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January 1st, 2014

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Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Homework Party

January 17, 2014:

More than 1,800 people have enrolled in
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-- and to graduate, they must turn in
8 pieces of homework. Every month we hold a work-party at which we look over incoming homework. All are welcome, whether students or not! We meet at 5:00 PM at the shop, and PIZZA IS FREE. See how hoodooers do their thing!   
February's Homework
Party is Friday the 7th.
March's Homework
Party is Friday the 7th. 
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Hard Times 


As you will probably have noticed, this issue of the Lucky Mojo Newsletter is about three weeks late. We knew it was going to be a little late, because we wanted to get you a full and complete schedule of the Hoodoo Heritage Festival program scheduled for May 3-4, but on January 14, the very day the web page was to be finalized and the tickets were to go on sale, we got the terrible news that our dear friend and colleague Eddy Gutierrez, better known as Dr. E., had passed suddenly due to a massive heart attack.

We have been devasted by the loss of our friend, and in deep sorrow for the pain his death has brought to his mother Vicky Sirgo Gutierrez, affectionately known as Momma E., and to his partner Clayton James, whose companionship and support gave beauty and meaning to his life.

Eddy's death came only a couple of hours after he had been cheerfully working on the web page for the Festival, designing a postcard mailer, and writing paragraphs about the presenters and their classes. He was going to get the ticketing set up, and then the newsletter would go out, before midnight. Needless to say, we have spent the past week scrambling to try to cover all of the details he was handling, and we had to call in a small village of helpers to accomplish what the awesomely talented and skilled Eddy could have done in a few hours.  


As i write this, Eddy's funeral is a couple of days away and nagasiva and i are driving to Los Angeles tomorrow to be there. This newsletter -- whenever you get it -- will have been a collaborative effort of many hands, working by skype, iphone, laptop, and mental telepathy to assemble something coherent to send to our customers and clients amidst this tragedy. Thanks for your patience, and if you have not done so, please consider making a donation to the Dr. E. Memorial Fund to help Vicky and Clayton with funeral expenses: 

Dr. E. Memorial Fund 



Eduardo "Eddy" Gutiérrez, 1976-2014:


by Professor Charles Porterfield

A friend, teacher, and guiding light passes.

It is with profound regret that we announce the passing away of our beloved Dr. E.


Eduardo "Eddy" Gutiérrez, Dr. E. Ekun Dayo, Reverend Hyperion, of Glendale California, passed away on January 14th at the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital after suffering a cardiac event. He is survived by his loving partner Clayton James, and his dear mother Vicky.  



Dr. E. and El Espiritu de los Siete Elefantes


He was the founder of the Unnamed Path, a shamanic path for men-who-love-men, a graduate of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, a Member of AIRR (the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers), and a respected worker in his own right. He was also the founder of the Stone and Stang gathering, and The Unnamed Path podcast, and was a regular guest on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour radio show. An initiated Wiccan High Priest, he was also an initiate of Santeria and a Priest of Shango.


Those are the facts, but facts do not sum up a person, or a life.

Facts are but placeholders on the tablet of life; margins in which to write the quick, basic overview. A life is bigger than simple facts, and Dr. E.'s life was bigger still. So often when a beloved person dies we canonize them on the spot and play only to their goodness, their nobility, and their strengths. But, with Dr. E. it is impossible to not be staggered by his goodness, his nobility, and his strengths. The space here is simply not big enough to even begin to outline the margins of facts that were Eduardo Gutiérrez.


I can tell you that Eddy was born on January 1st, 1976 to Cuban immigrants Manuel and Vicky Sirgo Gutiérrez. Or, that he was an incredibly talented artist and gifted choral singer. That he was the youngest Priest ever to be initiated in his chapter of the Druidic Craft of the Wise, at age 18. I can tell you that he learned the Yoruba language on his own and studied diloggun divination with the great teacher Ochani Lele. Or, that he was a skilled astrologer, bone reader, geomancer, card reader, workshop presenter, rootworker, altar maker, designer, and typesetter ... the list could go on off the page and through the margins.


But, all those things are within the margins, within the page. What I cannot capture for you was his light. Not mere presence or force of ego, no, Eddy had a light. It was a light that he used to heal, to help, to discipline, and to guide. He shared it freely, joyfully, with the world and in doing so made the lives of all those who encountered him brighter, richer, and fuller. That cannot be contained inside the margins.



I can tell you that he was a Capricorn, a member of the AIRR Tech Team, who contributed many tireless hours to the betterment of the AIRR site; that he participated in the Pagan Blog Project; managed numerous websites, including his own Dr. E. Products web store; and was working on two books at the time of his death. Those things fit well within the margins.


But Eddy had a humor that was infectious and strong, wickedly sharp when used against the unrighteous and warm as honey when entertaining those he adored. He had an integrity that did not allow him to suffer liars, scam artists, abusers, or con-artists within any of his occult, metaphysical, and religious communities. He fought against them with passion and righteousness and in doing so he made more than his fair share of enemies and saved the spirits of many. That cannot be contained within the margins.


In the end I cannot sum up Eddy Gutiérrez within the simple margins that outline the page. I can only say that he was my friend, our friend, and that we all too sharply feel absence of his light, his humor, and his integrity.


In the end I know that Eddy entered his house justified ... and that makes the margins large indeed.


Upcoming Conjure Events:

Mark Your Calendar Now!



APRIL 28th TO MAY 2nd, 2014:




The Apprenticeship instruction on sachet powders

The Apprenticeship Program in April and May (see below) is our regular yearly program, but we have a number of employees in the shop waiting to take the WEEK THREE Apprenticeship. If you are a graduate of my Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course and live locally or can make it up to Forestville for FIVE DAYS from APRIL 28 - MAY 2, 2014, you can join us and get in on this FREE training program along with the employees. The same rules apply as for the regular April-May Apprenticeship, but this will be WEEK THREE.


Week Three: Baths; Sachets; Jack Balls

      Monday: Baths and Bath Crystals Lecture; Making Bath Crystals
      Tuesday: Making, Labelling, and Praying Over Bath Crystals
      Wednesday: Sachet Powders Lecture; Making Sachet Powders
      Thursday: Making and Praying Over Sachet Powders
      Friday: Jack Ball Lecture; Making a Jack Ball   


The program is FREE to Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course graduates, but you must call Heidi Simpson at the shop to arrange your attendance. The number is 707-887-1521. Heidi is there Mondays through Fridays.






For the seventh consecutive year, Missionary Independent Spiritual Church is sponsoring our Hoodoo Heritage Festival in Forestville, California.  


This program is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. You do not need to be a student of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course or a Graduate Apprentice to come out to the program and learn conjure for two fabulous days in Forestville! Everyone is welcome, and every year people come from all across the country and all around the world to take these fun, fast-moving, hands-on workshops. 


These classes in African American folk magic, rootwork, and hoodoo will teach you practical tricks and tips to take your conjure work to a new level of confidence and knowledge. In addition to spell casting, we also showcase the mystery and magic of world-wide folk religions. And, above all, the Hoodoo Heritage Festival is a not-for-profit venture -- so, in addition to great teaching, you will receive goodie bags from our sponsors that are filled with freebies galore.  


Your ticket covers everything but your lodging -- you will go home with instructional flyers, advance copies of brand new books, and spiritual supplies from Lucky Mojo -- plus, Missionary Independent Spiritual Church sets out a generous supply of food and drinks, so there are no hidden meal costs for attendees.   





Registration for classes begins during the month of JANUARY, 2014. Pre-payment is by Paypal through Eventbrite ticketing services. We encourage folks to sign up well ahead of the event.



This package includes:

  • 5 one-hour hands-on hoodoo training classes
  • Take-home goody-bags with spiritual supplies from every class
  • Saturday-only opening service
  • Free Southern-Style buffet food and drinks
  • 2 brand new books on Saturday
    (a $27.00 retail value in books for Saturday)
  • Access to the world's best readers and rootworkers
    (with separate charges for readings and rootwork consultations)

This package includes:

  • 5 one-hour hands-on hoodoo training classes
  • Take-home goody-bags with spiritual supplies from every class
  • Free Southern-Style buffet food and drinks
  • 3 brand new books on Sunday
    (a $27.00 retail value in books for Sunday)
  • Access to the world's best readers and rootworkers
    (with separate charges for readings and rootwork consultations)
(a $20.00 savings!) 
This package includes:
  • 10 one-hour hands-on hoodoo training classes
  • Take-home goody-bags with spiritual supplies from every class
  • Free Southern-Style buffet food and drinks
  • 5 brand new books for the weekend
    (a $54.00 retail value for both days)
  • Access to the world's best readers and rootworkers
    (with separate charges for readings and rootwork consultations)

Make your travel plans now to attend this unique 2-Day Festival of Hoodoo Heritage, African American Folk Magic, and Spiritual Spell-Casting!




SATURDAY May 3, 2014


ConjureMan Ali: Quimbanda Opening Ceremony for Exu 


catherine yronwode: Wildcrafting for Herbal Magic at Lucky Mojo 


Leah Rivera: Bathing and Cleansing Spells 


Panel Discussion: Favourite Money Spells 


Madame Nadia: Beyond the Reading: Using Tarot, Lenormand, and Playing Cards in Rootwork

Dr. Johannes: Introduction to Swedish Trolldom

SUNDAY May 4, 2014

Apollo Dark: Spiritualist Candle Service for Block Busting and Road Opening

Michele Jackson: Contemporary Bone Reading

Miss Michaele: Bible Magic: Blessing and Cursing With Holy Scripture


Madame Pamita and Madame Nadia: Conjuring Love, Passion, and Glamour 


ConjureMan Ali: Defending Yourself Against the Dark Arts 




Eventbrite - 2014 Hoodoo Heritage Festival 






FRIDAY, May 2 - SUNDAY, May 4, 2014:





Members of Hoodoo Psychics and AIRR will be on site both during the Apprenticeship Week and during MISC's Hoodoo Heritage Festival Weekend. They will be offering their services in the Reading Tents sponsored by Hoodoo Psychics, the only telephone psychic service for conjure doctors and their clients. Take advantage of the opportunity to get an in-person reading with someone you might not otherwise have a chance to meet:



The Lenormand deck #1941 by Ferd. Piatnik & Sohne.           



  • Miss Elvyra: Tarot Card Readings  
  • Michele Jackson: Throwing the Bones    
  • Leah Rivera: Tarot Cards plus Rune Readings

  • Madame Nadia: Lenormand Card Readings    

  • Madame Pamita: Tarot Card Readings   
  • ConjureMan Ali: Scrying with a Kapala plus Tarot
  • Miss Michaele: Tarot Cards and Bibliomancy  
  • Lou Florez: Tarot Card Readings
  • Apollo Dark: Tarot Card Readings  
  • Ms. Robin: Spirit-Led and Crystal Ball Readings  
  • Miss cat: Palmistry plus Tarot   
  • The Vacant Chair: A Tribute to Dr. E. 










The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, brought to you every week by catherine yronwode of and ConjureMan Ali of, is a live call-in show, where we will read your fortune on the air and prescribe down-home, old-school conjure and rootwork remedies!
Special Guest Readers and Rootworkers from AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, will be featured on January 5, 12, 19, and 26, 2014. Tune in and see who's up!  


Show Time:


      * 3:00 PM Sunday, Pacific Time
      * 4:00 PM Sunday, Mountain Time
      * 5:00 PM Sunday, Central Time
      * 6:00 PM Sunday, Eastern Time

Listen Live via the Web and get into the Live Chat Room at
The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour on BlogTalkRadio!


To get a FREE reading and rootwork advice, you must pre-register at the Lucky Mojo Forum, then call in by telephone during that week's LIVE broadcast and press '1' to request to be on the air. 


Call-In Number for pre-registered applicants: 





I apologize again for the lateness of this newsletter. The death of Dr. E. has brought us great sorrow and also substantial chaos, as he has been integral to the planning of the Hoodoo Heritage Festival every year since he began to attend, and without him, we are left to carry many loads he had previously shouldered during the behind-the-scenes preparations for our programs. My thanks go out to all those i have called upon to carry us this far: Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf of The Mystic Dream, Grey Wolf of The Sacred Well, Marcus Cook, Madame Nadia, Deacon Millett of Hoodoo Psychics and Four Altars, ConjureMan Ali, Professor Charles Porterfield, Leah Rivera, Michele Jackson, and nagasiva yronwode. Thank you, friends. I am sure i will be asking more of you in the weeks to come, as we traverse this difficult moment in time and emerge into the sunlight once again.


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