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Celebrating Child-led LearningVol. V, issue 2
February, 2014   
After this long winter it's time to celebrate spring.  Children need to get out of doors.  Learning happens more naturally and holistically in a natural setting.  It is as if the birds and flowers are already playing freely, beckoning children to join in the fun.  This is the time to take your lessons outside, read to each other on a park bench, climb a tree, bring a sketch pad or camera, explore a new playground, hike a new trail, and frolic in the sunshine!  
Spring Literature for Kids
Nurturing a Child's Love of Reading
Seven Activities to Develop Comprehension Skills
Ten Book-Related Activities
Books That Celebrate Spring
Activities for Spring
Quote by Stickland Gillian
AERO Conference 2014
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Nurturing a Child's Love of Reading


When I was a child, reading gave me the chance to escape an unhappy reality. It was not a passive activity. It was astonishingly active. I may have been lying down or sitting, but I was in another place. My imagination was activated, and I felt as if I were living in a garret in London, or skulking through the walls of the Chateau d'If, or attending a young mother-to-be in confinement in rural 1800's Russia. As I grew older I realized ... READ MORE ...   


Seven Activities Than Develop Reading Comprehension Skills

Ten Book-Related Activities For Any Age


Go birdwatching, stroll through a beautiful garden, and hike a trail.   
Bring along water, a picnic, and a book 
for those moments when you want to rest by the view.

Family Hiking Trails Near NYC

Quote by Strickland Gillian

"Richer than I you can never be--

I had a Mother who read to me."


~Strickland Gillian (1869-1954), American poet and humorist. 


 AERO celebrates its 25th year on June 26-29, at the LIU/Post Campus on Long Island near NYC. There will be keynote speeches from ZoŽ Neill Readhead (daughter of A. S. Neill and current Principal of Summerhill), Lenore Skenazy (author of Free-Range Kids and labeled "America's Worst Mom"), and AERO's founder Jerry Mintz, as well as more than fifty workshops taught by participants in the education revolution.  AERO stands for Alternative Education Resource Organization, but I have heard them called, aptly, the Alternative Education Revolution Organization.

I will present a workshop on Saturday June 28th called Education Uncensored: Child-led Learning Techniques in the Classroom.  Is it possible for students to experience self-discovery, perhaps even a personal awakening, as they learn about the world? The answer is a resounding YES!  I will share techniques, which I developed as a parent and teacher of homeschoolers, including practical approaches to child-led, self-directed learning, for individuals and in group situations of all ages, where there is often a curriculum focus.


    Education Uncensored

book cover
Here's what people are saying about Laurie's book:

"You made me laugh, you made me cry, and you inspired me. I can literally hear your voice, and love your storytelling and your wisdom and just the whole package. I'm stimulated and filled with ideas for my own teaching."  

~ Dr. Bonnie Shulman, professor of mathematics, Bates College   


"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated meeting you and reading your book. It is terrific, and for me, the best part was its New York perspective. I know no other book available to homeschoolers that so overtly references an urban perspective."  
~ David Albert, author of And the Skylark Sings with Me and other books 
"Laurie's evolution as a teacher and life-long involvement in the world of education has given her a profound understanding of the problems that plague today's schools. This book offers an insightful look at how an increasingly standardized system is robbing our children of their individuality and passion for learning. Additionally, it provides innovative how-to curriculums for anyone involved or interested in educating children."  
~ Ellen Labiner, homeschooling parent and special educator
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