September 2015 

   Vol 7, Issue 9

United Way Connects

 The Campaign Season has Started!
After an incredible launch to the community campaign on September 10, we have been seeing non-stop fundraising action from our partners.

In fact, we had a great "Jumpstart" to the campaign from some early contributors, including: Royal Bank of Canada ($17,000)*, Canadian Tire North ($20,000), Warren Sinclair ($7,500), Proform ($10,000), Peavey Industries ($10,000), Jack and Joan Donald ($7,000), CIBC ($10,000), City of Red Deer ($24,000), Studon ($10,000), Shell Canada ($12,000), Bunch Projects ($10,000), DOW/MEGlobal ($5,000), Imperial Oil ($5,000), MNP ($15,000), Servus Credit Union ($10,000) Alberta Health Services Employees ($24,000) and Drs. Alayne and Lawrence Farries ($5,000).  We were able to start the campaign with just over $217,000 already committed. 

In addition to these early contributions, we were excited to be part of NOVA Chemical's campaign kick off on September 23rd. NOVA Chemicals continues to be our number one campaign contributor. They do a fantastic job of organizing their campaign and reaching high participation rates. In the coming weeks, we are also invited to DOW/MEGlobal's kick-off and will be heading out to visit Shell Canada. 

In the public service sector, we also attended the Alberta Health Services kick-off that was televised across the Central Alberta, and joined the hundreds of people who attended the City of Red Deer's annual barbecue. Both Alberta Health Services and the City of Red Deer are among our strongest supporters.

We are here to help support your campaign in whatever way we can, so feel free to reach out to your volunteer account manager or the United Way staff for support. Historically, we know that when we do a live presentation and invite a client ambassador, it's the number one way we can positively influence your campaign results. Give us a call and book your presentation today! (403) 343-3900

Of course, you can also call us if you would like to start a United Way campaign!

*We missed adding the Royal Bank's generous corporate contribution to the Jumpstart presentation at the Kick-Off Luncheon. Our sincere apologies to all of our friends at the Royal Bank.

ourchamberrootsOur Chamber of Commerce Roots

Fifty years ago, the fundraising landscape in Red Deer looked a lot different than it does today. Businesses and residents were approached almost daily for donations to help local charities and individuals.The frequency of requests was raised as an issue at the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce and in 1963, an initial study into having a "United Fund" in the City was carried out by Marshall Lees.

"That was a very interesting time for the Chamber," ... read the full article. 

thankyoutdwealthThank You TD Wealth

TD Wealth - Private Investment Advice has helped United Way save costs and collect interest for the past five years. The highest priority for TD Wealth is to ensure the preservation of capital of the United Way's donated fund and invest it in the most efficient manner.  

"I live in an amazing city and I work in a good industry. I need to give back to the community." said Daryl from TD Wealth - Private Investment Advice. "About three years ago I realized that the money I donate stays in Central Alberta. It gets taken off of my cheque in Toronto and somehow makes it back here. Donating locally makes all the difference for me."   

TD Canada Trust, including its subdivisions, is a huge supporter locally as well as nationally. 


Here at United Way Central Alberta, we want to thank TD Wealth - Private Investment Advice for providing essential financial counsel and helping us maximize return on invested funds. 

offandrunningOff and Running With Our 50th Anniversary Campaign
Those of you who joined us for our 50th Anniversary Campaign Kick-Off know what a great event it was this year. Over 500 people in attendance... and there was a lot of excitement about the impact United Way is making in our communities. If you missed the Kick-off Luncheon, search for #UWCA50 on Twitter and catch up. We had great social media coverage of the event thanks to Openhwy's support.

Leading up to Kick-Off, we were excited to announce the growth of the Leadership Matching Challenge support. Matching funds are up 45% for a total of $54,500, thanks to our sponsors Canadian Tire North, MNP, WarrenSinclair, Jack and Joan Donald, and Drs. Alayne and Lawrence Farries.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of MEGlobal, we were also able to bring Laurie Hansen onboard as Campaign Aide to help out during our busiest time. This is the third year in a row that MEGlobal has supported this role.

For more details on the lead up to campaign excitement, read the full press release. And for Kick-Off highlights, read this.

Don't forget to check out our 50th Anniversary Timeline video, which is now posted online for all to view.  Enjoy.

stillstandingConocoPhillips Rallies Support for United Way
At a time when our oil and gas sector is hurting, we must still ask our supporters to once again consider donating to United Way. 

A lot of families are in the position of having to reduce their spending (and charitable giving) because of wage reductions and job losses. The irony is that that the very services that these donations support will have increased demand in the coming months. 

We find it incredibly heartwarming when companies who are facing potentially smaller profit margins are still welcoming United Way in. United Way is a cause that staff can rally around, and it can help boost moral even in a tough economic climate. When we went to talk with Conoco
Phillips a few weeks ago, they warmly welcomed us and made a commitment to do the very best they could - asking each and every employee to consider donating to United Way, at whatever level they may be able to give. 

Thank you to Conoco Philips for your continued support!

This year, we ask that you consider donating what you can to ensure that our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues are able to access the services they need in the community.
 sandysstorySandy's Story
Sandy* was in her early 30s when she moved into Julietta's Place. She had 4 kids and was pregnant with her 5th. Sandy had suffered physical, emotional and verbal abuse from her ex. She arrived with very few personal belongings, no means of transportation, and was struggling with parenting.

Sandy also had troubles trusting women, due to the poor and sometimes abusive relationship with her mom. At the beginning of her stay she was very resistant to receiving support from staff, but over time, she opened up little, by little. As Sandy came to understand that staff would not judge her, they were able to work with her on goal setting.

Although she had many ideas about the change she wanted to see in their lives, Sandy didn't know where to start and felt overwhelmed by the her needs and those of her five children. Week by week Sandy took small steps forward.

As her time at Julietta's Place was coming to an end, Sandy had placed her children in a quality childcare program, learned to drive, bought a vehicle, insurance and registration. After being on the list for affordable housing for quite some time, she received a phone call offering her a home for her family. Sandy was ecstatic that everything that she had been working towards was coming together.

Three months later, Sandy and her 5 children were living in their home, the younger children were in daycare, while she and the older children were in school. Thanks to Julietta's Place, Sandy is looking forward to a positive future for her family.

*Name has been changed. 
ItstimeIt's Time - United Way Days Start October 1!
Time to get out and about and enjoy some coffee, beer or food while supporting United Way Central Alberta.

Or, perhaps you need a gift card for a friend, some targeted digital advertising for you business, or have your ring cleaned. With these services you can also support United Way.

View promotions and a complete list of vendors here.

dontforgetDon't Forget
Round Up!

It's just one of the many easy ways you can help your community.

Donate That Old Car
You can Donate a Car to UWCA online, or phone 1-877-250-4904 for assistance.

Help is just a click away.
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Photo Of The Monthphotoofthemonth 
Incredible Stunt for United Way
1992 - Rob Severyn of radio station Z99 was placed inside 5,000 pounds of solid ice for 48 hours and continued to broadcast live for 4 hours daily.
Photo courtesy of the Red Deer Advocate. 

Did you know...? didyouknow
Did You Know 211 is ready to assist when disaster strikes? In the event of a disaster such as the 2011 tornado in Goderich, Ontario, 211 mobilizes to coordinate volunteers, direct donations of money and items, and helps victims during and after the emergency.

In Alberta, 211 quickly moved to help the residents of High River during the flood of 2013.

Last month, 211 sprung to action and worked with local agencies when an arsonist torched 11 homes in Owen Sound, Ontario, leaving dozens with nothing but the pajamas they were wearing.

211 reduces the number of non-emergency calls to 911 during and after any type of disaster. Make sure your agency's information is in the database by contacting

didyoualsoknowDid you also know...?
Note these special dates in your calendar.

Friday, October 23, 2015
Starts at 7:00 pm
Location: ENMAC Centrium

October 1 to 31, 2015
Participating Vendors

Thursday, November 19, 2015
Starts at 5:30
Location: Pidherney Centre