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Celebrating Child-led LearningVol. V, issue 3
June, 2014   
My students have performed their plays, self-published their essays, played and demonstrated their games, and are finally ready for summer.  Children are leaving for travel and camp experiences, and I am looking forward to the AERO Conference in June, and in July and August to master classes with: Lynda Barry in writing, Aretha Sills in theater games, and Carol Sills in Story Theater.  The joy of life is found in learning something new and in deepening our understanding.  Wishing you all many happy summer adventures!
Homeschool Myth-Busting
Four Myths About Homeschooling
AERO Conference 2014
Summercamp and Travel Tips
Brain Drain Myth
Berry Picking in Summer
Quote by Maya Angelou
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Four Myths About Homeschooling

After decades of seeing homeschooling updated in the news and watching the NYC homeschooling community mushroom (or should I say explode), misconceptions persist, and in some cases a stigma remains.  Homeschooling parents still get the "S" or "Socialization" question, from folks who assume that schooled children are socially adept while homeschoolers are comparatively clueless, and grandparents who learn that their grandkids are now being homeschooled still jump to the conclusion that this means they will never attend college or university.  Sometimes I feel that my real job is myth-busting, and explaining the common sense truth of the situation. 

The creator of ChildThingz and MomThingz asked me to write an article explaining homeschooling, so I took this opportunity to dispel four major myths: Is the parent qualified?  Are the children socialized?  Is it costly?  Will they be able to get into college?   ...READ MORE...

This is the place where myths are busted into smithereens and new revolutionary ideas take hold!  Up-and-coming 16-year-old homeschooling comedian, Lucien Formichella, will open Thursday's event with his routine confronting stereotypes of schooled and homeschooled kids.  He is followed by keynote speaker Lenore Skenazy, author of Free-Range Kids who will regale us with her entertaining approach as she takes on myths about parenting.  Other keynote speakers include Ron Miller, well-known author and pioneer in holistic education; AERO's spirited founder Jerry Mintz; and ZoŽ Neill Readhead,  daughter of A. S. Neill and current principal of Summerhill.   

In addition to a SPECIAL REGISTRATION DISCOUNT to homechoolers, homeschooled teens are invited to hear Lucien's stand-up routine for FREE.  If you're interested, contact Jerry Mintz for more information.  

Come for the opening event, and stay for the rest of the weekend.  Browse the amazing list of workshops, including an introduction to a wide range of Montessori materials, and several workshops on homeschool resource centers. My workshop, Child-led Learning Techniques in the Classroom, is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 3:30.  I hope to see you there! 


Summercamp and Travel Tips

Brain Drain Warning 

Every year this myth pops up again.  Articles and news reports start appearing in June, at the end of the school year, alerting parents about "brain drain." Apparently, this is an affliction that happens to children during their summer vacations from school. When they return in the fall they are two months "behind" in their math and language arts skills. The many tips to avoid summer brain drain sound an awful lot like a year-round homeschooling routine.  ...READ MORE...

After reading this article which contains a list of Things You Really Need to Learn, read about the SEVEN PRIORITIES in Educating for Human Greatness.

Solomon picking berries
Summer is for Berry Picking

In this high-tech era it is more important than ever to introduce the concept of earth-to-table. Children who grow up in urban environments and only shop at supermarkets tend to think that... READ MORE ...

Quote by Maya Angelou

"There is a world of difference between truth and facts.  Facts can obscure the truth."


~Maya Angelou (1928-2014), African-American author, poet, dancer, actor, singer, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 


    Education Uncensored

book cover
Here's what people are saying about Laurie's book:

"You made me laugh, you made me cry, and you inspired me. I can literally hear your voice, and love your storytelling and your wisdom and just the whole package. I'm stimulated and filled with ideas for my own teaching."  

~ Dr. Bonnie Shulman, professor of mathematics, Bates College   


"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated meeting you and reading your book. It is terrific, and for me, the best part was its New York perspective. I know no other book available to homeschoolers that so overtly references an urban perspective."  
~ David Albert, author of And the Skylark Sings with Me and other books 
"Laurie's evolution as a teacher and life-long involvement in the world of education has given her a profound understanding of the problems that plague today's schools. This book offers an insightful look at how an increasingly standardized system is robbing our children of their individuality and passion for learning. Additionally, it provides innovative how-to curriculums for anyone involved or interested in educating children."  
~ Ellen Labiner, homeschooling parent and special educator
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