In this issue: Does Frequent Sex Lead to a Better Relationship? 
- plus other topics...
If you've ever flunked an exam, did you blame your intellectual limits or your lack of preparation? Your answer may depend on how your parents typically react to your grades. Don't fail to read more.
Although you might feel awkward asking a friend to loan you money or a stranger to give you their seat on the bus, your reluctance may be unfounded, studies show. There's more to read ... and you didn't even have to ask.
Psychological scientist and best-selling author Dan Ariely will discuss his research on the factors that drive cheating and deception when he delivers the Keynote Address at the APS Annual Convention in Chicago. Register now.
Couples who have a lot of sex report being no more satisfied with their relationships than those who have sex less often, but their automatic responses in an experimental task tell a different story. So how's your relationship?
You may consider yourself a visual learner, but new psychological research indicates that what you see is influenced by what you hear. We can't provide audio, but there's plenty more to see.
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