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Antonia Glosby

Antonia at the 2012 WWf(a)C Anniversary Gala 

Antonia wrote about her world with appreciative wonder. Once she wrote about the moonflowers she planted in her garden. She was astonished at how the white flowers were big, beautiful and fragrant at night, in the moonlight. I felt like I was right there with her, amazed by the magic of those flowers. So precious...


~Nancy Turner   

I was going to write a poem about her, but, according to her, she didn't really "get" poetry.

That was usually her opening statement in small group when I read poetry...but then she would give insightful feedback.  She got it.  She just didn't know she did.

She looked like the sweetest woman in the circle, and although she was indeed so kind, she was nobody's fool.  And she didn't suffer fools, either.  She was honest and bold and funny.  I never knew if her slow speech was a comic timing thing or a breathing issue, but I do know that we leaned in to hear what she would say next and she always delivered.

I hope Antonia knew how loved she was at Women Writing.  Because she surely was.


 ~Teri Foltz    

Antonia- such a trooper! Carrying all her life-support gear with a smile on her face always... I loved to hear her read... her stories sometimes were humorous, sometimes matter of  fact,  but they often would throw me for a loop and I would smile and laugh as she told stories about her son and her life.   


She was a real pleasure to be around, and to be a witness to the truths about her life.  I loved her voice when she moderated for the podcasts too. She had such a presence.  She was such a special part of our community, always wanting to give and share so much of herself. I will miss her.


~Kaya Kotzen 

The first time I had the   

  honor of meeting  


was at a class reading.

She was funny, warm and   

   filled with life.

Her smile...well what can  

   you say, it shined.

She grew to mean a lot to  


Whenever we had an event

    she was offered a free   

    seat in the house.

Just having her energy  

    made the room

warm and welcoming.

Today the sun was peeking      in and out

as I lay under a canopy of  

    spring leaves

a soft breeze moving them      gently

as I whispered goodbye.


~Bev Bowers

Allowing others to share what she loved
Memorial Scholarship Gifts Made in honor of the life of Antonia Glosby

Jan Anderson
Phebe Beiser
Mary Pierce Brosmer
Cathryn Mai Cook
Linda Docter
Teri Foltz
Diane Germaine
Claudia Kasvin
Annette Lackner
Sandy Lingo
Ashley Lukens
Darlene Radcliffe
Jennifer Sauers
Sally Schneider
Lynn Schoener
Heather Snyder
Tuesday Core Class 2014
Linda Trebbi
Annette Wick
Women's Way
Mary Wood-Constable

To date, four students have received scholarships as a benefit of this generosity in memory of Antonia!

In Memory of Antonia

This summer, the Women Writing for (a) Change community lost beloved, long-time community member Antonia Glosby, who passed away June 9, 2014.  Several writers have shared their thoughts, poems and essays about this wonderful woman and writer.  Additionally, many contributed toward scholarships in her name so that others could enjoy what Antonia loved so much.

Antonia will truly be missed.  Her wonderful spirit, her smile, voice and stories will stay with us always.

Thanks to Sandy Lingo for envisioning this memorial newsletter and compiling the remembrances included here. 
Remembering Antonia Glosby
by Kathy Wade 
Antonia first came to WWf(a)C on a Saturday afternoon - probably in 2000 - drawn in by a flyer she'd seen advertising one of our Saturday workshops. She hadn't registered ahead of time and she was about 45 minutes late for the workshop. The facilitator suggested she might come back another time, since we'd already started, but Antonia had gone to some trouble to get there, and she wasn't taking no for an answer. One of the writers attending - I think it was Marian Jackson - offered to bring Antonia up to date while the rest of the group took a scheduled ten-minute break. Antonia's persistence paid off... 
Antonia with...

Antonia with... 
Photos submitted by Kathy Wade

Beautiful Storyteller

~Darlene Radcliffe 


I was part of Antonia's "small group" circle of sisters - twice

Twice blessed.

It was like winning the golden ticket,

Every Tuesday morning.


She was a beautiful storyteller

Sharing stories of her childhood, cat, and love of  

   on-line scrabble

Honest stories told in a voice with a magical rhythm

   and tone

Never have I laughed and cried so hard at the same time.


Mesmerized by her ability to write and her ability to listen

She listened with her whole body - eyes focused, 

shoulders bent forward ever so slightly

A precious gift to the reader lucky enough to share their   

   words with her.


She kept every greeting card anyone ever sent her

I wish I would have sent her more

For to become part of her collection was an honor

I will never forget.
She Wrote to Teach Others, but Also to Learn
by Sandy Lingo

Against all reason, I thought Antonia would always be with us. This is an example of how we take blessings for granted until they're gone, but it's something more. It's a testament to how Antonia lived her life. Despite her physical ailments and limitations, she lived life fully. She carried more into Women Writing for (a) Change than any of us did: the gadget that hung from her neck and somehow attached to her body that kept her heart pumping; a replacement battery pack; her tote bag of writing; and her newest writing accoutrement, a lap desk she found at the Salvation Army...

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Pausing to Get It Right

In Memoriam

by Annette Januzzi Wick

By the time Antonia Glosby joined the Podcast Circle of WWf(a)C, the group had been infiltrated by Tuesday morning writers. Jenny Stanton was part of the original circle that transitioned from our Radio Show to Podcasting. We were joined by Phebe Beiser, with a promise of chocolate at every gathering. Had we let this information leak out, I suspect our circle would have widened beyond. We also added Charlene Taylor Bales, Carol Stewart and Toni Lackner to the mix.


Little did we know that it was not the technology that produced the wonder called Women Writing for (a) Change - The Podcast Edition. The makeup of our circle became essential to its success not only on iTunes, but in creating a transformative, positive experience for the writer, wishing to publish in a non-conventional manner.
Apple Cake
Antonia Glosby's Famous Recipe

If you ever had the chance to be in a class with Antonia, chances are you have tasted her delicious Apple Cake, which she made fresh to share with members of the group.  This is the recipe:

Apple Cake

2 c whole-wheat flour

� c toasted wheat germ

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp each cinnamon and salt

� tsp nutmeg

4 c diced peeled tart cooking apples (4 large)

1 c granulated sugar

1 c packed dark brown sugar

1/2 c oil 1 to 1 1/2 c walnuts (recipe calls for chopped walnuts, I don't)  

2 eggs, well beaten

1 tsp vanilla


Sift together flour, wheat germ, soda, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg; set aside. In large bowl combine apples, sugars, oil, walnuts, eggs, and vanilla. Add flour mixture; stir gently with a wooden spoon to blend well. Turn into a greased 13x9x2 baking pan. Bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees for 50 minutes until cake pulls away from sides of pan. Cool in pan on rack. Cut in 12 bars (I cut a bit smaller).   

Printable Recipe 

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