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August 2013
Behind the Curtain
Meet Vandra Pentecost Linder, artist and illustrator, in this issue of our newsletter.
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Eco Partners helps you deliver local environmental educational information -- cost-effectively and efficiently. We do all the heavy lifting and you get all the credit. 
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Resource Recycling Conference
You'll find Elizabeth and Gary in the exhibit hall at the Resource Recycling Conference. The conference is August 27-28 in Louisville, KY. Look for us at booth #214.
Elizabeth and Gary will both be attending SWANA's WASTECON 2013. The conference is September 16-19 in Long Beach, CA. Look for us at booth #922. 


Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts
Elizabeth and Gary will be in Bloomington for AISWMD's 2013 Annual Conference. The conference is October 1-3. Look for us in the exhibit hall. 

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Elizabeth Roe
President, Eco Partners
Conferences season is in full swing. I recently returned from CRRA in Pasadena, CA, and all I can say is "Wow!" You are all doing amazing things! Plus, it is always good to leave my office and meet you face-to-face.

Many of the sessions and much of the conversation focused on food waste. As we dive deeper into the waste stream to achieve ever higher recycling rates, it makes sense to concentrate on food. Food scraps represent 14.5% of the municipal solid waste stream, but they are over 21% of landfilled waste. Our fall edition of the community newsletter will feature an article on American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It) by Jonathan Bloom. We all have a lot on our plates when it comes to food waste reduction!

Next week, both Gary and I will be attending the Resource Recycling Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. I will also be attending the annual meeting of the revitalized National Recycling Coalition. Come visit us in the exhibit hall at booth number 214, and learn about how your job can be easier with our newsletters.

Leeann Sausser heads back to college at DePauw University this week. I never imagined one summer employee could make my work so much easier! She has made everything run more smoothly at Eco Partners. Thanks, Leeann! This summer, Leeann actually had three part-time positions: for Eco Partners, for a high school teacher and writer, and for the Indiana Writers Center. (Yes, she was busy!) She wrote a wonderful reflection on her time at the Indiana Writers Center this summer here. We wish her the best as she starts a new semester.

Enjoy these last weeks of summer, and get ready for a "greener" fall! For more information about Eco Partners, and to stay up-to-date between newsletters, please visit our website at


Stay cool and keep recycling,

Elizabeth Roe
Behind the Curtain:  
Meeting the people who make Eco Partners possible

For the next several issues, we will be introducing the people "behind the curtain." These are the people who take the raw material -- the written text -- and make the newsletters happen. They lay out the newsletters, create the art, proofread the articles, translate for the foreign languages, fold the newsletters to your liking, and more.

Working for Eco Partners came naturally for artist
Vandra Pentecost Linder. She was already connected to both the environment and illustrations.

"I am an advocate to help provide education resources to youth to help them create a better interaction with and awareness of our environment," she said.


Pentecost Linder also is the Drawing and Painting Department Chair at the Indianapolis Art Center, where she teaches "a variety of drawing and painting classes for teens and adults." With her husband, she co-owns Linder Design, a company where she "specializes in illustration and graphic design, and provides technical and consultant support for public mural and chalk events."


ForTrash Talk!, Pentecost Linder provides illustrations for the text articles and art and layout for the inside pages.


"I have worked on an e-version ofTrash Talk! for a client as of last year, illustrated a Household Hazardous Waste folder with additional work sheets, created a large coloring page mural for a school project, plus a few other specialty projects," she said.

In her spare time, Pentecost Linder creates art for fine art exhibits, reads, gardens, and keeps bees. As a gardener, she has found it important to practice environmentally-friendly habits.

"As a gardener, I compost spring through fall lawn debris for our perennials," she said. "I also helped establish composting bins and rain water collecting with our community gardener members."