July 2015 

Vol 7, Issue 7          

United Way Connects

More Than a United Fund
As we mark our 50th Anniversary this year we want to celebrate not only the amazing accomplishments of the last fifty years, but also how United Way Central Alberta is now a community builder. In fact, we have been a Community Impact organization for many years and the idea was on the national agenda over 12 years ago.

Our investment strategy is now clear and revolves around our three main focus areas of: Education, enabling kids to be all they can be, Income, moving people from poverty to possibility, and Wellness, healthy people and strong communities


But that's not all! We also give out:

  • Professional Development Grants to support and encourage strong leadership in our community partners,
  • Capital Equipment Grants to help charities in Central Alberta access the equipment they need to support their programs
  • Organize Days of Caring™ --  A unique program that connects our corporate donor volunteers with our community partners and not only meets a specific need, but also demonstrates the depth of the general needs in our community.

In addition to this, we actively partner in the community to: 

  • Offer free 211 information referral services to Central Alberta
  • Help collect supplies for and support the Tools for Schools program
  • Help reduce poverty by working with CAPRA (Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance)
  • Ensure children get a good start in their education along with the Red Deer Early Learning Coalition
  • Mobilize community involvement as a member of the Volunteer Manager's Network
  • Promote financial literacy by being part of the Alberta Asset Building Collaborative
  • Enhance the leadership effectiveness of individuals by supporting the Leadership Centre.


In this our 50th year, we have also established a new Community Impact Legacy Fund which will support innovative and collaborative Collective Impact Projects that have a long range vision for making positive change.  


We are proud to be part of and support the community we are in.


It May Sound Like Fun, but We're Serious About Making Change

At United Way, we encourage innovation when addressing social issues. So we thought we should lead by example by creating a new approach to supporting and evaluating community impact investments. 


Thanks to our new Community Impact Legacy Fund we are able to support initiatives that use a collective action approach to address a complex community need. We will draw a modest percentage from the fund each year to support Collective Impact Projects that are particularly innovative and unique. As the fund continues to grow, so will investments in collective impact.


But that's not all that is new!  We've designed a new application process that is itself collaborative and reflects the emerging state of social change - not exactly the "Dragon's Den," but inspired by it!


In June, five groups submitted a proposal to United Way and three were selected to pitch their project to a panel of volunteer judges in August.The finalists will have ten minutes to present, followed by a five minute question period.  


Like all funds invested through United Way, projects must address the root causes of social conditions in one of our priority areas - Education, Income or Wellness.

Come to the Kick Off event on September 10th to find out who the winning recipients are.


Thank You Dave Brunner

There are many unsung heroes supporting United Way Central Alberta, and Dave Brunner, from Dave Brunner Photography, is certainly one of them.

Dave has been taking professional photographs for us since the 2005 Kick Off Luncheon. If you have ever attended one of our major events, you will see Dave moving silently throughout the crowd capturing those special moments that we never notice in the busyness of the occasion.

It all started when Dave's old friend from the Red Deer College photography department, Allaire, was supposed to shoot a United Way event, but unexpectedly was unable to make it. He called Dave and asked if he wouldn't mind covering the event, even though there was no money involved. Dave Brunner graciously agreed to take on the job, and has been volunteering his time and skills to United Way ever since. How one favour for a friend turned into 10 straight years of volunteer service is still a mystery, but we are surely grateful that it did! 

Dave has photographed countless events for United Way, and when asked which one was his favourite, he said, "I enjoy photographing Client Ambassadors. They are such dedicated people and their stories are really interesting."

It is people like Dave Brunner who have helped United Way Central Alberta keep overhead costs to a minimum, ensuring more funds can go directly into programs that create community impact.

Thank you Dave Brunner!  

Dave Brunner at a Client Ambassador photoshoot for United Way, July 27, 2015. We rarely get to see his face. There is not even a selfie on davebrunner.com!  
What is a Client Ambassador?

A Client Ambassador is an individual or family that has been positively impacted by programs funded by United Way Central Alberta. The "client" in this case is one of our partner agencies. 

Client Ambassadors share their success stories at workplaces and events so that donors can see how their dollars are being invested, and how their support is transforming lives.

These stories are fundamental to communicating what we do at United Way, and to gain donor support.    


It is also our intention that Client Ambassadors benefit and grow as individuals as a result of their volunteer service. We support them in every way we can, including coaching and accompanying them to presentations so that they develop valuable communications skills. We also treat them as special guests at major events, and try to build some sense of camaraderie within the group.

Our Client Ambassadors are a very special part of the United Way family. If you know someone who has transformed their life as a result of a program funded by United Way Central Alberta, please ask them to consider this wonderful opportunity to impact the lives of others. They can call us at 403-343-3900 or email info@caunitedway.ca.  

Summer Fun at Rocky Youth Development Centre

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture shows the joy that comes from spending a day  with friends and the sense of belonging that comes from sharing a crazy adventure together. Imagine the story that she told her family about her day.

Seeking an Ace Campaign Aide
Our 50th Campaign Season is about to kick-off on September 10, and we're looking for a Campaign Aide (previously called Loaned Rep) to support our efforts. This is a temporary, full-time position beginning late August through to the end of December... possibly into January.

The Campaign Aide assists United Way achieve its campaign goals. This role involves presenting information about United Way, distributing resource materials, monitoring and evaluating activities, meeting with special event committees, and providing other assistance to maximize campaign results.   
Each year we hire someone in this unique role, but you may have heard that person referred to as "the Loaned Rep," because sometimes a United Way corporate supporter may "lend" an employee during campaign.

MEGlobal has once again stepped up as our generous Loaned Representative sponsor for 2015. But MEGlobal won't be lending us an employee; instead they are donating $12,000 to help finance the position. Thanks for your support MEGlobal!

If you know anyone who fits this job description, please have them email their resume to info@caunitedway.ca. A detailed description of job responsibilities can be found here.

Help is just a click away. 
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It May Sound Like Fun, but We're Serious About Making Change 


Thank You Dave Brunner


What is a Client Ambassador?


Summer Fun at Rocky Youth Development Centre  


Seeking an Ace Campaign Aide  


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Photo Of The Monthphotoofthemonth 
When Ken Johnston, manager of the downtown branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia, volunteered to have pies thrown in his face to raise funds for United Way, he didn't count on 50 cream pies being hurled at him by staff and customers. At $5 per pie, he raised $250... the Red Deer Advocate didn't comment on how long he agreed to subject himself to the event!
Photo courtesy of the Red Deer Advocate. 
Did you know...?  didyouknow

United Way Central Alberta guards your confidential information diligently, and we NEVER share our mailing or phone list with anyone else -- not even partner agencies. 

Cool_DudsCool 50th Anniversary Clothing for Sale
To celebrate our 50th anniversary, United Way Central Alberta is offering some very nice branded outerwear for sale. Only the best quality is being offered.

If you're a United Way fan, you might want to acquire a piece of this limited edition finery!

Note these special dates in your calendar.

Thursday, August 20, 2015
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: United Way Board Room

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Thursday, September 17, 2015
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Location: United Way Board Room

Thursday, September 10, 2015
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: Sheraton Hotel
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Starts at 5:30
Location: Pidherney Centre
The letter we posted last month called "From Isaac to Lance" mistakenly referenced the Red Deer Youth Centre as the origin of the letter. Isaac and Lance are actually from the Ponoka Youth Centre. I'll bet the folks in Red Deer were confused! Sorry about that!

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