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May 1st, 2013

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Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Homework Party

May 3, 2013:


More than 1,800 people have enrolled in
cat yronwode's
Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course
-- and to graduate, they must turn in
8 pieces of homework. Every month we hold a work-party at which we look over incoming homework. All are welcome, whether students or not! We meet at 5:00 PM at the shop, and PIZZA IS FREE. See how hoodooers do their thing! 

June's Homework Party is Friday the 7th.

July's Homework Party is Friday the 12th.

August's Homework Party is Friday the 9th
Hoodoo Psychics Logo


Who Ya Gonna Call for Hoodoo? 


Hoodoo Psychics is the only Live Psychic Reading Line operated by the ethical and authentic conjure doctors and spiritual root workers of AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers
and Rootworkers!

You can connect with a live hoodoo rootworker for $3.99 per minute through the 
Hoodoo Psychics
web site
or by calling

For updates and more information, go to the Hoodoo Psychics Facebook Page,
then "like" the page and say hello, so that Hoodoo Psychics updates will appear in your Facebook newsfeed.  
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We are officially in Frantic Frazzle Mode! Missionary Independent
Spiritual Church's Hoodoo Heritage Fest Workshops are
upon us! People are arriving! Tents are going up! Food is being
cooked! AIRR members are parking their vehicles! Yikes!


Coastside Cuties


Our dear friend Coastside Conjure has graced us with a new portfolio of beautiful images of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company shop and environs. We love, you, Coastside! You are the best!
Statue of Bast (also called Bastet), an ancient Egyptian deity of fertility and musicians. Photo by Coastside Conjure.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view   


Large apothecary jars filled with Mistletoe, Mullein Leaves and Nettle. Herbs are used in a wide variety of Hoodoo products, such as baths, mojo hands, and Lucky Mojo's specialty, Hoodoo Oils. Photo by Coastside Conjure.   


Click on the photo above for a larger view   


Preparing the bone reading kits for the store. The bone kit is the perfect accompaniment to Throwing the Bones by catherine yronwode. Photo by Coastside Conjure.    

Lucky Mojo Curio Company Lucky Charms Protective Amulets Talismanic Jewelry and Religious Medals 

Click on the photo above for a larger view

Miss Michaele shopping at the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Amulets and Talisman aisle. We carry a large selection of religious, magical and talismanic jewelry. What is she looking at? Photo by Coastside Conjure. 


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Amulets and charms from India and Nepal, carved bone charms and cowrie shells. Photo by Coastside Conjure.   


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Laundry sprinklers, containers for bottle spells, a Green Man plaque, and a Turkish anti-evil eye hanger. Photo by Coastside Conjure.  

Lucky Mojo Bat's Blood Scented Ink for Enemy Work or to Seal a Pact 

Click on the photo above for a larger view

Bat's Blood Scented Ink is one of the inks produced by Lucky Mojo. In this picture, Alicia is working on labeling the bottles of ink. Bat's Blood Scented Ink is used for enemy work, and for the sealing of pacts. Photo by Coastside Conjure.

Click on the photo above for a larger view

Bat's Blood Ink, Dove's Blood Ink, Dragon's Blood Ink, and Invisible Ink. Ink can be used in fountain pens, metal nib pens and especially in feather quill pens for classic workings. Photo by Coastside Conjure.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Lucky Penny Key Chains. These are encased cent good luck coins with horseshoe and four leaf clover luck symbols around the coin. Photo by Coastside Conjure.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Saint Martha inside the church at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Saint Martha is the patroness of servants and helps with domination over a boss or employer. Photo by Coastside Conjure.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Baskets of vigil lights being prepared for the candle ministry at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Here you can see the candles as they are in the process of being fixed, labeled and prayed over. Photo by Coastside Conjure.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Various scrying balls and a Buddha Hand tealight stand. Lucky Mojo sells a wide assortment of spheres made out of Quartz, Jasper, Calcite, Obsidian, Lapis, and more. Photo by Coastside Conjure. 


Click on the photo above for a larger view

King's Korean Ginseng Drink and Lotte Ginseng Gum in the pharmacy section of Lucky Mojo Curio Company. Photo by Coastside Conjure. 

Upcoming Conjure Events:

Mark Your Calendar Now!



MONDAY, April 29 - FRIDAY, May 3, 2013:



The Apprenticeship Program is a FREE 3-week series of lectures, personal training, and hands-on guidance for graduates of my Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. Spring Apprenticeship 2013 features WEEK TWO of the program and leads up to the annual MISC HOODOO WORKSHOPS AND POTLUCK PARTY on May 4-5. 

April 29 - May 3, 2011 - Week Two Apprenticeship:   

      Monday: Oils and Salves Lecture; Making Oils
      Tuesday: Making, Labelling, and Praying Over Oils
      Wednesday: Incenses Lecture; Making Incenses
      Thursday: Making and Praying Over Incenses
      Friday: Mojo Hand Lecture; Making Mojo Hands   


If you want to attend the Spring 2013 Apprenticeship, email Robin Petersen NOW at or telephone her at the shop  -- 707-887-1521 -- Tuesday through Saturday, 9 to 5 PT. 



 The Love and Sex Demonstration Altar at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Photo by Coastside Conjure.          


 SATURDAY, May 4 - SUNDAY, May 5, 2011:  



Two full days of hoodoo fun, friendship, and learning, complete with potluck meals and plenty of time to meet your fellow conjure workers, sponsored by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, and featuring teachers from around the country! The May Hoodoo Workshops are a casual, relaxing, and sociable way to gain hands-on practice in the spiritual arts. A dozen MEMBERS OF AIRR will be congregating and offering both workshops and readings! 


Walking the Labyrinth: Miss Elvyra / Dr.Johannes


Skull Sorcery: ConjureMan Ali


Rustic Oil Lamps in the Conjure Tradition: Dr. E.


Candle Magic and Candle Ministries: Miss cat


Hands-On Rites and Techniques: Khi Armand


Saint Packets for Love, Money, and Blessings: Lou Florez


Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells: Deacon Millett


Bread Bewitchery: Sister Robin Petersen / Dr. Johannes


High Tech Hoodoo: Kast Excelsior 


Design Your Own Divination Deck: Michele Jackson


Queer Conjure and Love Workings: Attracting LGBTQ Relationships

with Khi Armand, Miss Michaele, Lou Florez, Robin Petersen, Lisa Warrick, and Deacon Millett


Make your travel plans now! Pre-registration for the workshops is available, so we can plan ahead!  





MONDAY, April 29 - SUNDAY, May 5, 2013:




The following members of AIRR will be on site during the Apprenticeship Week and MISC Workshop Weekend and will be offering readings. Take advantage of some great discount prices for attendees only, and the opportunity to get an in-person reading with someone you might not otherwise have a chance to meet:



A Crown of Success and Celestial Orb in the offices of Y.I.P.P.I.E. Photo by Coastside Conjure.          




Dr. E.: Tarot Card and Diloggun Readings

Miss Elvyra: Tarot Card Readings   

Khi Armand: Hands-On Spiritual Healings  

ConjureMan Ali: Scrying with a Kapala Plus Tarot

Kast Excelsior: Bone Readings and I Ching 

Miss Michaele: Tarot Cards and Bibliomancy 

Madame Nadia: Lenormand Card Readings

Miss cat: Palmistry Plus Tarot  


Open Tent Readings: Various Divination Techniques   


Student-readers as well as professionals are welcome to use the Open Tent Area for readings on a drop-in basis. Those who are embarking on a career in Professional Reading are encouraged to come read for the public or trade readings with colleagues. Be sure to bring a stand-up (A-shape or L-shape) table sign to advertise yourself! 



Catholic Car Statues of Our Lady (Los Lagos, Grace, Guadalupe, Regla, and Cobre) at Lucky Mojo. Photo by Coastside Conjure.




The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, brought to you every week by catherine yronwode of and ConjureMan Ali of, is a live call-in show, where we will read your fortune on the air and prescribe down-home, old-school conjure and rootwork remedies!
On Sunday, May 5th we will be having a re-broadcast of the November 2011 show.
Special Guest Readers and Rootworkers from AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, will be featured on May 12, 19, and 26, 2013. Tune in and see who's up!  

Show Time:


      * 3:00 PM Sunday, Pacific Time
      * 4:00 PM Sunday, Mountain Time
      * 5:00 PM Sunday, Central Time
      * 6:00 PM Sunday, Eastern Time

Listen Live via the Web and get into the Live Chat Room at
The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour on BlogTalkRadio!


To get a FREE reading and rootwork advice, you must pre-register at the Lucky Mojo Forum, then call in by telephone during that week's LIVE broadcast and press '1' to request to be on the air. 


Call-In Number for pre-registered applicants: 




That's it for another month! As you can see, things are hopping here
at Lucky Mojo, and at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church next
door. We look forward to serving you. Use your free coupon and
stock up on supplies!

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