"I decided to commit my time and energy to this mission because I believe in yoga, mediation and mindful breathing as personal tools to cope in healthy ways with the stressors of life.  Bolstering the 'tool belts' for youth facing adversity is a service I want to support."
- Street Yoga Board Member
Dear friends,


Happy Holidays!  Our hearts are full as we think back on 2014 and what's coming up for Street Yoga next year. We have big plans to continue our mission of making the tools of yoga and mindfulness accessible to those who otherwise wouldn't have access to them.  We are thrilled to announce some of the exciting things we have in store for 2015:

  • We plan to grow our Seattle weekly Yoga for Youth program by 40%.  That's six additional weekly yoga classes in 2015 and 600+ more youth served
  • In March, we are holding our first ever "Level 2" training!  You have been asking, and we're proud to report that our maiden Advanced Yoga Service Training, led by Mark Lilly, will be held in Albuquerque, NM.  More cities and dates to follow
  • In May, we are offering our first Renew. Revive. Retreat. open to the public.  A day of rejuvenation for those who spend more time caring for others than for themselves

We hope that you are touched and inspired by Street Yoga's mission and work, and that you will consider making a contribution to helping us continue our efforts in 2015.  We have provided five levels of giving on the lower right hand side of this email so you can see the impact your gift can make.  Donations can be made online or by mail - your gift is tax-deductible.  


Our wish for you this season is for you to breathe in lightness, peace and hope, and that you exhale joy.

With gratitude,
Jessica, Stephanie and everyone at Street Yoga

Led by Street Yoga's Founder, Mark Lilly

The training will offer tools for participants to increase their emotional, cognitive and physical sense of well-being, mental clarity and resilience, so that they can help affect the increase of these same qualities in their clients.  

Training participants will gain:

  • Tools for on-the-ground application of yoga service
  • Understanding of how to build resilience for you and your clients
  • Insight into trauma in the context of yoga service
  • Tools for decreasing risk and mitigating affects of secondary trauma
  • Skills for developing a personal mindfulness portfolio
  • Best practices for client-led evaluation

Prerequisites: This training is for people active in yoga service.  It is intended for those who have successfully completed Street Yoga's  Trauma-Informed Yoga Training or who have been using yoga and mindfulness in their work with individuals facing adversity for more than one year.

Street Yoga defines "Yoga Service" as the use of yoga, breath and mindfulness practices to support the empowerment of underserved and vulnerable communities.

 "I teach for Street Yoga because I wanted to give back to my community.  I wanted to be able to provide a service that enhances a child's life and opens them to positive ways they can release and let go without feeling awkward and giving them a tool that they can use and develop."

- Street Yoga Volunteer Teacher


My greatest wish is for Street Yoga to help the yoga community become better acquainted with the needs of the people we presume to serve. In doing so, I hope that all teachers we touch will grow more fluent with empathy and compassion for their students.

you shall above all things be glad and young
For if you're young, whatever life you wear 
It will become you;and if your are glad 
whatever's living will yourself become. 
-e.e. cummings

Feel the air against your skin. Breathe the air deep into your belly until it fills like a fat Buddha readying to laugh. A fish is the last to know it is in water: know now that you are in beautiful air to breathe and feel.
Make space for a day of physical, emotional and mental nourishment--a day away to rest, gather tools for self-care, and reconnect with the passion you have for your work.  Leave inspired!  Learn more.


"Ultimately, it is because I believe in the core elements within the mission for Street Yoga: 

that is, to help youth learn, grow, heal, create, be safe and joyful. "

- Street Yoga Board President

Street Yoga is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that teaches, yoga, mindfulness, and compassionate communication to youth and families struggling with homelessness, poverty, abuse, addiction, trauma and behavioral challenges, so that they can grow stronger, heal from past traumas and create for themselves lives that are inspired, safe and joyful.  Learn more at www.streetyoga.org

What your gift can do
- $600 - 

Provides a yoga for youth class at one partner site for six months.  That's 22 classes for up to 20 youth per class.  


- $250 - 

Provides two partial scholarships for Street Yoga's Trauma-Informed Yoga Training.

- $108 - 
Provides one month of Care for Caregivers classes. This gift gives caregivers space to de-stress, find their center and heal from secondary trauma.

- $50 - 

Provides continuing education for 20 volunteer teachers. We offer workshops on trauma, science of addiction, and adapting postures for various populations. 


- $25 - 

Provides mats, mat cleaner and blocks for one partner site. Students can be hard on materials, we want to keep things fresh and functional.


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