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 July 2016                                                                                 Vol 8, Issue 7
Summer Fun
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Community BBQs, parades, camps, parks - Central Alberta has it all and more! Head to your local farmer's market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, some homemade crafts, or just a grilled sausage on a bun. It's a great place to connect with neighbors and friends.

Have you ever gone on a geocache? Even heard of it? Go to and find out how it works. Then sign up and enjoy a treasure hunt, leaving something behind for the next group.

Summer is also the season to volunteer. Agencies are clamouring for your help. Visit for ideas.

Summer in Central Alberta is full of fun and exciting things to do. But what to do when the thunder rolls in, the lightning strikes and the rain pours? Read up on  what United Way Central Alberta has been up to this past year in our Annual Report!
Big Impact With A Small Grant
Being a victim of crime and having to face the accused in court, sometimes for the first time since the crime was committed, is stressful.  

Leadership In The Community
Last year, 332 people gave gifts of $1,200 or more through the United Way campaign. Those 332 gifts totaled $726,606. These gifts aren't from big corporations or millionaires. For the most part, these generous gifts are from people like you and me who have jobs and want to ensure we are doing our part to give back to those who need a hand up.
Could You Make The Month?   
Not having enough money to pay your bills is stressful. Many Albertans living in poverty face difficult decisions about things most of us take for granted. Imagine having to decide between your child attending a birthday party and putting money on your utility bill so your electricity doesn't get cut off. This is a very real issue for thousands of families living in Central Alberta.

If you've never had to live this way, it can be hard to understand the impact this has on a family. Are you ready to get a first-hand virtual experience on whether your choices will make or break the month?

Take The Poll On Poverty
In Central Alberta   
We'd like to know what your major concern is regarding people living at or below the poverty line in our Central Alberta community.

Please take the poll now and let us know what you think. We'll post results in our August newsletter. 


Kick-Off Luncheon
|  Sept. 15, 2016  
|  Sheraton Red Deer 
|  12-1:30 pm 
Scotch Classic
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|  Nov. 17, 2016  
|  Pidherney Centre 
|  5:30-8:00 pm 
Campaign Training
|  From Aug. - Oct. 
|  United Way Office 
|  12-2:00 pm 
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