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July 2013

Elizabeth Roe
President, Eco Partners
Although the blazing sun and hot temperatures make it seem that fall is far off, here at Eco Partners the fall editions have already begun! We have already started writing first drafts for Trash Talk! and will be working on versions of the community newsletter (One Person's Trash) next. Before you know it, fall will have arrived, temperatures will be headed down, and it will be time to send out fresh newsletters.

Speaking of distributing the newsletters, we have recently updated the production schedule. The new schedule better reflects the technology and programs we use today in creating the newsletters. Please check out my blog post to learn more about what this means for you.

With summer moving into August, we move into "conference season." First on the schedule is the California Resource Recovery Association's (CRRA) 2013 Annual Conference and Trade Show, which is August 11-14. Come find me at booth #8 and learn how our newsletters can make your job easier. I hope to see you there!

For more information about Eco Partners, and to stay up-to-date between newsletters, please visit our website at


Stay cool and keep recycling,

Elizabeth Roe

Behind the Curtain:
Meeting the people who make Eco Partners possible

For the next several issues, we will be introducing the people "behind the curtain." These are the people who take the raw material -- the written text -- and make the newsletters happen. They lay out the newsletters, create the art, proofread the articles, translate for the foreign languages, fold the newsletters to your liking, and more.


This month, we'd like to introduce you to Jim Mayer, who has been working with Eco Partners for nearly two decades. Mayer works on, as he calls it, "the nuts and bolts" of each issue, laying out most versions of the newsletter with all of the art, text, and photos into the familiar four-column style. 


"I create a file for proofing, then we go through a series of edits until we have an issue that I, Elizabeth, and the client are all happy with," he said.


An art minor from DePauw University, Mayer was working for The Creative Market when he was first introduced to Eco Partners in the early 1990s. He continued to design layout for Eco Partners after moving to his own full-time business around 1997.


"I've been happy ever since, working out of a studio above my garage," he said. "My favorite part of my job is the commute."


Mayer has enjoyed working with Elizabeth and Eco Partners all these years. Eco Partners was one of the first clients Mayer had when he started his own business. His business isn't all he does, though.


"I'd like to say that I read a lot, but I don't. I have read the first chapter of the Harry Potter series about 10 times, but haven't managed to get past that," he said. "I golf when I get the chance, but with a 17-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son, I find I don't have the time to do that very often. In other words, I'm a...happy, boring guy."


Even though Mayer claims he has "always been morally opposed to littering," he says that working with Eco Partners has shown him being an environmentally aware person doesn't have to be life-consuming.


"You don't have to live a Spartan life to do good things for the environment," he said. "You can be happy and do many little things that make a difference.


Upcoming Conferences
There are four upcoming conferences where you can find Eco Partners. We hope to see you there!
California Resource Recovery Association
Elizabeth will run the Eco Partners booth at CRRA's 2013 Annual Conference and Trade Show. The conference will run from August 11 to August 14 in Pasadena, California. Please visit:


Resource Recycling Conference
Elizabeth and Gary will run the Eco Partners booth at the Resource Recycling Conference. The conference will run from August 27 to August 28 in Louisville, Kentucky. Please visit:
Elizabeth and Gary will run the Eco Partners booth at SWANA's WASTECON 2013. The conference will run from September 17 to September 19 in Long Beach, California. Please visit:
Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts
Elizabeth and Gary will run the Eco Partners booth at AISWMD's 2013 Annual Conference. The conference will run from October 1 to October 3.
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Eco Partners helps you deliver local environmental educational information - cost-effectively and efficiently. We do all the heavy lifting and you get all the credit. 
Elizabeth Roe

Elizabeth Roe is the brains behind Eco Partners. With 25-plus years of teaching and professional environmental and conservation expertise, Elizabeth is a recognized environmental educator and communicator.


Gary Roe

Gary Roe has spent his career in public administration, communications, and marketing and provides day-to-day operational support for Eco Partners.


For more information, check out the about section of our website.
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