June 2015
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Torres Consulting and Law Group champions America's working families. TCLG strengthens political relationships, delivers effective communication strategies, builds stronger partnerships, and advances prevailing wage compliance for trade unions and their partners across the country. Our passion and unique expertise makes us a national leader for giving working families a voice. 

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Compliance Group to promote America's working-class families by ensuring that contractors comply with federal and state prevailing wage laws. With an innovative and comprehensive Prevailing Wage Compliance Initiative and a commitment to ensure a level playing field, we encourage strong and swift regulatory action, while protecting the interests of organized labor.     


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TCLG's Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Department understands how to navigate the complex system of local, state and federal prevailing wage regulations.

Jessica Fotinos


Our compliance team recently returned from the road, where we shared best practices for prevailing wage monitoring and tips for participating in wage surveys. Her team also met privately with key state building trades and U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) leadership to discuss wage-theft trends and other compliance issues.  


Earlier this month, our compliance team received special training from DOL investigators to ensure high-level service in our efforts to combat wage theft nationally.  


Also worth noting: Our team continues to pull in some big wins, uncovering cheaters. We need your help, though. Please share with us the issues you're facing with an email.  


Together, let's level the playing field! 





Israel G. Torres

Managing Partner

Torres Consulting and Law Group, LLC

More than $1 million recovered in back wages and benefits with TCLG's help  

Information uncovered by TCLG's Davis-Bacon compliance team triggered several investigations nationally by the the U.S. Department of Labor. Wins announced this year include fringe benefit payments for plumbers in Florida, back wages for electricians in Kansas and uncovering significant violations of the Davis-Bacon Act and Fair Labor Standards Act on a massive solar project in Arizona.

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Feds crack down on independent contractors; compliance efforts still needed  


Any effort to stop wage theft is always welcome. But don't let the recent effort by the U.S. Department of Labor keep you from an aggressive Davis-Bacon compliance plan. It's the only way to make sure work is properly being paid for the work completed.

TCLG brings together trades and DOL        


The compliance team planned a special meeting addressing best practices for successfully filing prevailing wage complaints during a recent visit to Oklahoma.

The meeting brought together two district directors from the U.S. Department of Labor and key leadership from the Oklahoma Building and Construction Trades Council.

TCLG's conformance challenge helps Okla. workers receive three times more pay        

TCLG's efforts led the U.S. Department of Labor to overturn a conformance on an Oklahoma construction project. The challenge showcases the benefits of an aggressive prevailing wage compliance monitoring program.

As a result, workers will be paid the proper electrician rate of $27.15 per hour plus benefits. That's three times higher than the pipelayer rate in the conformance.

New website helps locate lost wages

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor launched a website portal to help workers recover back wages collected by the Wage and Hour Division.  


TCLG encourages clients to check out the site.


TCLG eyes cheating contractors nationwide 

TCLG aggressively monitors prevailing wage compliance on municipal, state and federal construction contracts
across the country. Contact us for more information on how TCLG can help the members of your local or contractor association.