October 2014
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Torres Consulting and Law Group champions America's working families. TCLG strengthens political relationships, delivers effective communication strategies, builds stronger partnerships, and advances prevailing wage compliance for trade unions and their partners across the country. Our passion and unique expertise makes us a national leader for giving working families a voice. 

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It is the mission of the Compliance Group to promote America's working-class families by ensuring that contractors comply with federal and state prevailing wage laws. With an innovative and comprehensive Prevailing Wage Compliance Initiative and a commitment to ensure a level playing field, we encourage strong and swift regulatory action, while protecting the interests of organized labor.     


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Staying in the know is essential for doing business. That's why we're proud to introduce a newsletter focused on prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon Act compliance news and trends.


Our team will be providing quarterly updates, highlighting compliance issues that could affect your construction contracts. We're interested to know what you think. Please send us an email with feedback.


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Thwarting wage theft: Florida workers recover $293,000   

When workers don't get paid a fair wage, it's akin to wage theft. That's why Torres Consulting and Law Group keeps an eye on contractors to ensure work is properly classified and people get paid for the jobs completed.

TCLG's recent watchdog efforts paid off big, as it helped 42 workers recover more than $293,000 in wages and benefits. The payout came after TCLG advocated on behalf of the Florida Pipe Trades that pipefitter work had been inappropriately classified on a public works project covered under the Davis-Bacon Act. In the end, the U.S. Department of Labor found a Florida-based contractor misclassified and underpaid for work performed on a project at the Kennedy Space Center.

TCLG helps Colorado workers recover nearly $50,000   

Torres Consulting and Law Group's Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Department helped recover nearly $50,000 in wages and benefits from two contractors working on projects in Denver.

TCLG's team uncovered an improper mix of journeymen to apprentices on a public housing project in Denver, resulting in more than $42,000 to nine electricians.

It also discovered a Colorado company misclassifying workers performing glasswork on a federal office building. Learn more about the DOL's position on glaziers.

California contractor registration program expected to provide a boost to prevailing wage compliance

Contractors and subcontractors bidding on public works projects in California must register with the state Department of Industrial Relations by March 1, 2015.

The online registration process requires contractors to:
  • Provide workers' compensation coverage to employees;
  • Hold a valid Contractors State License Board license if required for their trade;
  • Have no delinquent unpaid wage or penalty assessments;
  • Not be subject to federal or state debarment;
  • Have no prior violation of the registration requirement once it becomes effective.

"The new system levels the playing field for the public works community," said state Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su. "We want California taxpayers to know that we are committed to ensuring only responsible and qualified contractors are competing for public works contracts."  


Learn more about the California public works program. 

White House order puts cheating contractors on notice           


The Fair Pay and Safe Work Places Executive Order signed earlier this year by President Obama will require prospective federal contractors to disclose labor law violations and will give agencies more guidance on how to consider labor violations
when awarding federal contracts, including those governed by the Davis-Bacon Act.

"Contractors who invest in their workers' safety and maintain a fair and equitable workplace shouldn't have to compete with contractors who offer low-ball bids - based on savings from skirting the law - and then ultimately deliver poorer performance to taxpayers," the White House said in a statement.

 Get the facts on how this may affect you and your competition.  


NM workers win more than $25,000 in back wages

The TCLG compliance team helped recover more than $25,000 in back wages and benefits owed New Mexico workers who were paid as laborers when they were performing the work of plumbers.


Read more about the state's decision.


TCLG eyes cheating contractors nationwide 

TCLG aggressively monitors prevailing wage compliance on municipal, state and federal construction contracts
across the country. Contact us for more information on how TCLG can help the members of your local or contractor association.


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