January 2014

Torres Consulting and Law Group champions America's working families. TCLG strengthens political relationships, delivers effective communication strategies, builds stronger partnerships, and advances prevailing wage compliance for trade unions and their partners across the country. Our passion and unique expertise makes us a national leader for giving the middle class a voice.

2013 Highlights



 Building Trades Legislative Conference


Southern California Pipe Trades

District Council 16 Holiday Party



League of Arizona

Cities and Towns



District Council of Iron Workers



Building Arizona 2013 Tour 


Tucson City Council

Inauguration 2013


  469 Retiree Lunch



Our Team 



White Elephant Gift Exchange



Fourth of July Picnic


   Thanksgiving Lunch  



Celebrating the Holidays



Already 2014 has taken off at warp speed. We've come in focused and strategic.


We're monitoring legislation at the state and national level, watching out for the interests of our trades and working families. We're also tracking key construction projects that could create thousands of jobs, working with federal agencies to ensure contractors play by the rules, and developing effective communications campaigns to help our clients meet individual goals. We're busy working for you.


We're optimistic that this year we'll achieve many successes. Our team at Torres Consulting and Law Group cares and wants to make a difference.


We're proud of our work. Let's make 2014 a fantastic year. 





Israel G. Torres

Managing Partner

Torres Consulting and Law Group, LLC

TCLG sets up office in California

We're now in Irvine to better serve our California clients.


Matt Menning, assistant director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, oversees the new location at 8001 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 462, Irvine, CA 92618. The local telephone number is (949) 556-3670.


The office puts TGLC staff at the forefront of contracting issues affecting clients in California, as well as adds convenience for clients seeking personal consultations.


Beyond price: Best-value bidding on jobs   

Taxpayers deserve to get the best value for their money when a municipality funds a public works project. Price alone shouldn't be the only consideration. If a project affects the life and safety of residents - such as with high-pressure piping, electrical systems, fire dampers or load-bearing structures - shouldn't worker skills and quality be considered?   


TCLG's Government Relations Group works with lawmakers at all levels of government to implement best-value bidding criteria on public works projects. Best-value bidding offers decision makers additional information about the contractors and subcontractors being considered to build out our cities. Among the considerations are reputable training programs, worker pay, health-care benefits and retirement plans, which are essential to developing high-skilled, quality workers who can get construction jobs done right the first time.



AZ contractor agrees to three-year ban on some federal work                           


An Arizona contractor consented to a three-year ban on bidding on certain types of federal contracts after a recent finding by the U.S. Department of Labor that showed a number of federal contracting laws were violated. The contractor had to pay more than $145,000 in back wages, fringe benefits and liquidated damages owed workers building the federal courthouse in Yuma, Ariz.


The actions follow a lengthy investigation into prevailing wage and fair labor practices by AWY Holdings, Inc., which does business as Chandler-based Tempe Mechanical, according to documents from the Department of Labor.


TCLG's Compliance and Regulatory Affairs team investigates claims of prevailing wage violations. 


Learn more about the Arizona investigation.

Public Relations: Generating good news 

Generating good press isn't easy. So we're proud to announce several positive media placements in 2013 that showcase the importance of the trades in  our community and in building Arizona. Workforce development proved an important story several times in The Arizona Republic, Arizona Capitol Times, Phoenix Business Journal and Navajo Times.
Community news, such as efforts to teach Girl Scouts about the pipe trades, also got attention. TCLG made the news a few times, too.

Read more about our media coverage.

Law client's referral effort proves successful


Torres Law Group client Protect Your Right to Vote Committee recently led the first successful effort to refer a bill enacted by the state Legislature to the voters since 1994.


House Bill 2305 would have required a string of restrictions on the initiative process, grassroots advocacy, and ballot access for Libertarians and other third-party candidates. Secretary of State Bennett confirmed that the Committee gathered just under 111,000 valid signatures - far eclipsing the necessary 86,405 to qualify - and that the Committee's validity rate was an astounding 80 percent. 


PAC training: Building a voice to make a difference in our communities             


TCLG continues developing programs aimed at enriching the lives of working families by amplifying their voice in the political arena. Training is key.


TCLG developed a multicourse curriculum based on its work with UA Local 469 and other Arizona trade unions to improve the effectiveness of political action committees formed by unions.


Learn more about course topics by clicking here.


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