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June 2014
Create the Buzz!
Make sure your programs continue to buzz!  Here is a to-do list to help keep your constituents up to date.  
  • Keep website and Facebook page content fresh.
  • Make sure recycling guidelines are current.
  • Include a materials list in event announcements and media releases.
  • Be timely with information.
  • Share data; let folks know how they are doing.
  • Educate repeatedly on proper recycling and waste management habits.
Contact Eco Partners for more ideas. We would love to help you keep your programs "buzzing" this summer!

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About Us
Eco Partners helps you deliver local environmental educational information - cost-effectively and efficiently. We do all the heavy lifting and you get all the credit. 
Elizabeth Roe

Elizabeth Roe is the brains behind Eco Partners. With 25-plus years of teaching and professional environmental and conservation expertise, Elizabeth is a recognized environmental educator and communicator.


Gary Roe

Gary Roe has spent his career in public administration, communications, and marketing and provides day-to-day operational support for Eco Partners.


Julanne Sausser

Julanne Sausser is our Marketing Communications Manager. She has worked in and around recycling for many years, most recently with the Paper Retriever program.


For more information, check out the about section of our website.

Elizabeth Roe
President, Eco Partners
I hope June has been as productive for you as it has for us at Eco Partners!  We just returned from two conferences and have learned lots of things we can't wait to share with you.


After a session on "Smart Approaches to Growing Programs" at the Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference, we were inspired to include a list of ways to create buzz for your programs in the column at left.


And summer intern Leeann and I just returned from the National Association of Government Communicators Communication School in Washington, D.C.  Both conferences gave us great ideas for ongoing education and communication that we can't wait to pass along to you.  We'll include tips and resources in our newsletters this summer, so be sure to look for them each month.


For more information about Eco Partners, and to stay up-to-date between newsletters, please visit our website at


Keep that buzz going!


Elizabeth Roe 

Behind the Curtain:  
Meeting the people who make Eco Partners possible

Karen Niemann has always been an editor, whether working for an advertising agency or working on her hobbies.
"I love reading. I love editing," she said. "It used to be that I edited as I typed on a typewriter or computer. If it didn't sound right to me, I could change it at that time. It's something I really enjoy doing."
So, when she became a proofreader at Eco Partners in 2001, she knew it was the right work for her. "I can notice anything, practically," she said.
Niemann's attention to detail is also important when she cares for her 1,000 orchids or is looking for candle-toppers to add to her collection. "I'm very finicky...I won't buy just any candle topper," she said.
"I've always been very meticulous...I can see right off if there are two spaces between a word and if the letters aren't the same size or if the type's changing. A part of that, too, is when I set up orchid displays. It's all about aesthetics, the flow of colors, heights and depths. [Editing] is a part of all the things I do."
Another thing Niemann does is participate in recycling. She takes correct recycling very seriously, and has learned about how important that is since proofreading Trash Talk! and One Person's Trash.
"There's no place to put things anymore. It's not healthy for the environment and it's such a small thing to ask of people to clean their reusable things and make sure they can be reused," she said. "It's so simple. [It's] important to future generations that we stop dumping all this stuff and burying it in the earth."
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