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November 1st, 2014

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Hoodoo Apprenticeship 2015
Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2015
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Featured Article
Visit the LMC Radio Network

The LMC Radio Network is a community radio alliance of metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational, and political-justice broadcasters spanning a wide range of topics. At the present time, the LMC Radio Network has SIX weekly shows in the line-up, with more on the way:

The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour with catherine yronwode and ConjureMan Ali.

Featuring panel discussions on traditional African American hoodoo spell-casting  with members of AIRR, plus free readings and magical rootwork advice for our call-in clients -- this is the longest-running conjure show on radio!

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Pacific / 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Eastern

Candelo's Corner with Candelo Kimbisa and Ancestor Healing.

The voice of authentic Cuban Palo and Dominican Sanse in the United States, with special guests representing the entire range of African Traditional and Diasporic Traditional Religions, telling it true from the ancestors to you!

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern

The Crystal Silence League Hour with Rev. Jon Saint Germain.

Spiritual guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls  in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and  telepathic contact with people and spirits.

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern

In The Streets with Beverley Smith

Front page reports on the ongoing struggle for racial, social, and  gender justice in America and the world, brought to you straight from  the heart by an empowered and impassioned activist-priestess of ruthless  compassion and insight.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern

Liquid Libations with Andrea Weston.

Where poetry, short stories, and the spoken word come alive: Listen to  the voices of our ancestors and companions, from the four corners of the  world, uplifting, spiritual, heartbreaking, righteous, and complex --  they are speaking to you.

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM Eastern

The Now You Know Show with Professor Charles Porterfield.

From deep in the heart of Texas comes your weekly schooling in  down-home conjure, laced with country wit and Biblical wisdom. The old  Professor is a natural man with a silver tongue who knows his roots and  delivers the lucky numbers!

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM Eastern

Featured Article
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Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Homework Party

November 7th, 2014:

More than 1,900 people have enrolled in
cat yronwode's
Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course
-- and to graduate, they must turn in
8 pieces of homework. Every month we hold a work-party at which we look over incoming homework. All are welcome, whether students or not! We meet at 5:00 PM at the shop, and PIZZA IS FREE. See how hoodooers do their thing!   
November's Homework Party is Friday the 7th.

December's Homework Party is Friday the 12th.

January's Homework
Party is Friday the 9th. 
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Who Ya Gonna Call for Hoodoo? 


Hoodoo Psychics is the only Live Psychic Reading Line operated by the ethical and authentic conjure doctors and spiritual root workers of AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers
and Rootworkers!

You can connect with a live hoodoo rootworker for $3.99 per minute through the 
Hoodoo Psychics
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For updates and more information, go to the Hoodoo Psychics 
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As cold weather descends, the LMC Radio Network keeps picking up steam. This month a new show joins the network -- The Crystal Silence League Radio Hour with The Voice of the Crystal Silence League Jon Saint Germain. 

Meanwhile, plans for the 2015 Hoodoo Heritage Festival are being put into place and the big picture is starting to take shape. Tickets will be available in January, as usual. Stay tuned for more information to be released soon. 


May 11th thorugh 15th, 2015 


The week leading up to the Hoodoo Heritage Festival will be the Week One Apprenticeship week! This is a chance for any graduates of the Hoodoo Correspondence Course to come and get real hands-on training right here at Lucky Mojo under the direction of catherine yronwode and LMCCo Shop Manager Heidi Simpson!




The Apprenticeship Program consists of nine lecture classes of 3 - 4 hours each, plus nine hands-on training sessions of 3 - 5 hours each, organized into three one-week training sessions.
Week One: Herbs, Candles, Special Waters
Week Two: Oils, Incense, Mojo Hands
Week Three: Baths, Sachets, Jack Balls
Apprentices need not take the three weeks of sessions in order. The Apprenticeship Program is open to all graduates of catherine yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course.
Upcoming Apprenticeship Week
May 11th - May 15th, 2015 - Week One Apprenticeship:
Monday: Herb Lecture, Identifying and Harvesting Herbs
Tuesday: Harvesting, Dehydrating, and Packing Herbs
Wednesday: Candle Lecture, Dressing Candles
Thursday: Labeling, Dressing, and Fixing Candles
Friday: Special Waters Lecture, Marking Special Waters
During the week there will also be opportunities to mingle, hang out, and share meals with the Lucky Mojo staff. More details on these events as the Apprenticeship gets closer. 
There is NO COST for Apprenticeship training because it is conducted strictly on the basis of labor-for-labor trade. Over the course of a five day Apprenticeship Week, apprentices receive about 20 hours of lectures and hands-on training and in turn they perform about 20 hours of work for the shop. If you cannot sit or stand for a 40 hour work week, you should NOT attempt to attend this apprenticeship. 
To join in the Apprenticeship Program you must be a Graduate in good standing of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. Any Graduate may take the Apprenticeship training, but it is especially recommended for those who wish to go on to work for clients or who wants to start their own occult shop and would like to know what the work is actually like. Course students who have not yet graduated are eligible for Apprenticeship training ONLY if they bring all of their homework with them the day before the Apprenticeship starts and if catherine passes it.

Apprentices are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, to provide their own room and board, and to attend all 40 hours of studying, learning, and making spiritual supplies.
Upon finishing all three weeks of the Apprenticeship over the course of three one-week sessions, a certificate is issued at no cost, signifying that the training was completed.
Space in the Apprenticeship Program is limited, so if you want to attend the May 2015 Apprenticeship, Week One, email Heidi NOW at or telephone the shop at 707-887-1521 - Sunday through Thursday, 9 to 5 PST.



May 16th and 17th 2015 



Plans are in motion for the Hoodoo Heritage Festival in 2015 hosted by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. We held our first planning meeting on October 21st, and a group of church deacons, Lucky Mojo staff members, and HHF Volunteers Michael Bautista and Tiffany Bleiler began putting together logistics, presenter line-ups, food service, and even planning the contents of the goody bags distributed to participants, and more! Once again you will be able to purchase a full weekend pass or a pass for just Saturday or just Sunday. There are going to be some new books released for the festival and in upcoming newsletters we will have lots of fun and information to share.


Expand Your Library: Every year YIPPIE (the Yronwode Institution for the Preservation and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology) holds a fund-raiser book sale at the Hoodoo Heritage Festival where you can pick up very reasonably priced used books, pamphlets, CDs, and DVDs on occultism, divination, magic, religion, philosophy, and spirituality. Once again we are sending out a call for donations of books to support this institution. You can mail books to YIPPIE in c/o Lucky Mojo, drop them off in the YIPPIE office next door to the Lucky Mojo shop, or bring them by the weekend of the Hoodoo Heritage Festival and plop them down on the YIPPIE Book Sale tables.

New This Year: For the first time, we are also planning a Crystal Silence League table where you can pick up information on the origins of the Crystal Silence League and ways for you to get involved, as well as purchase books and crystals. 



Right now finalization on who will be presenting is being worked out, so keep checking in to find out more. Presenters who are lined up for sure at this time include catherine yronwode on "Name Papers, Petition Papers, and Prayer Papers," Professor Charles Porterfield with his new book on "Playing Cards for Reading and Rootwork," Candelo Kimbisa and Robert Lucas on "Conjure Strategies for Spiritual Protection," and Michael Bautista on "Sachet Powders and Mineral Dusts in the Hoodoo Tradition." Of course, we will share more details on these presenters and more scheduled workshops as soon as they are available. If you aren't already friends with MISC on Facebook, make sure that you "Like" us so you can see the updates as they are released.


See you in May!



The LMC Radio Network was launched just one month ago, and already another new show will be joining our line-up! The network is expanding and before you know it, we will be bringing you new content every day of the week.

Starting This Month!

NOVEMBER 25, 2014 marks the debut of the Crystal Silence League Radio Hour with The Voice of the Crystal Silence League, Jon Saint Germain! See full details under TUESDAY below!

Now you can listen to LMC Radio Network content whenever you want. Not only can you tune in live by desktop, laptop, smartphone, or land-line, but all shows are in the BTR archives as well, where they can be downloaded 24/7 for your convenience. Here is the current program schedule:

Lucky-Mojo Hoodoo-Rootwork-Hour-on-LMC-Radio-NetworkLucky-Mojo-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Hour-on-LMC-Radio-Network 

  •  SUNDAY with catherine yronwode and ConjureMan Ali.
    This is the longest running radio show on the topics of hoodoo and conjure. Plus, each week features an informative panel discussion with the hosts and different members of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers. There are also free readings offered every week! Listen live on BlogTalk Radio or on podcast via iTunes. The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour airs every Sunday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Pacific / 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Eastern.


    African Traditional Religions (ATRs) and Diasporic Traditional Religions (DTRs) such as Palo Mayombe, Dominican Sanse, and Kimbisa are the topic on Candelo's Corner, with your hosts Candelo Kimbisa and Tata Saulembo (Rob Lucas). Each week they feature information on Afro-Caribbean spiritual practices, welcome callers, and offer readings, advice, ritual music, and interviews with priests and practitioners. Listen live on BlogTalk Radio or on podcast via itunes. Candelo's Corner airs on Monday nights.
    5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern.

  • NEW SHOW! "The Crystal Silence League Hour" Starting NOVEMBER 25th, 2014, Jon Saint Germain will teach you all about crystal balls, crystal points, and the magic inherent in natural stones and minerals. The CSL Hour will also bring you practioner interviews, listener call-ins, and live broadcasts from a variety of locations. Learn how to connect with the CSL online free Prayer Service so that you can both give and receive prayers with other CSL members. Jon Saint Germain offers his show with an old time radio vibe, just like you would find from the works of Claude Alexander Conlin, plus all the mdern fun of a live chat-room running on a sub-sound level and a java-script propelled online prayer line that is open 24/7. Keep that date -- November 25, 2014 -- in your calendar. You won't want to miss it! The Crystal Silence League Hour airs on Tuesday nights. 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern.


    In the Streets with Beverley Smith" is your source for news on social justice issues impacting our communities. Beverley brings you up-to-the-minute reports on police abuse and brutality, minority rights, women's reproductive freedom, voting rights, immigrant rights, the school-to-prison pipeline, worker's rights, and issues of gender equality. In the Streets airs every Tuesday. 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern. 

    Liquid Libations is Wednesday night's coolest time on the LMC Radio Network. Your host Andrea Weston is a gifted poet and actress who bring the beauty of the spoken word to your waiting ears, with a live-mike segment that features call-in poets from all over America. This show airs on Wednesday evenings. 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM Eastern.

    The Now You Know Show with Professor Charles Porterfield is a break-out hit! Our host's sonorous voice is joined by a cavalcade of zany characters who join in to combat, contest, uphold, and scold the Old Perfessor! Learn the best days to harvest or plant, follow the Adventures of Doctor Animal-Name, listen for the Word of the Ĉon ("Utilitarian!"), sing along with the Hoodoo Hit Parade, suss out the Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery, pull up a chair in the Conjure Kitchen, and get first crack at this week's lucky numbers! There is not another show like The Now You Know Show anywhere, on ANY topic -- and you're in luck -- this show is not only unique, it's all about HOODOO! You could not ask for more, so listen live on BlogTalk Radio or in the archives via podcast. The Now You Know Show airs every Thursday evening. 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM Eastern. Get in early and join the chat room -- the place where memories are truly made!


The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, brought to you every week by catherine yronwode of and ConjureMan Ali of, is a live call-in show, where we will read your fortune on the air and prescribe down-home, old-school conjure and rootwork remedies!

Special Guest Readers and Rootworkers from AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, will be featured:

     * November 2, 2014:
       Professor Ames on "Written Spells and Petition Papers"
     * November 9, 2014:
       Apollo Dark on "Hoodoo Is a Christian Folk Magic"
     * November 16, 2014:
       Khi Armand on "Spirit Intrusions"
     * November 23, 2014: 
       Jon Saint Germain on "The Crystal Silence League"
     * November 30, 2014:
       Professor Charles Porterfield on "The Incredible 23rd Psalm"


Show Time:


      * 3:00 PM Sunday, Pacific Time
      * 4:00 PM Sunday, Mountain Time
      * 5:00 PM Sunday, Central Time 
      * 6:00 PM Sunday, Eastern Time

Listen Live via the Web and get into the Live Chat Room at The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour on BlogTalkRadio!


To get a FREE reading and rootwork advice, you must pre-register at the Lucky Mojo Forum, then call in by telephone during that week's LIVE broadcast and press '1' to request to be on the air. 


Call-In Number for pre-registered applicants or to listen to the show live by phone: 


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