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November 1st, 2012

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Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Homework Party

November 9, 2012:


More than 1,800 people have enrolled in
cat yronwode's
Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course
-- and to graduate, they must turn in
8 pieces of homework. Every month we hold a work-party at which we look over incoming homework. All are welcome, whether students or not! We meet at 5:00 PM at the shop, and PIZZA IS FREE. See how hoodooers do their thing! 

November's Homework Party is Friday the 9th.

December's Homework Party is Friday the 7th.

January's Homework Party is Friday the 11th
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Who Ya Gonna Call for Hoodoo? 


Hoodoo Psychics is the only Live Psychic Reading Line operated by the ethical and authentic conjure doctors and spiritual root workers of AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers
and Rootworkers!

You can connect with a live hoodoo rootworker for $3.99 per minute through the 
Hoodoo Psychics
web site
or by calling

For updates and more information, go to the Hoodoo Psychics Facebook Page,
then "like" the page and say hello, so that Hoodoo Psychics updates will appear in your Facebook newsfeed.  
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The rains have begun, the leaves are falling, the Bat Nuts are back in stock, and all is well in Lucky Mojo Land!


Lucky Mojo Love


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are thirteen thousand of the most beautiful words we've seen in a long time, courtesy of my dear Rootwork Course student "Love Potion," also known on Blog Talk Radio as "CandleMagic." 


Click on the photo above for a larger view

The entrance to Lucky Mojo Land, the sign almost obscured by red Pyracantha Berries. Photo by Love Potion.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

A small emergency light for a client shines in the window of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Photo by Love Potion. 


Click on the photo above for a larger view

The rose-hedged herb and vegetable garden behind the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Photo by Love Potion.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

A metal sign in one of the front windows at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Photo by Love Potion.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Embroidered brocade banners from Nepal depict the wrathful Tibetan Buddhist deity Mahakala. Photo by Love Potion.   


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Bottles and glassware in the front window against a view of Fall foliage. Photo by Love Potion.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Enamel hamsa hands from Israel, tiny papier mache Tibetan Buddhist deity wall masks from Nepal, blue faience all-seeing eye and hamsa hand charms from Egypt, a framed prayer to the Kitchen God from Taiwan, clay devil-head Beckoning Cat beads from Peru, glass eye beads and black cat beads from China, blue faience donkey bead pendants marked with the name of Allah from Iran, black clay bat beads from Peru, and green glass witch-head beads from China. Photo by Love Potion.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Wrapped horseshoe (herradura) wall plaque from Mexico, winged cherub-head milagros from Ecuador, small and large Catholic detentes from Peru. Photo by Love Potion. 


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Santisima Muerte statuettes from the USA, mermaid-witch ornaments from Peru, glow-in-the-dark Quan Yin car statuettes from China, lucky acrylic pyramids from Mexico, Jesus Malverde bust from China, clay bride and groom statuettes from Peru, a framed prayer to the Kitchen God from Taiwan, clay saint statuettes from Peru, and a sequined Orthodox ornament from Greece. Photo by Love Potion.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Reproduction dzi beads from China, various styles of chinese cash coins, a metallic foiled print of the Catholic Holy Family from China, and hand-carved bone eye-in-hand charms from India. Photo by Love Potion.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

An assortment of Tibetan Buddhist charms in brass, copper, and white metal finishes, including dorjes, double dorjes, purbas, and kartris, all made in Nepal, and metalic foiled prints of Jesus and Mary from China. Photo by Love Potion.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Large silvered dorje from Nepal, hand-painted resin statues of Buddha from China, acrylic statue of Buddha containing a Christian cross from Mexico, and a Nepalese bronze statue.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

An assortment of key rings and key chains including Catholic saints, lucky encased pennies, blue glass eyes, plastic skulls, and 8-balls.




An Artist's Eye


Thank, you, Love Potion, for sharing your photos with us and allowing us to send them out to our newsletter readers.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

The money altar in the shop, presided over by a lucky trunk-up elephant and our exceedingly large Maneki Neko Beckoning Cat, plus jars of bulk herbs. Photo by Love Potion.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view


On the money altar: offerings, statuary, and decorations, including Hoyt's Cologne for gambling luck. Photo by Love Potion.     


Click on the photo above for a larger view


On the love altar: dried Rose buds, a red enamel heart-shaped spell-box, and descriptive text about the use of oil lamps in conjure. Photo by Love Potion.     


Click on the photo above for a larger view


Hand-painted resin statues of Buddha, Archangel Saint Michael, and Bastet, a world globe and bulk herb jars.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Hand painted resin statues of Bastet, Our Lady of Grace, the orisha Yemaya, Our Lady of Lourdes, and a Nepalese embroidered banner of the fierce Mahakala with mirrors sewn into all three of his eyes. Photo by Love Potion.    


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Model palmistry hands for those who wish to learn the art of cheiromancy, plus a crystal ball, for the study of scrying. Photo by Love Potion.


Click on the photo above for a larger view

An Egyptian stamped-tin evil eye protector wall hanging, with jars of bulk herbs in the background. Photo by Love Potion. 


Click on the photo above for a larger view

A red Master Hand candle for use in Spiritual Church services or on the altar, and a hand-painted ceramic 5-Cat Maneki Neko savings bank. Photo by Love Potion.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

A couple of our many shelves filled with vigil candles. On the top shelf are new titles introduced this past year, plus Master Hand altar candles, and on the bottom shelf are our alphabetically-arrayed classics, from the letters D through H. When the top shelf is completely filled with new vigil candle designs, we will begin the project of remaking the entire multi-shelf alphabetical array, and then we'll also find new places in the shop for the Master Hand candles. Photo by Love Potion.  


Click on the photo above for a larger view

A small portion of our Chinese Traditional Medicine pharmacy, featuring beautiful and much-loved remedies from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Photo by Love Potion.   


Click on the photo above for a larger view

In the office of Y.I.P.P.I.E. (the Yronwode Institution for the Preservation and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology): an array of ceramic figures depicting professional diviners, including an Italian bird fortune teller, a gypsy with a crystal ball, a tea leaf reader, and a crystal ball and card reader. In the back is a fortune teller's wooden painted sign board. Photo by Love Potion. 


Click on the photo above for a larger view

Lou Florez reading tarot cards at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Photo by Love Potion. 


Click on the photo above for a larger view

A close-up of the lower altar at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Photo by Love Potion. 



Upcoming Conjure Events:

Mark Your Calendar Now!



SATURDAY, December 29, 2012:


This is a special two-hour evening class event, as cat yronwode brings her latest book, "Throwing the Bones: How to Foretell the Future With Bones, Shells, and Nuts" -- along with materials for hands-on use and study -- to MADAME PAMITA'S PARLOUR OF WONDERS in Santa Monica, California. You will be introduced to many methods of bone reading, culminating in demonstrations of Sangoma bone throwing techniques. Starter sangoma sets plus rare bones of many species will be available for purchase as well.

TIME: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

More details next newsletter, or contact Madame Pamita:

Madame Pamita's Parlour of Wonders
2307 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405



MONDAY, April 1, 2013:



Share your magical culinary secrets with the Sisters of the Conjure Kitchen in "Hoodoo Food! The Best of the 2013 Conjure Cook-Off and Recipe Round-Up." Contribute recipes to our FOURTH Ladies Auxiliary benefit for Missionary Independent Spiritual Church.

For more information on the Conjure Cook-Off, see
the Hoodoo Food! Conjure Cook-Off and Recipe Round-Up!

For an inspirational list of culinary magical herbs, see
Helpful Hints for Cooking with Magical Herbs!



MONDAY, April 29 - FRIDAY, May 3, 2013:



 The Apprenticeship Program is a FREE 3-week series of lectures, personal training, and hands-on guidance for graduates of my Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. Spring Apprenticeship 2013 features WEEK TWO of the program and leads up to the annual MISC HOODOO WORKSHOPS AND POTLUCK PARTY on May 4-5. 

April 29 - May 3, 2011 - Week Two Apprenticeship:   

      Monday: Oils and Salves Lecture; Making Oils
      Tuesday: Making, Labelling, and Praying Over Oils
      Wednesday: Incenses Lecture; Making Incenses
      Thursday: Making and Praying Over Incenses
      Friday: Mojo Hand Lecture; Making Mojo Hands   


If you want to attend the Spring 2013 Apprenticeship, email Robin Petersen NOW at or telephone her at the shop  -- 707-887-1521 -- Tuesday through Saturday, 9 to 5 PST. 


Bird Bath at the Lucky Mojo Curio Company 

 Birdbath. Photo by cat.          


 SATURDAY, May 4 - SUNDAY, May 5, 2011:  



Two full days of hoodoo fun, friendship, and learning, complete with potluck meals and plenty of time to meet your fellow conjure workers, sponsored by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, and featuring teachers from around the country! The May Hoodoo Workshops are a casual, relaxing, and sociable way to gain hands-on practice in the spiritual arts. A dozen MEMBERS OF AIRR have already committed to attend as presenters and readers, including


ConjureMan Ali

Dr. E. 

Khi Armand

Lou Florez 

Miss Michaele

Miss cat 

Miss Elvyra


Momma Hen
Miss Bri
Deacon Millett
Madame Nadia (tentative)
Ms Robin (tentative)


In addition, we will have workshops led by


Sister Robin Petersen

Michele Jackson


Make your travel plans now! Pre-registration for the workshops opens on January 1, 2013, so we can plan ahead!  


MONDAY, April 29 - SUNDAY, May 5, 2013:




The following members of AIRR will be on site during the Apprenticeship Week and MISC Workshop Weekend and will be offering readings. Take advantage of some great discount prices for attendees only, and the opportunity to get an in-person reading with someone you might not otherwise have a chance to meet:


Signboard. Photo by cat.          




Dr. E.: Tarot Card and Diloggun Readings

Miss Elvyra: Tarot Card Readings   

Khi Armand: Hands-On Spiritual Healings  

ConjureMan Ali: Scrying with a Kapala plus Tarot

Miss Michaele: Tarot Cards and Bibliomancy 

Miss cat: Palmistry Plus Tarot  


Open Tent Readings: Various Divination Techniques   


Student-readers as well as professionals are welcome to use the Open Tent Area for readings on a drop-in basis. Those who are embarking on a career in Professional Reading are encouraged to come read for the public or trade readings with colleagues. Be sure to bring a stand-up (A-shape or L-shape) table sign to advertise yourself! 



Bottle tree and fallen leaves. Photo by Love Potion.




The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, brought to you every week by catherine yronwode of and ConjureMan Ali of, is a live call-in show, where we will read your fortune on the air and prescribe down-home, old-school conjure and rootwork remedies!

Special Guest Readers and Rootworkers from AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, will be featured on November 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2012. Tune in and see who's up!  

Show Time:


      * 3:00 PM Sunday, Pacific Time
      * 4:00 PM Sunday, Mountain Time
      * 5:00 PM Sunday, Central Time
      * 6:00 PM Sunday, Eastern Time

Listen Live via the Web and get into the Live Chat Room at
The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour on BlogTalkRadio!


To get a FREE reading and rootwork advice, you must pre-register at the Lucky Mojo Forum, then call in by telephone during that week's LIVE broadcast and press '1' to request to be on the air. 


Call-In Number for pre-registered applicants: 




Next month we will have many more details on MAY 2013 HOODOO WORKSHOPS. Be sure to mark your calendar. These yearly gatherings, sponsored by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, are a wonderful way to learn hands-on hoodoo tricks, meet with other practitioners, and hang out with the best conjure teachers of the present era! Eleven members of AIRR have already commited to appear at the MISC Hoodoo Workshops for 2013, and if you only plan on attending one hoodoo-fest next year, THIS IS THE ONE.

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