"Invaluable training.  I knew you could utilize yoga 

and mindfulness in every day work and personal life, but I was surprised by just how easy it is to practice."

- Street Yoga Training Participant

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure I share with you about Street Yoga's Training Program!  In 2014 Street Yoga offered 17 Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth Trainings ("Core Trainings") in 13 cities across the country.  390 training participants learned skills for teaching yoga and mindfulness to young people facing adversity.  Learn more about what 2014 Training Participants had to say in our new blog post.

Street Yoga Core Trainings serve two purposes: 
  1. Preparing Seattle-based volunteers to teach at our program sites, and 
  2. Equipping yoga teachers and youth workers with skills, language, and techniques for incorporating yoga and mindfulness exercises into their work with young people who have histories of trauma and/or are facing difficult life circumstances.  
Keep reading to learn the impact our training program is having throughout the country.  As you read, please consider what you can give to support this important work.  We have created five giving levels to show how your gift helps further the mission and vision of Street Yoga.  There is also an option to write in your own gift amount.  Thank you for helping Street Yoga share the healing benefits of yoga with those who need it most!

With gratitude,
Jessica, Stephanie and everyone at Street Yoga

"I would never have had the confidence to serve my community in this way if it hadn't been for Street Yoga.  I partnered up with a social worker I met at the Street Yoga training and we co-teach a class to middle schoolers at her social services organization.  

Thank you for the work you do."

- Street Yoga Training Participant


I teach for Street Yoga because I strongly believe in our mission.  I love helping people figure out ways to make yoga more accessible in their communities.

My favorite part of a training is watching folks who don't view themselves as "yoga teachers" start to find their voice. Even more amazing is when I hear from people who have been in past trainings share with me what is going on in their classes or the programs they are creating, it is so rewarding and inspiring to feel the ripple effect of the tools we are sharing.

It's hard to choose just one ! So here's my top two 
  1. "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field, I'll meet you there." -Rumi
  2. "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe". -John Muir

"I am grateful for the thoughtful, concise nature of the training. I refer my social worker and yoga teacher peers to [Street Yoga], not only for trauma-informed yoga training, but for potent self care awareness when working within this sphere."

- Street Yoga Training Participant 

Street Yoga is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that teaches, yoga, mindfulness, and compassionate communication to youth and families struggling with homelessness, poverty, abuse, addiction, trauma and behavioral challenges, so that they can grow stronger, heal from past traumas and create for themselves lives that are inspired, safe and joyful.  Learn more at www.streetyoga.org
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What your gift can do
- $600 - 

Provides a yoga for youth class at one partner site for six months.  That's 22 classes for up to 20 youth per class.  


- $250 - 


Provides two scholarships for Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth Training participants.

- $108 - 
Provides one month of yoga for youth. This gift equips young people with tools for self-regulation, resilience, and wellness through yoga and mindfulness.
- $50 - 

Provides continuing education for 20 volunteer teachers. We offer workshops on trauma, science of addiction, and adapting postures for various populations. 


- $25 - 

Provides mats, mat cleaner and blocks for one partner site. Students can be hard on materials, we want to keep things fresh and functional.


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