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Torres Consulting and Law Group champions America's working families. TCLG strengthens political relationships, delivers effective communication strategies, builds stronger partnerships, and advances prevailing wage compliance for trade unions and their partners across the country. Our passion and unique expertise makes us a national leader for giving working families a voice. 


The AFL-CIO political training sessions are generating great discussions about effectively engaging in politics. The goal of these sessions - presented by Torres Consulting and Law Group - is to provide participants with a full view of best practices and common pitfalls of political action.  


We encourage you to attend our next two-hour session on Sept. 9, which focuses on preparing for political action. Then on Sept. 23, we tackle building political relevance.      


Each training session costs $99 per person. To register, contact Debby Jacobs at 602-626-8805 or


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Israel G. Torres

Managing Partner

Torres Consulting and Law Group, LLC

PAC Tune Up: Preparing for Political Action


When: Sept. 9


A broad overview of the steps necessary to form and operate a political action committee, with the focus on common mistakes in forming a PAC and techniques for maximizing influence.Questions addressed include:

  • Why does the Internal Revenue Service care if your PAC has the same EIN as your connected organization?
  • What is a QSLPO and why does it matter to the Federal Election Commission? 
  • Does the Secretary of State care if you registered with Arizona but spent money on the Phoenix city election?
PAC Tactics: Six Steps to Political Relevance 
When: Sept. 23

A beginner's guide to effective participation in an election, with particular attention to contribution limits, required disclaimers on election material, volunteer engagement and training, fundraising strategies, and legalities of independent expenditures. Questions addressed include: 

  • What can your union do to increase your PAC's influence?
  • What is coordination and when is it illegal?
  • Will the candidates you support take your calls after the election?

Campaign Finance: Major Stakes of Minor Mistakes    


When: Oct. 13


A nuts-and-bolts look at campaign finance laws and the steps your organization must take to avoid running afoul of state and federal laws. Questions addressed include:

  • Do you really have to report the name and address of every contributor?
  • What does the FEC mean when it says that I "may only solicit restricted class"?
  • When do I have to file a trigger report for an independent expenditure?