iStock | Thinkstock
Susan Toth, a leader in environmental education for youth and adults, put together a top 10 list of benefits from environmental education (EE). While written to address EE in schools, some of these benefits can be seen within communities, too. 

Her list of EE benefits include learners being empowered to share knowledge with others, taking responsible actions to better the environment, and strengthening communities through increased involvement.  Here's the rest of Toth's Top Ten list.

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