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March 2014
About Us
Eco Partners helps you deliver local environmental educational information - cost-effectively and efficiently. We do all the heavy lifting and you get all the credit. 
Elizabeth Roe

Elizabeth Roe is the brains behind Eco Partners. With 25-plus years of teaching and professional environmental and conservation expertise, Elizabeth is a recognized environmental educator and communicator.


Gary Roe

Gary Roe has spent his career in public administration, communications, and marketing and provides day-to-day operational support for Eco Partners.

Julanne Sausser

Julanne Sausser recently joined us as the Marketing Communications Manager. She has worked in and around recycling for many years, most recently with the Paper Retriever program.

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Elizabeth Roe
President, Eco Partners

If you are attending SWANA's Road to Zero Waste Conference next week in Monterey, CA, please look for us!  We would love the chance to say hello in person.


Both Gary and I will be attending sessions.  Plus, we are sponsoring Monday's afternoon coffee break. If you would like to schedule a meeting ahead of time, please contact me at or call the office at 317-450-3346.


As a sponsor, we know the conference will provide practical tools for incorporating Zero Waste concepts into your solid waste management plan and models of sustainable programs for your stakeholders. There will be sessions on extended producer responsibility and dealing with food waste. We look forward to sharing what we learn after the conference!


Whether or not you are attending the conference, let us help you communicate any new recycling and environmental activities you may be implementing.  We know it's time-consuming and tedious to keep your community up to date. Eco Partners has built a 20-year business handling this task for waste management and municipal clients like you. 


For more information about Eco Partners, and to stay up-to-date between newsletters, please visit our website at


See you at the coffee break if you'll be in Monterey! 


Elizabeth Roe

Behind the Curtain:  
Meeting the people who make Eco Partners possible
We continue with our series to introduce the people "behind the curtain." These are the people who take the raw material -- the written text -- and make the newsletters happen. They lay out the newsletters, create the art, proofread the articles, translate for the foreign languages, fold the newsletters to your liking, and more.

Once Eco Partners newsletters are printed, there is still an extra step to give some versions the final touch, and Traci Cooper is the one who makes that happen.


For communities who opt to mail the newsletters in an envelope, two additional folds are needed. Six years ago, Cooper and her company, C & W Associates in Finishing, were asked to take over the folding and packaging for those newsletters.


"It was a good fit for our equipment and the time frame that was requested was very reasonable," she said. The process really adds the "finishing touches" for the newsletters. "We receive printed material, such as newsletters or papers, and we fold them to specific sizes and carton pack for shipment to the distributor," said Cooper.


Even when not at work, Cooper likes to take on projects, although these projects involve her children and extended family. She also spends time with them playing outside. Her education about the "great outdoors" comes from her own research and "green" initiatives, and she is excited about what environmental education can do.


"Every effort made to preserve or protect makes a difference," she said. "It is exciting for our company to be involved with an organization that is doing such great things for the world."