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July 2014
Environmental Education-
          How Do You...

Are you measuring the outcomes of your environmental education efforts? And what should you measure?

A recent SWANA publication from the Communication, Education & Marketing Technical Division Digest suggested looking at the following to measure your program's success within the community:
  • Increasing knowledge about the environment and environmental issues
  • Growing awareness of and sensitivity to the environment that leads to a change in behaviors
  • Changing attitudes that lead to empathy and belief in personal responsibility for the environment
  • Improving skills which allow for identification, and even prevention of, environmental issues and actions to address them
  • Developing behaviors that benefit the environment and decrease impact
  • Rising participation in community programs that benefit the environment
How does your community measure up? Eco Partners is here to help your efforts reach the top of the yardstick. Give us a call so we can work together to meet the needs of your community.

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About Us
Eco Partners helps you deliver local environmental educational information - cost-effectively and efficiently. We do all the heavy lifting and you get all the credit. 
Elizabeth Roe

Elizabeth Roe is the brains behind Eco Partners. With 25-plus years of teaching and professional environmental and conservation expertise, Elizabeth is a recognized environmental educator and communicator.


Gary Roe

Gary Roe has spent his career in public administration, communications, and marketing and provides day-to-day operational support for Eco Partners.


Julanne Sausser

Julanne Sausser is our Marketing Communications Manager. She has worked in and around recycling for many years, most recently with the Paper Retriever program.


For more information, check out the about section of our website.

Elizabeth Roe
President, Eco Partners
I hope summer has been as productive for you as it has for us at Eco Partners! Over the past couple of months, we've been working on the local, fall editions of One Person's Trash and Trash Talk. But we aren't spending all summer in the office. 

In August, Leeann Sausser and I will be attending the CRRA-SWANA Gold Rush Chapter 2014 Annual Conference and Trade Show in San Jose. And Gary and I will be attending SWANA's WASTECON in Dallas in late August. 

Will you be at WASTECON, too? We have tickets for free entry to the Exhibit Hall in case you are able to attend. The tickets may also be used as a coupon for 20% off the price to attend the full conference. If you would like to have WASTECON tickets sent to you or schedule a time to meet while we are in either San Jose or Dallas, please contact me at or call the office at 317-450-3346.

To learn more about Eco Partners, visit us online at for details on our residential, student, and online environmental communication products and how we can help meet your education needs.

If you attend either conference, be sure to stop by our booth in the exhibit hall and say hello.


Hope to see you soon!


Elizabeth Roe


Way to go, Laredo!
City of Laredo MRF Recognized by Resource Recycling
We want to give a shout-out to our client, the City of Laredo, for recent, well-deserved recognition. Their Materials Recycling Facility, operated by First Recycling, was named "MRF of the Month" in the July 2014 issue of Resource Recycling magazine.


Recent investments in both the facility and the recycling program have allowed for the total collected material to increase from an average of 3,200 tons annually to an expected 11,000 tons in the first year for the improved operation. The 30,000-square-foot facility is able to process 15 tons per hour.


Community participation in the recycling program has also increased, and there has been a drop in the facility's contamination rate, from 32 percent to 24 percent, thanks to the new MRF.  Credit is also due to Sylvia Garza, City of Laredo's recycling coordinator, who works to encourage public participation in recycling.  In addition to working with Eco Partners to provide One Man's Trash for Laredo, she coordinates MRF tours, a Recycling Day Fair, and other events that increase awareness and encourage citizens to participate in recycling.  


Congratulations, Laredo! 

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