In this issue: Why Extraverts Excel in Social Settings - plus more topics...
Having several all-stars doesn't necessarily make for a better team. Behavioral scientists studying how highly talented athletes affect their team's performance have found that there indeed is such a thing as too much talent. Learn More
In a new Inside the Psychologist's Studio interview, APS Fellow Steven A. Pinker reflects on an influential career that spans 4 decades and includes research on mental imagery, shape recognition, visual attention, language acquisition, and much more. Learn More
A scientific study of people's body language, speech patterns, and movements during a word game may have uncovered a reason for the "extravert advantage." Learn More
The future is now: Increasingly sophisticated technology is opening exciting new avenues of research for many branches of psychological science, including neuroimaging, clinical investigations, and behavioral research. A cross-cutting theme program at the 2016 APS Annual Convention will address these and other developments. Learn More
Do you get nervous thinking about numbers? Don't despair -- new research on adolescents and college students shows that, despite previous studies, math anxiety is not necessarily directly related to poor math performance. Learn More
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