Observer Xpress - In this issue: Creativity Perceived as a Masculine Trait; plus more topics...
A new presidential directive has opened up a range of research opportunities for behavioral scientists who are interested in public policy. Learn More
In experiments conducted online, social psychologists have found that people implicitly evaluate men's ideas as more creative than similar ideas on the part of women. Learn More
An analysis of 101 studies examining the effects of video games on children's development and behavior indicates that both violent and nonviolent video games have a minimal impact on aggressive tendencies. In a series of commentaries, psychological scientists debate the research and results. Learn More
Learning to write about psychological science and related disciplines in a way that's understandable for laypeople, fellow academics, and journal reviewers can be a daunting task. A graduate student offers her own advice as well as tips from prominent psychological scientists. Look for more insights into academic writing at APS Fellow Steven Pinker's workshop, "Using Psychological Science to Write With Clarity and Style," at the 2016 APS Annual Convention in Chicago. Learn More
Numerous studies show that people tend to trust their own intuition over the advice of others. But a new set of experiments indicates that our likelihood of following advice rests largely on when we receive it. Learn More
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