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April 1st, 2013

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Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Homework Party

April 12, 2012:


More than 1,800 people have enrolled in
cat yronwode's
Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course
-- and to graduate, they must turn in
8 pieces of homework. Every month we hold a work-party at which we look over incoming homework. All are welcome, whether students or not! We meet at 5:00 PM at the shop, and PIZZA IS FREE. See how hoodooers do their thing! 

April's Homework Party is Friday the 12th.

May's Homework Party is Friday the 3rd.

June's Homework Party is
Friday the 7th.

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Who Ya Gonna Call for Hoodoo? 


Hoodoo Psychics is the only Live Psychic Reading Line operated by the ethical and authentic conjure doctors and spiritual root workers of AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers
and Rootworkers!

You can connect with a live hoodoo rootworker for $3.99 per minute through the 
Hoodoo Psychics
web site
or by calling

For updates and more information, go to the Hoodoo Psychics Facebook Page,
then "like" the page and say hello, so that Hoodoo Psychics updates will appear in your Facebook newsfeed.  
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Spring has sprung and the count-down has begun! We have ONE MONTH to go before our fantastic annual Hoodoo Workshop Weekend -- and three weeks before the final Apprenticeship Program Week of the current cycle. We have FIVE new books at press! We are BUSY! This newsletter is HUGE, filled with info about the Hoodoo Workshops; newly released books on Magic, Spell-casting, and Kitchen-Witchery; my apprenticeship program; and the true tale of the Red Brick Labyrinth! This time, thanks to nagasiva's and Dr. E.'s code skills, there are ORDER buttons throughout the newsletter. You can buy tickets and books right here in this email. Also, as always, we have links to our FREE SPELLS and HERB-LORE pages, and to our weekly radio show, for your browsing pleasure. We hope to see many of you at the Workshops!

Upcoming Conjure Events:

Mark Your Calendar Now!


HOODOO WORKSHOPS May 4-5th, 2013!




MONDAY, April 1, 2013:



Share your magical culinary secrets with the Sisters of the Conjure Kitchen in "Hoodoo Food! The Best of the 2013 Conjure Cook-Off and Recipe Round-Up." Contribute recipes to our FOURTH Ladies Auxiliary benefit for Missionary Independent Spiritual Church.

For more information on the Conjure Cook-Off, see
the Hoodoo Food! Conjure Cook-Off and Recipe Round-Up!

For an inspirational list of culinary magical herbs, see
Helpful Hints for Cooking with Magical Herbs!



MONDAY, April 29 - FRIDAY, May 3, 2013:



The Apprenticeship Program is a FREE 3-week series of lectures, personal training, and hands-on guidance for graduates of my Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. Spring Apprenticeship 2013 features WEEK TWO of the program and leads up to the annual MISC HOODOO WORKSHOPS AND POTLUCK PARTY on May 4-5. 

April 29 - May 3, 2011 - Week Two Apprenticeship:   

      Monday: Oils and Salves Lecture; Making Oils
      Tuesday: Making, Labelling, and Praying Over Oils
      Wednesday: Incenses Lecture; Making Incenses
      Thursday: Making and Praying Over Incenses
      Friday: Mojo Hand Lecture; Making Mojo Hands   


If you want to attend the Spring 2013 Apprenticeship, email Robin Petersen NOW at or telephone her at the shop  -- 707-887-1521 -- Tuesday through Saturday, 9 to 5 PST. 



Saint Fiacre, patron of gardeners, at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Photo by Katrina Mead.


SATURDAY, May 4 - SUNDAY, May 5, 2011:  



Two full days of hoodoo fun, friendship, and learning, complete with potluck meals and plenty of time to meet your fellow conjure workers, sponsored by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, and featuring teachers from around the country! The May Hoodoo Workshops are a casual, relaxing, and sociable way to gain hands-on practice in the spiritual arts. A dozen MEMBERS OF AIRR will be congregating and offering both workshops and readings!





10:00 AM - Saturday, May 4, 2013
Opening Ceremony - Walking the Labyrinth
The Weekend opens with a CONVOCATIONAL CEREMONY led by MISS ELVYRA, with assistance from DR. JOHANNES. All are welcome as we circle together and open the roads to a wonderful weekend.
This event is free to all, and all workshop attendees and presenters are cordially invited to be present.
You will be blessed!
COST: FREE! - This is an outdoor ceremony, weather permitting. (Donations for prosperity accepted.)
Eventbrite-Opening Ceremony-Walking-the-Labyrinth 





11:30 AM - Saturday, May 4, 2013
Hoodoo Foods and Conjure Cook-Off: Bread Bewitchery
SISTER ROBIN PETERSEN and Dr. JOHANNES GARDBACK will present the ANNUAL CONJURE COOK-OFF, plus a new spiritual cookery workshop on world-wide traditions of folk-magic using breads and pancakes -- with special emphasis on the importance of Bread Spells in Scandinavian Trolldom. Edible samples will be shared, but Norse bread-magic is not all about eating: Johannes will demonstrate ancient Swedish rituals and rites of cleaning, curing, and protection with bread, and the use of pancakes in dream divination. Then, the judging begins -- as participants taste and rate the entries in our annual Conjure Cook-Off, and prizes are awarded!
All materials supplied, plus a free flyer outlining all the spells, and, of course, a free copy of the "2013 Hoodoo Food! Rootwork Recipe Round-Up and Conjure Cook-Off" cookbook. (For which the deadline for recipe submissions to be printed is April 1, 2012). Bring your magical foods to be judged by workshop participants! Prizes will be awarded to the top three conjure cooks. Extra "Hoodoo Food!" recipe booklets will be sold to benefit the work of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Any food not eaten by participants at the workshop will become part of the general Party Potluck.
TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer, a 2013 "Hoodoo Food!" Cook Book, and a fully functional Bread Spell for use in your home.
COST: $20.00
Eventbrite-Hoodoo Foods and Conjure Cook-Off: Bread Bewitchery 





2:30 PM - Saturday May 4, 2013
Skull Sorcery
CONJUREMAN ALI will be teaching a special class on SKULLS AND SKULL CANDLES: Secret techniques to influence, persuade, and compel the mind and heart of a person for love, healing, revenge and much more.
The class will also go over little known methods of how to house and employ a spirit-helper or ancestor through skulls and skull candles for the purpose of influencing others. The history and uses of skulls and skull candles in a variety of cultures will be discussed as well as their use in hoodoo. Each student will learn authentic and powerful techniques from the forgotten roots of hoodoo and will take home a fully-prepared and fixed ritual skull candle. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.
TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer and a prepared skull candle.
COST: $35.00
Eventbrite-Skull Sorcery 





4:00 PM - Saturday, May 4, 2013
Candle Magic and Candle Ministries: Hands-On Training
CATHERINE YRONWODE will be introducing her brand new 96 page book on THE ART OF HOODOO CANDLE MAGIC and will discuss and describe candle spells performed by private practitioners, candle ministry services offered by professional root doctors to their clients, how to conduct candle-light services for the public in a Spiritualist church context, and, of course, how to prepare candles and read divinations from them. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.
TAKE HOME: A complete 96 page book on Candle Magic by catherine yronwode, plus an altar light, a star holder, a double action candle, a figural candle, a vigil light candle, and a dram of dressing oil.
COST: $40.00
Eventbrite-Candle Magic and Candle Ministries: Hands-On Training 





5:30 PM - Saturday, May 4, 2013
Hoodoo One-on-One With Ms. Robin
MS. ROBIN has put together a unique learning experience aimed specifically at hoodoo beginners and students. Learn the essential conjure skills used in love charms, gambling spells, and black magic curses.
Ms. Robin will lead you, in the hands-on construction of your own mojo bag, an annointing oil, and a doll baby. She will also demonstrate how to use these items in her famous coffin spell! This class is an intense 2-hour learning experience, not a lecture class. This is a once in a lifetime, total-immersion workshop in which each student will receive personal step-by-step instruction. Seating for this session is limited to rootwork beginners and students. Enrollment will be closed when all of the available spaces are taken. All materials supplied.
TAKE HOME: You will make and take home your own mojo bag, anointing oil, doll-baby, and coffin spell.
COST: $75.00
Eventbrite-Hoodoo One-on-One With Ms. Robin 

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2013




10:00 AM - Sunday, May 5, 2013
Catholic Saint Packets for Love, Money, and Blessings
LOU FLOREZ will be teaching a workshop on the use and construction of packets dedicated to the Catholic saints.
These packets, traditionally used in Mexican Folk Magic, are a powerful way to call upon the Catholic Saints for their blessings and assistance for many purposes including love, money and blessings. LOU will present the history and significance of these special CATHOLIC SAINT PACKETS, and teach you how to construct a Catholic Saint Packet of your own to take home. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.
TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer and more.
COST: $30.00
Eventbrite-Catholic Saint Packets for love, money, and blessings 





11:30 AM - Sunday, May 5, 2013
Rustic Oil Lamps in the Conjure Tradition
DR. E. brings us a brand new workshop on how to make and use rustic hoodoo oil lamps out of household items filled with root, plant, and mineral allies for every magical intention.
Learn how to make lamps out of mason jars, decorative bowls, and even fruits or vegetables! These lamps are fueled with natural vegetable oils, like olive or sunflower oil, preventing the strong aroma associated with traditional kerosene lamps. Attendees will learn how to build the lamps hands-on, how to utilize them in conjure work, and how they can be used as perpetual lights on your altar. If you have any special hoodoo curios that you would like to include, bring them to the workshop and Dr. E. will instruct you how to incorporate it into your lamp. As former attendees of his workshops know, Dr. E.'s presentations are dynamic, instructional, and down-home AUTHENTIC!
TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer, and you will craft a fully-functioning rustic oil lamp to take home and use on your altar!
COST: $40.00
Eventbrite-Rustic Oil Lamps in the Conjure Tradition 





1:00 PM - Sunday, May 5, 2013
Secrets of Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells
DEACON MILLETT will hold a dynamic workshop on the subject of Honey Jars, Sugar Boxes, and Powdered Sugar Spells for conjuring love, money, business, academic success, legal victories, and more.
The Deacon specializes in Honey-Love and Honey Reconciliation, and will share the secrets that have made him famous world-wide for his Sweet Southern Conjuring. He will be presenting the debut of his brand-new book on Sugar and Honey Magic in the Hoodoo Tradition!
TAKE HOME: Your own personal sweetening conjure and a 96-page illustrated book by Deacon Millett on the Secrets of Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells.
COST: $30.00
Eventbrite-Secrets of Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells 





2:30 PM - Sunday May 5, 2013
Queer Conjure and Love Workings: Attracting LGBTQ Relationships
KHI ARMAND, DR. E., MISS MICHAELE, LOU FLOREZ, ROBIN PETERSEN, LISA WARRICK, AND DEACON MILLETT will conduct a fast-moving and fun panel presentation in which they will lay out their favourite (and lesser-known) love spells to attract Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transexual sex, romance, relationships, and marriage. Learn all about the hidden history of Queer Conjure and how it has evolved with changing times -- plus the real down-low on how to work with traditional same-sex love herbs, roots, and minerals.
Note: (Because we've already been asked!) You do not need to be Queer to attend this workshop. :-) ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED
TAKE HOME: Instructional flyer, a bottle of same-sex love oil, and a packet of hoodoo sachet powders for Queer Love.
COST: $25.00
Eventbrite-Queer Conjure and Love Workings: Attracting LGBTQ Relationships 





4:00 PM - Sunday May 5, 2013
The Art of Tarot: Design Your Own Divination Deck
MICHELE JACKSON will be teaching a fast-paced, spiritually-centered, and engaging workshop to harness your own creative potential by bringing your own Tarot or Lenormand divination deck into being. No artistic talent is needed! By using magazine images and collages, you can make your very own custom divination cards that speak in the language of your own soul. You will be amazed at how well a deck created with images chosen by you reveals its meanings to you on both an intellectual and intuitive level.
All materials will be provided, but you are also invited to bring colour copies, not originals, of 3" X 5" or smaller images of your own choosing, if you wish. You'll take home your own designed card and a bottle of Psychic Vision Oil to continue the creative process as you craft your completed deck at home. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.
TAKE HOME: an instructional flyer, your own hand-made tarot card, and a bottle of Psychic Vision Oil.
COST: $30.00
Eventbrite-The Art of Tarot: Design Your Own Divination Deck 





5:30 PM - Sunday, May 5, 2013
High-Tech Hoodoo: Conjuring Through Current Technologies
KAST EXCELSIOR will be presenting this workshop on utilizing the often-overlooked devices of our modern lifestyles that can be seamlessly woven into our conjure work.
Historically, Hoodoo has made practical use of newly developed technologies as magical tools and resources. In this workshop, we'll explore how you can personally tap into the Elements of Cyber/Digital/Multi-Media and Beyond to effect reality through use of the Traditional Principles of Conjure.
TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer, a glass Conjure Plate ready to use in the spell-work of your choice, AND a Limited Edition double-disc CD of Hoodoo Music (hand-picked by Miss Cat) & customizable Conjure Clip Art to use in spells for years to come.
COST: $35.00
Eventbrite-High-Tech Hoodoo: Conjuring Through Current Technologies 







MONDAY, April 29 - SUNDAY, May 5, 2013:




The following members of AIRR will be on site during the Apprenticeship Week and MISC Workshop Weekend and will be offering readings. Take advantage of some great discount prices for attendees only, and the opportunity to get an in-person reading with someone you might not otherwise have a chance to meet:



Winged Victory statue at the Lucky Mojo shop.          



  • Miss Elvyra: Tarot Card Readings  
  • Dr. E.: Tarot Cards plus Diloggun Readings   
  • Kast Excelsior: Bone Readings    

  • Khi Armand: Hands-On Spiritual Healings  
  • ConjureMan Ali: Scrying with a Kapala plus Tarot
  • Miss Michaele: Tarot Cards and Bibliomancy  
  • Lou Florez: Tarot Card Readings
  • Madame Nadia: Lenormand Card Readings
  • Ms. Robin: Spirit-Led and Crystal Ball Readings  
  • Miss cat: Palmistry plus Tarot  

Open Tent Readings: Various Divination Techniques   


Student-readers as well as professionals are welcome to use the Open Tent Area for readings on a drop-in basis. Those who are embarking on a career in Professional Reading are encouraged to come read for the public or trade readings with colleagues. Be sure to bring a stand-up (A-shape or L-shape) table sign to advertise yourself!  






Five Upcoming Books!  


On sale May 6th, 2013 and we are taking Pre-Orders NOW!


Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells:

Sweet Love Magic in the Conjure Tradition,
by Deacon Millett
96 Pages, $9.00

(Lucky Mojo Curio Co.)

In this brand-new book, Deacon Millett of Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary presents full, complete, and authentic instructions on everry kind of sugar, honey, apple, onion, molasses, and syrup spell you can imaging. Deacon Millett is a Reconciliation and Love Spell specialist, and the incredible opening section filled with the Deacon's recipes for making your own sugar scrubs, sweet bowl spells, and honey baths! Plus, he has included an extensive "Frequently Asked Questions" section, gleaned from the pages of the Lucky Mojo Forum -- with incredible answers by our intrepid moderators and members of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.

Trust me, after this book comes out, the information you have always wanted will be available in one easy-to-read compendium.

Deacon Millett is teaching a Honey and Sugar Spells workshop based on this new book at the MISC Workshops in Forestville, California, May 4-5, 2013, and all attendees of his class will get a FREE copy of the book and a spell that they will make.

If you live in California, this event, the kick-off for this soon-to-be-a-classic book, is something to put on your calendar. Deacon Millett will be signing books, of course, and we will be having an all-around party as well. Come on out and walk the newly installed labyrinth, get your free copy of The Black Folder (everyone gets one!), and take home Deacon Millett's contribution to hoodoo knowledge.

This fantastic compendium of sweet, good magic goes on sale to the general public on May 6th, 2013 -- and at $9.00 for 96 jam-packed pages, this one is a classic for the ages!

Here's the Table of Contents:


Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwork     5
What Hoodoo Is Not     5
The Right Sweetener For Every Purpose     7
A Spoonful of Sugar     8
Starting Simple     9
Name-Papers and Petition-Papers     10
Fixing A Sugar Bowl     11
Personal Concerns     12
Harry Middleton Hyatt     13
Sweet Baths and Sugar Scrubs     14
Uncrossing Sugar Bath     16
Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets     17
Floor Washes To Attract Business     18
Zora Neale Hurston     19
Keeping The Law At Bay     20
European Grimoires and Asian Influences     21
Catherine Yronwode     22
Herbs and Roots     23
Herbal Mixtures     25
Hoodoo Foods     26
Red Apples and Sweet Onions     30
Container Spells     31
A Candle To Light Your Way     33
The Honey Jar Spell     35
Oils To Use With Sweetening Spells     37
Honey Jars On Your Altar     39
Deployment, Dispersal, and Disposal     41
"You Can Catch More Flies With Honey..."     41
Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)     42


On sale May 6th, 2013 and we are taking Pre-Orders NOW!


The Black Folder:

Personal Communications on the Mastery of Hoodoo
edited by cat yronwode
136 Pages, $12.00

(Missionary Independent Spiritual Church)

For many years we have offered a collection of three-hole-punched loose sheets in a black report cover -- which we call The Black Folder. This contains a complete set of all of the past Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Workshop flyers, plus a complete set of all of the Lucky Mojo shop flyers, collated together in a three-hole-punch folder! It's a good bargain for those who have not been able to attend all of the workshops in person.

NOW IT"S A BOOK! And the name of the book is "The Black Folder," of course.

If you attend the May 4-5, 2013 MISC Workshops in Forestville, California, you will receive a FREE copy of the all-new 2013 edition of The Black Folder -- 136 pages long. It will be available to the general public on May 6th, 2013. It will look like this:

Here is the table of contents:



Spiritual Oils and Sachet Powders    8
Incense, Bath Crystals, and Washes      10
Hoodoo Perfumes and Incenses      12


The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic      15
Candle-Burning Basics      17
Divination Signs From Burning Candles      19
Some Thoughts About Candles      21
Oil Lamps in History and in Hoodoo      24
Rustic Hoodoo Oil Lamps      27


Mojo Hands, Packets, and Dolls

Mojo Hands for Money and Love      29
Makin' Mojo Bags      31
Catholic Saint Packets      34
Making Doll Babies for Ritual Use      36

Bottles, Jars, and Other Vessels

How to Make and Use Bottle and Jar Spells      39
Container Spells in the Hoodoo Tradition      41
How to Use Your Honey Jar Spell      43
Spirit Vessels and Spirit Traps      46
Skull Sorcery      49


Herb Use Methods for Kitchen Witchery      51
Grocery Store Magic      53


Moon Phases: Working With the Moon 63
Astrology for Rootworkers 65
Tea Leaf Reading, a Brief Introduction 68
Sangoma and Shamanic Bone Divination 71
How to Create Your Own Divination Deck      74
The Fortune Teller's Guide to Success      77
Perfecting a Career as a Phone Prophet      80


Cleansing Spells

How to Spiritually Clean Your Home      82
Spiritual Foot Washing      84
Cleansing with Eggs and Archangel Michael      86
Hands-On Conjure: Cleansing and Blessing      88

Protection Spells

Protection Spells      90

Love Spells

A Dressed Letter to Attract Love From Afar      92
Love Conjure      94
Sweet Spells for Love and Beauty      98

Luck and Money Spells

The Success Sigil and Drawing Customers      101
How to Draw and How to Keep Money      103
Gambling Charms and Lucky Numbers      105
Rose of Jericho: The Resurrection Plant      108
Prosperity Charms for the Rose of Jericho      109

Reversing and Cursing Spells

How to Make and Use Mirror Boxes      110
A Traditional Break-Up Spell in a Bottle      113
D.U.M.E.Spell with a Black Candle      115
Cursing and Spell-Casting With Dolls      117

Court Case Spells

Court Case Spells and Legal Work      119

Life-Changing Spells

Black Walnuts to Fall Out of Love      121
A Seven-Step Cut and Clear Spell      122

Spirituality and Veneration

The Crystal Silence League      124
Patron Saints for Various Conditions      126
Santisima Muerte, Mother of Holy Death      128
Walking the Labyrinth      131
The Labyrinth in Old Swedish Trolldom      133
High-Tech Hoodoo      135

Contributors include an all-star line-up of well-known conjure doctors from around the world:

ConjureMan Ali, Deacon Millett, Dr. E., Lara Rivera, Prof. Charles Porterfield, Dr.James Dotson, Khi Armand, Sister Robin Petersen, Sindy Todo, Susan Diamond, Marin Graves, Miss Elvyra Curcuruto-Love, Ms. Robin York, Dr. Johannes Gårdbäck, Michele Jackson, Valentina Burton, Tanisia Mooney, and catherine yronwode.


On sale May 6th, 2013 and we are taking Pre-Orders NOW!


The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic
in Rootwork, Conjure, and Spiritual Church Services
by catherine yronwode and Mikhail Strabo
96 pages, $9.00

(Missionary Independent Spiritual Church)

The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic will given free to all attendees of catherine yronwode's Candle Magic class at the MISC Hoodoo Training Workshops in Forestville, California on May 4th-5th, 2013, so if you are planning on attending, you can hold back and get your FREE copy then. If you cannot make it to the workshops, you should order a copy by mail. It goes on sale to the public May 6th, 2013, and we are taking pre-orders now. This book -- actually THREE BOOKS in ONE -- is a tremendous value for the money -- $9.00 for 96 titghtly-packed spells, filled with history, teachings, traditions, and instructions on how to become a candle magic practitioner.

Here's what's inside:


Dedication and Acknowledgements 3

catherine yronwode

A Brief History of Candle Magic in America 5
Assembling Your Tools 9
Choosing Your Lights: Lamps, Offertories, Jumbos, Figurals, Votives, Vigils 10
Altar Layouts for Lamp and Candle Spells 22
Timing Your Work by the Moon and by the Days of the Week 27
Selecting Your Candles by Colour 28
Basic Ritual Procedures: Inscribing, Dressing, Prayers, Petitions, Disposal 28

catherine yronwode

A White Candle Love Spell to Attract New Love 35
Lodestones and Red Candle to Attract New Love 36
Commanding Respect at a Meeting With Superiors 37
A Fixed Money Lamp to Bring in Wealth 37
Reconciliation Ritual for Estranged Friends 38
A Skull Candle to Influence Their Thoughts 38
3-Candle Spell for Love, Romance, and Passion 39
Green Candle Job-Getting or Wage Increase Spell 41
Crown of Success Candle Spell for a Performer 41
Blessing for a Family About to Have a New Baby 42
A Mother's Guiding Light for Her Children 42
Tying a Man's (or Woman's) Nature 43
Hoodooing a Man's (or Woman's) Nature 44
Green Devil Money Back Spell 45
Keep Your Mate and Break Up an Outside Love Affair 47
Fiery Wall of Protection Spell 48
A Sugar or Honey Jar to Sweeten People to You 49

catherine yronwode

Divination Techniques:
     Pyromancy, Ceromancy, Capnomancy, Cero-Capnomancy 50
Learning How to Read Candles 53
Signs Observed While the Candle is Burning 54
Signs Left in the Residue from a Burned-Out Candle 61
Signs Left In or On the Candle Holder 62


Altars and Altar-Work:
     Religious, Spiritual, Ancestral, and Working Altars 65
     Extemporaneous, Intercessory, Imprecatory, Affirmative 67
Private Candle Services 71
How to Set Free Emergency Lights for Clients 71
How to Provide Private Vigil Light Services 72

Mikhail Strabo

Introduction by Rev. Adele Clemens 79
Important Notice and Prelude to the Current Edition 80
The Basic Candle Light Service 81
Message Bearing Candle Service for Spiritualist Churches 84
The Colour Candle Service in Spiritualist Churches 89
A Candle Light Service to Embrace Goodwill and Forgiveness 95
Postlude 96


On sale May 6th, 2013 and we are taking Pre-Orders NOW!

Order-The-Hoodoo-Food- 2013-Conjure-Cook-Off-and-Rootwork-Recipe-Round-Up-from-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company

Hoodoo Food!
2013 Conjure Cook-Off and Recipe Round-Up
edited by Sister Robin Petersen
16 pages, $4.00

(Missionary Independent Spiritual Church)

This is the FOURTH annual book in our popular Hoodoo Food! series, edited by Sister Robin Petersen of the Ladies Auxilliary of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Once again conjure practitioners from all around the world have contributed the best magical recipes in their kitchens. We know you will want to prepare and sample these brand new taste-treats that incorporate hoodoo-style herbs and spices traditionally used in spells for enhancing romance, promoting prosperity, attracting abundance, and providing protection. Even if the ingredients were not magical -- Hoodoo Food is mmmmm, sooooo good! A free copy will be given to everyone attending the "Bread Bewitchery" workshop taught by Dr.Johannes and Sister Robin -- and for those who can't attend, all three previous issues are also still on sale. 16 pages for $4.00 -- and all proceeds go to Missionary Independent Spiritual Church.

Read more about our Recipe Round-Up and Conjure Cook-Off here:





On sale May 6th, 2013 and we are taking Pre-Orders NOW!


The Gospel of Satan
with Commentary and Selected Fatwas
by Troll Towelhead
(Grand Mufti of Satanism)
96 pages, $9.00

(Scholomance Press)

The Gospel of Satan is the story of Jesus from the perspective of the God of This World, an Underworld Watcher of a sort with an interest in technology and evolution. The Grand Mufti of Satanism has issued his unique and authoritative commentary on the classic, and provides fatwas on Satanism's many facets. He includes key rites and spells sure to thrill Dark Pagans and inverse-Christians alike. This gospel includes:

Gospel of Satan Prelude 12
Gospel Commentary 13
Scripture 14
Gospel Glossary 26
Notes 28

Becoming a Satanist 31
Selling Your Soul to Satan 35
Beginning Idolatry 39
Unity and Diversity of Daemons 42
Satan and Lucifer 44
Evils, 'The Fall', and 'Sin' 46
Submission and Autonomy 49
Indulgence and Recreation 52
Discipline, Death, and Martyrdom 57
The Left-Hand Path 66
Human Sacrifice 70
Science and Scientific Method 72
Truths and Experience 76
Taking Titles 77
Stratification and Social Status 79
'Sin' and Satanic 'Solipsism' 82
Christianity in Relation to Satanism 84
Satanic Sorcery 85
Demonic Contact 87
Summoning 90
Dedication Ritual to Satan 92

Spell to Compel Obligations 93
Spell to Command Lust 94
Spell to Curse an Enemy 95



Well, DANG!!


Last month we announced that we had hired a professional labyrinth consultant, Dr. Lea Goode-Harris of the Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation, to walk our land with us and hold a consultation on placement, after which we were going to move to the layout stage, followed by "one and a half to two pallets of Sonoma Field Stone from Wheeler Zamaroni" and Lord knows how many hours of lugging rocks around and setting them in place.

But NO! The Universe had another plan for us. A BETTER plan. The Universe gave us ... the Three Hour Labyrinth!

On March 19th, during one of our Apprenticeship Weeks, Dr. Goode-Harris arrived with her coloured ropes and tape measures and we walked the land. The place where the labyrinth went best was, not too surprisingly, the place where i had figured it would fit best for the past 20 years -- the "Deer Pen" area of our land, next to the driveway. We then spent an hour laying out the ropes to mark the labyrinth's paths.


One the layout ropes were in place, i casually asked Lea if we needed something to "hold the ropes down until we could go look at the rock-yard and select what we wanted." I grabbed a brick from the edge of one of the flower beds and said, "I've got plenty of bricks up by the barn that we can use to secure the rope lines." She said that sounded fine. I got help to bring down about two dozen bricks and started spacing them out around the ropes, and then i visualized the brick pile up by the barn, and all the lines on the ground, and i thought, "We have enough bricks. I wonder what this would look like if i just laid the bricks next to each other to form a line?" So i did. And it looked GREAT!


I told Lea that we had a lot of bricks -- really, really a lot. Some came from chimneys that fell during the Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco in 1989, some from a chimney that was torn down in nearby Santa Rosa in 1999, and two truckloads of them came from the foundation of my daughter's 1890s house in Berkeley, which was cracked and had recently been replaced with a concrete foundation.
Why do we have so many bricks? Well, we make and sell Red Brick Dust, folks! It's used for protection!


 Red Brick Dust $4.00



Once i decided to make the labyrinth out of red bricks, i ran up to the shop and dragged out every able-bodied Apprentice and employee to help ferry bricks down to the "Deer Pen" by the dolly and wheelbarrow load, and to lay them along the rope guidelines. In THREE HOURS we had laid all the bricks! It was incredible!

Those who made it happen:

Lea Goode-Harris, Elvyra Curcuruto-Love, Storm Faerywolf, Yosé Witmus, Leslie Anne Forrester, Aian O'Ryan-Kelly, nagasiva yronwode, and catherine yronwode.




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