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February 2016                                                                                                              Vol 8, Issue 2
What would we do without acronyms?
Dear  ,

Isn't it funny how each industry or organization seems to have its own language?

We recently hired a new employee, Amy Stiksma, as our Finance Manager, and part of her training is to learn our language -- including all the acronyms that go along with that.

Did you know that we are part of the AFP, so that we can bring back some valuable information for our RD team, which will help our ECCs, and in turn will require our CIC with their PIT to invest even more money in the coming years? Oh wait, gotta run to my next VMN meeting.

Anyway, welcome aboard Amy! 
Making a Lasting Change for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a terrible burden on a family. Imagine not feeling safe in your own home with a person who is supposed to love you. United Way is investing in a better way to help.

Recycle for a Cause 

We were excited to welcome Cosmos Group of Companies as one of our partner agencies two years ago. This unique organization supports the community through its many programs and recycling depots. Now there's a way for workplaces to recycle for the United Way cause. 

When You Don't Know Where to Turn... 211 Does 

February 11th is 211 Day across North America (02/11), and here in Central Alberta we are saluting 211 for the entire month by dressing up two city buses. Look for them around Red Deer.

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