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Celebrating Child-led LearningVol. IV, issue 1 
March, 2013   
During a long winter we tend to spend too much time indoors. While we may yearn for warm weather and open spaces, this is a valuable time to reflect, listen, and create.  The sound of falling snow is a rare and precious silence that fills the air and hovers around us. Everything dark is layered in pristine white: a glowing world of contrast.  Winter offers us a chance to see the world in a new way.

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Five Games That Develop Listening Skills
Sound Poems
Musical Field Trips
Make a Musical Instrument
Quote by Alice Miller
AERO Conference 2013~ What Works!

Five Games That Develop Listening Skills

Is there any more important skill than listening well? It is the key to communication with our children and students. It is the key to being understood, and to learning and understanding. Before I can teach, before I can speak, if I am to be heard, I must listen first.  CLICK HERE for five fun games that will develop your listening skills!


Sound Poems and Books for Children

Keyboard moving
Field Trips for Music and Sound

 Find out where to go to increase your listening skills, train your ears, and appreciate the world of sound around us. 

  homemade instrument 2 Make a Musical Instrument

Using objects that you probably have lying around your house you can make several percussion instruments that will teach the principles of sound and rhythm, and help to develop listening skills.  Perhaps a bit noisy, but definitely loads of fun!   CLICK HERE for instructions and photos.

Quote by Alice Miller 

"Learning is a result of listening, which in turn leads to even better listening and attentiveness to the other person. In other words, to learn from the child, we must have empathy, and empathy grows as we learn."

~Alice Miller  (1923-2010), child psychologist and author


AERO Conference 2013 near NYC 
AERO banner 2013  
This is the first major conference on alternative education to take place near New York City!  AERO's theme this year is "What Works!"  Keynote speakers include: Alfie Kohn (widely respected author on human behavior, parenting and education), Peter Gray (author of the popular column The Freedom to Learn in Psychology Today), and the founder and teens of North Star, an ideal model of a homeschool learning center in western Massachusetts. 
AERO Conferences offer a glimpse of the future with their many inspiring speakers, cutting-edge films, and hands-on workshops.  Last year's conference the keynote speaker was Sir Ken Robinson (you can watch a portion of his speech here).  AERO has become the place where educators seeking alternatives meet, to connect, search for answers, and share information. This year there will be more speakers on homeschooling than ever before. Workshops and speakers include Pat Montgomery (founder of Clonlara Home Based Education Program), Peter Bergson (founder of the pioneering homeschool center in PA, Open Connections), a panel of homeschool resource people from the NYC area, as well as my own presentation on the personalization of education.  I hope to see you there! Click here for more information.



Education Uncensored


book coverLaurie Spigel is a leading educator in the New York City homeschooling community, teaching popular group classes and inspiring parents to create their own curriculum.  Her approach is informal, creative, and child-led.  Here she shares her innovative ideas and original techniques for every subject.  She explains why our current educational system has it all backwards and shows how exciting learning can truly be.  A real source of inspiration as well as a practical guide, this is an eye-opening book for every parent and teacher.

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